This story was inspired by the song Little Wonders By: Rob Thomas - I hope everyone enjoyed it...No worries I have a couple other stories I'm working on right now. One will make an appearance soon!


Chapter 15 - Little Wonders

"NOOOOOOOOOO!" Kiley sat up screaming in horror.

"Kiley Wake up!" The familiar voice said thick with worry.

Kiley's eyes snapped open as they darted around the room. Huge warm hands cupped her face as she tried to get her breathing under control.

"Ki…baby are you okay?"

Kiley's eyes finally landed on the familiar onyx eyes of her husband that she loved so much. The one who had completed her life three years ago.

Paul frowned, "Ki talk to me. Are you okay?" She was holding onto his forearms tightly but she couldn't get any words to form. She was able to nod. "It's okay Ki…You're safe. Calm down baby." He softly brushed his lips against her forehead as he carefully lifted her from the couch and placed her in his lap and wrapped his arms around her. Cradling her to his chest, he pushed his nose into the top of her head breathing in her scent as he whispered soothing words to help calm her. Paul had left a couple of hours ago when she laid across the couch to nap.

Kiley blinked a couple of times as she was suddenly aware that it had all been a dream. More like a nightmare. Kiley's eyes dropped from his face to his chest and saw the light pencil thin scar line that went across his chest. Paul had been near death 3 years ago, the night of her graduation after the vampire attacked. It had taken him two weeks to fully heal. The damage had been very bad, but Dr. Cullen had been able to stop the bleeding and get him stitched up. His heart had stopped beating for five minutes; it was the longest five minutes in Kiley's life. But they were able to get it going again once Dr. Cullen stitched him up. All that had been left of that night was the memory and his dark barely there scar.

Paul felt Kiley's fingertips on his chest as they softly ran down the scar. He didn't care if it had been ugly and protruding or barely there as long as he was still alive and able to phase, protect his people and still be married to Kiley then he didn't care what it looked like. Their first night together in a sexual capacity was the night Dr. Cullen had declared him officially healed and allowed to phase with the others.

Paul looked down as he took her hand into his. As he placed a kiss on the palm of her hand, "What happened?" Kiley looked up and smiled softly, "It was just a nightmare." Paul scoffed, "Yea I noticed. Tell me what it was about. Maybe you'll feel better." He listened intently as she spoke in hushed tones as she almost started to cry again, just having to think about every minute of the dream. Paul's signature cocky smirk graced his lips, "You know I'd never let no leech get close enough to me to bite me Ki. I'd rip his head off first. That's the last time I let the guys horse around with me in front of you." He remembered before Kiley laid down for her nap, the guys were all in wolf form and started goofing off and all of them jumped on Paul because he was being an ass as usual.

Kiley could help but giggle at Paul's tone of finality. Paul chuckled as he kissed her temple, then her cheek, then the tip of her nose and finally claimed her lips. Kiley wrapped her arms around his neck as he pulled her closer to him. Paul pulled his lips from her reluctantly but not before kissing her soundly on the lips one more time.

Paul chuckled when he saw her cheeks flushed, "You okay baby?" Kiley nodded, "Yea. It was just a crazy nightmare." Paul nodded as his hand touched her protruding nine month pregnant belly, "How's my other baby doing?" As if on cue, the baby kicked his hand hard. Kiley giggled, "Does that answer your question?" Paul's deep chuckle filled the living room as he looked down at her stomach, "That all you got little man? You're starting to hit like your ma." Paul's chuckle deepened when Kiley smacked his chest.

Kiley jumped slightly as Jared and Jake came crashing through the front door. Jared looked over at Kiley and Paul, "What the hell happened Paul? You just left us with Kiley's scream and phased out." Paul laughed, "Sorry guys. She scared the hell out of me." Kiley looked between the three of them, "What happened? What's going on?" Jake let out a huffed growl as he walked by and flicked Paul in the ear, "This BONEHEAD here was phased and talking to us while we were patrolling and you started screaming. We only got the scream part and he phased out and didn't call or phase back in to let us know you was ok." Jared walked over as he leaned down and kissed the top of his sisters head, "We were just worried. What happened?"

Kiley blushed completely embarrassed by the whole ordeal, "I had a nightmare. It was terrible, but I'm okay honest guys." Jake kissed the top of Kiley's head as well, "It's okay. We're just happy you're okay. How's little man doing?" As Jake and Jared both rubbed her belly. Kiley laughed as they both chuckled when the baby kicked at their overly hot hands touching her. Jake and Jared reminded Kiley and Paul to get to Emily and Sam's for pack night dinner as they took off again. Paul looked down at Kiley, "We don't have to go. I know how uncomfortable you are lately." Kiley shook her head, "No I don't even get to go anywhere since you cut off my traveling and movement and BREATHING since I hit nine months. I get to go to the pack dinners once a week and damn it I'm not missing it now."

Paul chuckled as he carefully placed her back on the couch and helped her slip some shoes on, "Okay I get it. I just restricted you a little. I'm not trying to have you gallivanting all over La Push, Forks and Port Angeles and go into labor if I'm not with you." Kiley ran her fingers through Paul's hair as he looked up into her eyes from his squatting position on the floor in front of her, "My protective puppy."

Paul smirked, "My stubborn wife." Kiley leaned over and kissed his lips softly. Paul growled softly against her lips as she giggled. His hands lifted her t-shirt as his lips trailed over her stomach and she giggled some more when he started speaking softly in Quileute to the baby.

After dinner was over the girls were sitting around the kitchen table drinking warm tea. Paul was in the living room watching the football game with the rest of the guys. Kiley had told them about her dream. Briar shook her head, "I've heard pregnant women have some crazy dreams, but damn it. That's crazy." Emily nodded, "Yea. Before I had Samuel I had weird ass dreams, but nothing like that." The back door opened as Seth walked in with a grin on his face, as he walked up to Kiley, "Sooo...Have any good sex dreams about me lately?" Kiley groaned as she buried her reddening face in her hands.

Kiley could hear Paul growl from the living room as she leaned her body back and looked at Paul and smiled, "It's okay...You have a big mouth but it's ok." Paul gaped at Kiley, "I do not! It wasn't even me...Blame you're brother." Jared squeaked out, "SORRY! I was phased when it slipped." Kim walked into the living room with her hands planted on her hips, "JARED TINSEL!" Brady leaned over whispering, "You're gonna get it now dude." Jared growled as he elbowed Brady in the face while standing up to face his wife, "I'm sorry I swear I was phased."

Jake chuckled, "He's telling the truth Kim." "JACOB BLACK! You better have not had anything to do with this so called slip up!" Briar snapped from the kitchen. Jake chuckled harder as he cupped his mouth, "HELL NO! I know how to protect my thoughts Mrs. Black." As Jake quirked an eyebrow and lowered his voice, "Besides that's my story and I'm sticking to it." The other pack brothers chuckled at Jake's under his breath response. "I HEARD THAT!" Jake cringed before he went back to laughing with the guys. Paul chuckled as Sam nudge Paul, "It's nice to know were not the only two whipped in this damn pack." Paul nodded in agreement with Sam. As Jake and Jared gave Sam and Paul the finger. Making Sam and Paul laughed harder.

Briar looked over at Kiley, "Now that's the 4th time I've seen you make that face. What's wrong?" Kiley's eyes looked down at her stomach and the girls eyes followed suddenly aware that Kiley was in the first stages of labor. The girls kept their eyes locked with Kiley's, as a simultaneous round of 'Paul!' came from the kitchen. Paul walked into the kitchen, "What's up ladies?" Emily pointed to Kiley, "I hope you're ready to be a daddy tonight bud."

Instantly everyone started scrambling around the small house.

Six hours later, Paul sat next to Kiley as she was holding the blue squirming bundle in her arms. It was the first time in his life he could remember being this happy. Kiley looked up and saw a couple of stray tears sliding down Paul's tan cheeks as she smiled softly as he hand came up and caught the tears. Paul leaned down and kissed her lips softly, "I can't believe how perfect he looks. I love you both so much." Kiley yawned a little, "We love you too baby."

Paul leaned over and gently kissed the top of the baby's head. Everyone had already been in to see the baby and left. Paul wrapped his arm around Kiley securing her to his side on the bed as the top of his index finger had been taken hostage by his son. Kiley looked up the same time Paul looked down meeting her eyes, "Do you ever wonder why the Quileute God's picked me to be with you?"

Paul shook his head negative with a confident look in his eyes and on his face, "No...I learned a long time ago not to question anything in my life. It will just have to be one of the little wonders filled in the back of my mind along with everything else that needs an answer." Kiley smiled, "Maybe it's not supposed to have an answer." Paul smiled, "Maybe not."

Some of life's little wonders just don't need explanations.

The End.