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Minnie was now in her 12th week of pregnancy. During one of her recent check-ups, an ultrasound had been done and the mice had saw their baby for the first time. Though the mice were overjoyed, they still had yet to learn of its gender. But one thing was clear, both were very excited.

Minnie awoke that morning, her eyes fluttering open to greet the morning sunshine that seeped between the closed blinds. She instantly saw that her husband wasn't in bed with her. Probably why she woke up in the first place. Sitting up, she stretched her little arms and back, making a soft squeak as she did. After she finished, she glanced down at the digital clock at the time. Then she glanced back to her companion's side of the bed, then around the room. Either he'd gotten up to make her breakfest or clean, or worst-case scenerio, been called in by Chief O' Hara on a case, in which case, she'd kill both of them. Okay, she'd kill the chief and break either one or both of her husband's legs.

Her first thought was confirmed when she caught a whiff of a familiar, delightful aroma.

"Mmm..." Minnie hummed, recognizing the scent. She'd know that smell anywhere. It was Mickey's special, super delicious pancakes. She started to get out of bed, but stopped when she heard footsteps coming up the stairs. The bedroom door slowly opened and a familiar figure poked his head around the door.

"G'morning, my little angel," Mickey said. Minnie blushed and her heart melted upon hearing her dearest companion call her one of his many pet names for her.

"Good morning, sweetie," Minnie greeted, smiling instantly upon seeing her lover.

He walked in, carrying a tray with pancakes, orange juice and syrup on it. He walked over to the bed and placed the tray down. Minnie leaned up and pecked his lips sweetly, giving him a sweet, innocent smile. She scooted over, allowing him to sit down next to her, which he did. He kissed her forehead and she giggled and kissed his cheek. Then he gently rubbed a hand across her stomach.

"G'mornin' to you too, littlin'," he said warmly.

Minnie smiled up at her husband with admiration and fondness. She already knew he was the most wonderful husband in the world, and she knew he'd make just as wonderful a father. "Oh, Mickey..." she purred, nuzzling against him and placing a hand atop his, looking down at her still growing belly. "Good morning, our little angel." The two young lover's shared a smile as they held hands on her stomach.

"How'd ya sleep?" he asked her, slipping an arm around her waist.

She snuggled against him, sighing softly as she nuzzled him. "I slept really good." She looked up at him. "How about you?"

"I slept good too," he told her.

Minnie smiled, and leaned up to kiss him good morning, raising a hand to stroke his cheek. After a few seconds, they pulled apart, smiling at one another.

"You know, you didn't have to make me breakfast," she pointed out with a gentle smile.

"I wanted to," he said simply.

"Oh, Mickey... That's so sweet of you and I really appreciate it, but I could have fixed breakfast. You didn't have to go through all the trouble."

"And let ya go through all the trouble in yer condition? Nothin' doin'."

She grinned. "You're hard-headed and stuborn, ya know that?"

He shrugged. "It's a gift." Minnie laughed. Then he pulled her into his arms, smiling warmly down at her. "I promised ya I'd take care of ya, look out for ya and protect ya. When we got married, I made ya that promise..." He blushed. "Okay, I made ya that promise way before we ever got married, but I still made it. And I'm gonna keep it."

"Aw, Mickey..." she cooed, her eyes glistening with tears of happiness. If his tender words wasn't making her heart flutter enough already, when he nuzzled her ears, it made her quiver all over, as her ears were sensitive. "Ooh..." she moaned.

"I love ya, Min, and I won't let anythin' happen to ya. I'll always be here for ya." He kissed one of her ears, sending pleasurable shivers through her and making her hum softly in pleasure.

"Oh, Mickey..." she cooed, looking up at him with loving brown eyes. "I love you, too. So, so much." She nuzzled her nose to his, then she pecked his lips. "You're wonderful." She pulled back and they smiled at one another. They held hands as they said a prayer, then started to eat together.

"So how ya feelin' this morning?" he asked her.

"I feel good," she replied, smiling sweetly up at him. "And you?"

"As long as ya feel good, I feel good too." He nuzzled her, and the tiny, young mouse blushed and quivered pleasurably.

"Aw, Mickey..." She leaned against him, nuzzling him. "I feel good as long as you feel good too."

As the two mice ate, they glanced over at one of the nightstands beside their bed together, seeing the picture of their baby during the ultrasound. They smiled, and looked at one another with fond smiles as they nuzzled together.

Time continued to pass and Minnie became further along. As usaul, Mickey continued to help her out with just the slightest thing. It touched her deeply and warmed her heart that he was acting the way he was. Actually, it really wasn't any different from when she wasn't pregnant.

It was becoming more and more difficult to keep the secret of Minnie's pregnancy a secret from other people as she became further along. Since the weather was warm, Minnie would usaully wear tank tops and tube tops and shorts, skirts or jeans. However, with her ever-growing belly, Minnie couldn't wear them. She settled on baggy clothing and longer dresses to help hide her stomach.

Once the ultrasound was done, a picture of their baby had been taken, which the mice had made multiple copies of. Two adorned the nightstands beside their bed, and one was now in Mickey's wallet while another in Minnie's purse. Oswald, Ortensia, Donald, Daisy and Goofy were all very happy for the young couple, and insisted on going out to celebrate. Of course, after going out to dinner with their friends, Mickey and Minnie dedicated a quite, romantic evening at home so they could celebrate the joyous ocassion alone together.

By now, the idea of what to name the baby came into play. However, until the mouse couple knew what the baby would be, they knew they couldn't make a definitive decision. Minnie had half joked, half been serious about naming the baby Mickey Junior if it were a boy. She had always been deeply fond of Mickey's name, and thought Mickey Junior would be a great name to carry on his father's legacy. They agreed that they would think of the perfect name once they knew their baby's gender.

Minnie hummed to herself as she got out the ingrediants for the cookies she was going to bake. She wanted to bake Mickey some special, super yummy chocolate chip cookies, and she wanted to try and surprise him with them. It took her forever to convince him to go out and tinker with something in the garage or watch TV. He insisted that he stay there in case she needed him, and the only way he agreed to go out was that she did holler if she needed him and that he would keep checking up on her. It was hard to be annoyed by his flattering attention to her, not that she wanted to be anyway. She couldn't deny that she was flattered with the attention and protectivness; she just didn't want him to run himself to death and she didn't want to be a burden to him.

She'd got some of the ingrediants ready, all except for the flour. Walking over to one of the cabinets, she stood on her tiptoes to reach the cabinet. She continued to hum happily as she opened the door and reached up to get the sack of flour. Suddenly, Mickey ran up beside her and grabbed the flour.

"What the heck ya doin?" he asked with a tone of shock and concern. She noted the worry in his voice.

"I was gonna bake some cookies," she said innocently.

He got the flour and placed it on the counter. "Ya shouldn't be tryin' t' reach things up high in yer condition."

"I'm perfectly fine, Mickey," she told him, placing a hand on her hip. "How could I get hurt getting some flour?"

"It could fall and hit ya, o-or somethin' else could fall and hit ya, or ya could pull somethin' tryin' t' reach up high, or-"

Minnie kissed him, shutting him up. She kept her lips locked with his for a few seconds, just enough time to temporarily shut the poor boy's brain down. Then she pulled away, and giggled at his goofy expression.

"I'm fine, sweetie. See? Nothin' to worry about."

Mickey's brain rebooted and he got his senses back. "Why are ya makin' cookies anyway?"

She smiled sweetly, blushing. "I was baking them for you." Then she grinned. "It was gonna be a surprise."

Mickey blushed. "Aw, gosh... I'm sorry, Min. I-"

She took his hands and gave them a gentle squeeze. "Don't worry, it's okay. I forgive ya, though there's nothing to forgive." She leaned up and pecked his cheek, and they shared a smile.

"Um... Do ya need some help... ya know... with the cookies?" he asked bashfully, rubbing the back of his head.

"No, you go on and tinker in the garage, go work on the baby's room or sit and watch some TV. I've got these. Maybe I can still surprise you a little." She giggled.

"Are ya sure?"

She gave him a grin.

"Okay. I'm goin'." He pulled away from her and made it to the doorway before turning back. "An-"

"Don't worry, I promise to holler if I need anything," she assured with a smile. "Now go on and relax. Have fun!"

He closed his mouth and smiled. "Alright. But I'll be listenin'. If I hear anythin' outta the ordinary I'm comin' back."

Minnie rolled her eyes playfully. "Okay. You win."

He dissapeared into the living room and she heard the door to the garage open, but not close. She grinned to herself, rolling her eyes as she turned back to the counter to resume making the treats for her lover. She had to admit, it was quite comical how he was acting, but it was also very sweet, and she was deeply touched. What girl didn't want to be lavished with attention from the guy of her dreams? Minnie certainly wasn't one to complain. But she thought of them as equals. They were two sides of a coin; he was the peanut butter and she was the jelly, he was the bacon and she was the eggs, he was the sun and she was the moon, they were each half of a heart, together making a whole.

Two hearts, one love.

By now, Minnie had just entered her 14th week of pregnancy. The doctor had said that Minnie and the baby were healthy and developing just fine, which was a huge relief for the mice, especially Mickey. He made sure to do everything he could to help out his young wife, be it washing clothes, doing the dishes, or cleaning the house, he was there. Minnie couldn't deny that she loved the attention, though it didn't differ from when she wasn't pregnant. And she awlays insisted on helping him with the baby's room. It was their baby, one they had created together out of an act of love. And she wanted them to work on the room together, a conjoined effort. Although the two met in the middle about this. Minnie could help, so long as she informed Mickey of just the slightest change in how she felt. They agreed with a handshake, then a kiss.

Midway through the 14th week, Minnie and Mickey were in the kitchen washing dishes one morning. They'd just finished breakfast and was washing the dishes. Minnie grinned playfully and gently nudged Mickey with her hip as they stood side by side at the sink. Mickey grinned and returned the action, making Minnie giggle. Then she held up her right hand, which had bubbles on it, and blew them at her husband. She giggled as the bubbles popped on his nose.

"Oh, yeah? Well, two can play at that game..." Mickey said, and held up a finger, dabbing some soap suds onto her little black nose. Both began to laugh. As they finished with the dishes, and started drying their hands, Minnie froze. Mickey turned to see her dark brown eyes wide and her unmoving. Her face was one of shock, and this sent Mickey into a panic. "W-What's wrong, Min?"

Minnie looked up at Mickey, her eyes returning to their normal size and a smile beginning to spread across her face. "I... I think I just felt the baby kick..."

Now it was Mickey's time to freeze. Minnie grabbed his hand and held it on her stomach. "Feel." They stood in complete silence for a few seconds, neither moving. "Can you feel it?"

Sure enough, Mickey could feel a little movment inside her belly. He looked up to her eyes. "Yeah... I can feel it..."

Minnie's eyes were beginning to glisten with tears of happiness. "Our baby... Our baby!" she exclaimed as both mice laughed with joy, them wrapping their arms around one another in a tight hug. They shared a kiss, then pulled apart as he placed his hand on her stomach again.

From Mickey's perspective, it felt like tiny, soft thuds inside her womb. For Minnie, she could feel it more than her husband could.

"It kinda feels like popcorn..." Minnie giggled gleefully.

"Maybe we should name 'em Popcorn," Mickey suggested with a playful grin. Minnie smirked, but laughed as well. She could feel their baby moving inside her womb. It was faint, but just enough for her to notice. She held his hand on her stomach, and for what seemed like hours the two stood feeling their baby move together. Another tiny thud caused Minnie to gasp softly, her smile and eyes widening. Mickey moved closer and nuzzled her. "I love ya, ya know that?"

Minnie happily returned his affection. "Mm... Not as much as I love you." They shared another kiss and continued to feel their baby. After several minutes, the movement died down. "Guess he or she got tired," Minnie said with a little giggle. Then she realized that their friends would want to know about this. "I bet everyone would wanna know about this."

"Already on it." Mickey made his way over to the phone on the wall and started to call his brother.


"Hey, Oswald!"

"Hey, Mick! What's kickin'?"

Mickey chuckled. "The baby."

"Huh? Wait... Did you just say...? Did you guys really...?" Mickey could hear the shock in his older brother's voice.

"Yep! We felt it move!" Mickey cried, hardly able to contain his excitment.

"Congrats, Bro! That's great!"

"Thanks. Couldja put Ortensia on? Minnie's wantin' to tell her."

"Sure thing! Hold on."

Mickey passed the phone to Minnie who waited for Ortensia.


"Hi, Ortensia!"

"Hi, Minnie! What's up?"

"Oh, Ortensia, you're never gonna guess what just happened!" Minnie squealed

"What?" Minnie now had the cat's full attention.

"Mickey and I felt the baby kick!" Minnie squeaked excitedly, bouncing a little as she stood.


Minnie quirked a brow as she pulled the phone away from her ear, looked at it, then held it back up. "Hello? Ortensia? Oswald?"

"Did she pass out?" Mickey asked.

Minnie raised her shoulders. "I don't know. I can't hear a th-"

The living room door burst open, drawing the mice' attention to the living room. As they moved around the doorway, there stood Oswald and Ortensia, the latter looking excited and ready to scream, while the former looked like he'd just run a marathon.

Poor Oswald stood hunched over at the door, panting heavily. "Don't... tell me... this girl... can't run when she wants to..." he panted, pointing at Ortensia.

"You said you felt the baby?" the little cat asked as she darted over to the girl mouse.

Minnie nodded, still confused as to how exactly that the cat and rabbit made it all the way from their house to her and Mickey's in just several seconds. Shrugging it off, Minnie began to smile, her mind going back to the subject of the baby. "We sure did. We felt it kick and move a little!"

"Oh, no..." Oswald muttered, unbeknowst that Mickey also said it.

The two girls suddenly screamed with excitment as they hugged, jumping up and down, making Mickey and Oswald hold their ears. The screaming quickly turned into fits of giggles and laughs as the girls started talking about what the two mice felt earlier. Oswald stepped over to his brother and hugged him.

"Congrats, Bro!"


"This is so exciting!" Ortensia said. "We gotta tell everybody about this!"

"Yeah, but when ya tell Donald and Daisy, " Oswald started with a grin, "make sure ya don't tell them about the baby until they arrive. Daisy'll probably pull Donald's feathers out dragging him over here."

"Oh, ha ha," Ortensia smirked. "I didn't drag you over here."

Oswald laughed. "No. Ya just made my arm, like, three inches longer than the other."

Ortensia smirked and blew a raspberry at him, making him, Minnie and Mickey all laugh.

During Minnie's next check-up at the beginning of her 15th week, the mice learned that the reason Minnie felt her baby so early was because of how small Minnie was. Her slender, tiny frame meant she could feel the baby as early as she could. However, she and the baby were developing normally.

Soon, Minnie entered her 16th week of pregnancy. Now four months pregnant, Minnie and Mickey had felt their little one kick and move about several times now, and each time filled their hearts with joy and excitment.

The baby's room was still a work in progress, but it was progressing. With their friends helping out, it had made a lot of progress. However, they still didn't know what color to paint it, as they didn't know what their baby would be.

By now, Minnie and Mickey had suspicions that other people were beginning to figure out Minnie was pregnant. She tried to avoid going out to shops too much to avoid being seen. She still stayed outside some, as it was summer, and she didn't want to spent it cooped up inside. Minnie still done her gardening, but she and Mickey had made some deals. If she started getting too hot outside, she'd take a break. If it started to rain, she'd go inside. And she could done a little outside so long as she didn't strain herself.

Minnie quickly advanced into her 17th week of pregnancy, and now the two were back in the hospital. They sat in the waiting room, Minnie kicking her legs back and forth.

"I'm bored," she sighed dully. "I hate hospitals."

"So do I," Mickey agreed. "And I'm just as bored as you."

Minnie looked up at him inquisitively. "So whaddaya think the baby will be?"

"I dunno... Whatddaya you think it'll be?"

Minnie shook her head. "Dunno... But..." She smiled and leaned against her lover. "It doesn't matter to me. As long as it's healthy and happy, I'm okay with whatever it is."

Mickey smiled, and moved and arm around her, feeling her lean into him. "Me too. Ya nervous?"

"A little..."

"Aw, don't worry, kid. I'm right here with ya." He kissed her ear, and she smiled as she nuzzled him affectionately.

"And knowing that makes me feel a whole lot better."

Just then, the doctor came into the room. "Mister and Misses Mouse?"

The mice looked up, looked at one another, then stood and held hands as they walked out of the room and down the hall. When they arrived in the room, the doctor handed Minnie a hospital gown to put on. Minnie walked into the bathroom while Mickey waited outside the door. However, Minnie grabbed his hand and dragged him inside.

"Oh, no ya don't," she smirked as she pulled him inside. Minnie changed into the gown as Mickey helped her, then the two walked out of the bathroom and over to the machine. Mickey helped Minnie climb up on it, then she lay back as he sat on a stool beside it, both holding each other's hand. Minnie pulled up the front of the gown, just to the bottom of her rib cage. The little mouse squeaked when she felt the cold jelly meet the skin on her stomach. Minnie and Mickey watched the monitor as it showed their baby once more, the mice smiling ear to ear as they looked at one another, them squeezing each other's hand.

"Well, well..." the doctor said with a smile. "It looks like you're far enough along that we can tell what your baby is."

Mickey and Minnie looked at other with wide eyes and big smiles, their hearts full of excitment. They turned back to the monitor and watched it closely, Mickey's thumb tracing small circles on Minnie's knuckles.

"Congratulations. Mister and Misses Mouse; it's a girl."

Mickey and Minnie gasped and turned to each other with wide, beaming smiles. "It's a girl..." they said in unison. Mickey leaned down and nuzzled Minnie, tears of joy forming in their eyes. They shared a kiss and looked at each other. "I love you." The nuzzled each other as they looked back at the monitor.

Their baby... was a little baby girl. Their little angel.

To be continued...