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Warning: Language, yaoi, Lemon (for later chapters), angst, hurt/comfort, drug and alcohol use.

Fall Down then Rebuild

chapter 1

Have you ever asked yourself a question like 'Do I, or can I get turned on by the same sex?' I often ponder the thought. I mean Love is Love right? Does it matter if we're the same gender? It doesn't matter to me, but I'm wondering if it matters to the person I like. And, well… curiosity got the best of me.

There he was; that 17 year old angel. Sitting in his desk texting on his RAZR cell phone. His hair was in a lazy bed head style. He was wearing the school uniform in an informal way, with it not being buttoned up all the way. He had a black bracelet around his left wrist and had the smallest smile on his lips. He was slouching in his seat and his eyes… those that mirrored mine, shone like blue crystals, with sun rays bouncing off them making them shine a brilliant ray of light. His angelic face was looking at the screen of his phone when I slowly and unsurely walked up to him.

"Uh, Sora?" I asked the brunette nervously.

"Hey Roxas! What's up?" He turned to me with his beautiful, hypnotizing eyes.

"Can I talk to you for a sec?" I was so nervous, I swear I was shaking. I hope it was alright, I mean it was home time and I was keeping him from going home… on a Friday nonetheless.

"Sure, outside?" he asked, smiling his oh so attractive smile.

"Is it alright if we wait till everyone leaves, so we can talk in the hall?" Man, my legs were shaking so badly. Everything about him was just so 'mmm.'

"Alright, ya. I can wait."

I didn't like the word 'wait', especially if it came out of his mouth. But his voice is too sexy. It almost turns me on.

A couple minutes go by and everyone has left except me and Sora. I felt like vomiting because I was so nervous, but I kept my cool. Sora walked out of the room and motioned for me to come.

"So, what's on your mind?" he said leaning against a locker, crossing his arms.

"I…well I… it's hard to put it into words." I said feeling like a fool. "See, I…umm…the thing is I… uh… I…" I was blushing as red as a rose. I almost expected Sora to say something like "You're pathetic" and walk away. And I didn't at all expect him to do what he did then.

As I was trying to say those 3 little words, Sora grabbed my shoulders and switched our positions, and pushed my back against the lockers.

"Ow! Hey, what did I-" I was cut off by something blocking my lips. I froze when I realized Sora had put his lips on mine. With me yearning for more, grabbed his hips and pulled him closer making the kiss deeper. We stared into each other's cobalt blue eyes. I stuck my tongue past his slightly parted lips, intensifying our situation. His tongue did the same. Our pink muscles played and danced with one another.

My arms traveled up his back and I was now pushing his head closer with my hand. He slammed me into the lockers again, making me moan in pain. It was the opposite for him though, because his hand traveled down my arms, past my hips and around to my ass. He squeezed them and pulled me closer. I gave a playful moan, letting him know that I wanted this. A weird sensation came over my 'manhood'. Saliva was dripping from our mouths and our breathing had become heavy. We broke and a long string of saliva was still attached to our mouths. Panting, we looked at each other. Sora wiped his mouth.

"Does that answer your question?" he said and devilishly smiled. He put his right hand on the locker beside my head.

"I want to tell you how I feel…so here it goes. I love your sleek, slender sexy body. I love your brown hair and how it fits perfectly in a wild style. I love your smile, you laugh and your hands. You're cool and I've just learned you make-out like a pro. I love everything about you, especially your beautiful eyes. When you sweat, I almost faint from attractiveness. But your eyes are the most amazing thing about you. Sora, I love you." I had finally gotten that off my chest. I felt silly saying all that stuff, but it's true. No matter how ridiculous I sounded, I meant it all. I once again was blushing. I looked at the person I just confessed to and he had a seductive smile on his face.

"Does that mean I get to see your dark side too?"

"Uh…" I stood there in awe. I never knew there was a 'dark side' to this. And since I realized this, I've yearned for the brunette even more. "If I'm allowed to take control too." I replied as seductive as I could. God, we sounded so fucking dirty.

With sweat still drying on our cooling down bodies, I grabbed his shoulders and pushed him against the lockers, switching our positions yet again. His cobalt eyes closed on impact.


When he made noise I couldn't control myself. I smashed my lips on his. My turn. My hands cupped his back and I pulled myself closer. His legs buckled and we both went down, his back still against the locker doors. I lost track of the place and time.

I'm more of a kissing guy but when he grabbed me through my pants I threw back my head in utter pleasure.

"Ah, Fuck!" he started rubbing me and it felt absolutely trifling. I couldn't take it. I grabbed the hand that was rubbing me and pinned it up above his head. Not letting go of his hand, I started rubbing his clothed arousal. I could tell it was harder than before.

"O God Ro-Roxas… Holy shit!" he moaned. God he turned me on so bad. He wrapped his arm around my neck and pulled me into a heated kiss. We were moaning and panting together.

I let go of his hand that I had pinned and I backed up, gasping for air. He looked at me with a satisfied and confused look.

"Roxas?" He said, back still against the lockers.

"Here's not the best place." I said blushing. I just didn't want to admit that I would ejaculate any moment.

"Fine by me," he said, "So… when and where?" he plainly asked.

"Eh?" I explained. "Does that make us… lovers?"

He looked deep into my eyes and gave me a grin. I think he liked to smile a lot. But it wasn't just any grin. It's one that I haven't seen before… and it meant trouble.

'You know, I've been noticing you for a while. The way I catch you starring out the window, looking at the sky… it gets me curious about you and what you're thinking. The way you move and do things… in the change room, when you change out of your sweaty cloths…mmm…" he says. I blushed and kept listening to him. "Other than myself I have never seen anyone with the same seep, blue, shining eyes. It kind of makes me weak for you." Realizing what he just said, his face turned a crimson red and he put his hand over his mouth. I gave a giggle and crawled on my hands and knees towards him. I gave him a big, gentle smile and said "I guess we have something in common."

Suddenly, we heard footsteps down the hall. Panicking, we grabbed our book bags and skedaddled out of there.

It was bright outside and I had to cover my eyes, with my hand, from the sun. As bright as it was, it was also hot. I looked at my new lover and smiled. He was starring at the sky and I turned my head to stare at it too. I started thinking about life, and how I now had someone to share it with. I pondered about the future. Random thoughts too, like, how come I never did this sooner? In just a short time we became strangers to lovers. In a sick twisted way, I wanted to be with him in more ways than one.

Breaking me out of my trance, Sora whispered in my ear "My house. 8:30." Then kissed me on the cheek and walked away. I gave a satisfying smile and started my way home, eagerly waiting to see my lover again. And thinking about what's going to happen later that night.

Authors Note: XD LOL! The first chapter seemed totally hilarious! I laughed the whole time I typed this XD What a silly chapter… but it starts getting serious from here on out.

The reason I started writing this is because I was going through a very depressing time at the end of August and I missed 2 days of school. And during this time I was 'sick' I was sitting in my bed, with a paper and a pencil. Ideas came to me and I started writing. I went through this faze for 4 days, and in those 4 days I wrote 24 pages of this story. 24 FRIKEN PAGES! In 4 days! How sad is that! XD But I got a lot of writing done and my family thought I did okay. Now I just have to type it out. I hope its okay… I mean I always say it's going to get better, and you know what? It most defiantly will! That I promise! I love adding twists… and good boys go bad…

Take Sora for instance… you'll just have to keep reading and waiting to find out what's gonna happen. XD

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