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Fluer Weasley, once Fluer Delacuer, watched the boy she knew as Harry. It took 3 weeks for him to convince her to just Harry, but she had done it, and he smiled every time she called him Harry.

Years ago, in the tournament, she thought him a baby. Brave and lucky, sometimes smart, honourable, but a baby nonetheless. It was a joke that they let him in, and a joke they let him compete.

She thought him a silly boy more then once, even after she realized he could do it, and thought him to be a silly boy for still fighting.

Now, she knew him as a hero, though she still thought him a little boy, when she saw him with teh other children, because he acted like one.

But she would do anything he asked, because he was the reason that she didn't live in fear. She had him to thank for her life. And for that, she would follow him to her grave.