Scene with Legs and Maddie on the roof.

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Her features were hard almost as if she was trying to block out her past or memories; she had already told me how her mother died in a car crash by her father. My arms were securely wrapped around my legs when she stood up, I wouldn't have heard her stand if I wasn't looking at her.

I stood up abruptly, "Would you take someone with you?" I felt a smile creep up on my face as shy as I was around this mysterious female. She answered my question with a question, not what I was looking for.

"Is that someone sure?" she paused then with a smile; she makes her way towards me then stops half way. "Is she cut out for the unknown?" I smile as my gaze is softly upon her, I am curious. The cool breeze walks through us like a stranger in the fog. I wrap my arms around myself, attempting to preserve the heat that has just been stolen from me. Her face is just inches apart, her eyes melting into me. Her lips just waiting...waiting to be captured.

"Sometimes the unknown could disappoint you." She states so full of depth that I can't help but hold on to her words with nothing more. Her eyes searching for an answer, I couldn't bring myself to answer her first two questions. She moves toward the window, putting even more distance between us.

I take a deep breath, I needed to, and I'd been holding it for so long, gathering the courage inside me I finally speak, "If I told you I love you, would you take it the wrong way?" she smiles at the question and I nervously lick my lips. "What do you mean by wrong?" She answers my question with another question. In a common reaction, I face the down at the tiles on the roof. I was blushing, I could feel the heat and again, I licked my dry lips. Finally, after seconds of silence I face her. "It's just that I'm not your- well, I'm not-" I pause, struggling to form the word but they don't come.

She smirks then begins to answer my question, "I'll take it whichever way you want me to." I nod and close the extra distance she'd put between us, her eyes are longing as mine are for her. Nervously, I place my hand against her cheek almost as if she was expecting the contact, she leans into my hand. Her cold cheek is caressed by my hand; Ice against fire. Her eyes slowly shut, taking everything in.

Moving my hand from her cheek towards her lips, her eyes flick open and reluctantly I pull my hand away. She smirks with her soft but lost eyes. We both smile. I enjoy being so close. So very close that I can't help but lay my head against her shoulder. I rest my arms around her waist, not wanting to let go. She leans into me, her lips resting upon my shoulder; she inhales almost as if it's not a moment she wants to forget. I feel her heart pounding against me. We pull away and as we do, I miss the contact, I want it back.

I gaze upon her lips...hoping, she'll lean in and she does as if she was reading my mind. Our lips eventually meet, I melt at the soft contact and this kiss is my sweet intoxication. I can't stop, not even for a breath. I bite her lower lip, begging for entrance and our tongues are united. Each time we pull away, we replace a kiss in between for the missed touch.

I hear my name being called out, it's Goldie; "Maddie?" she's at the stairs by her pounding footsteps "Legs?" upon hearing her name being called out, she sighs and I sheepishly smile shrugging my shoulders.

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