Soroku F.D.R. Special

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Warning: Mpreg, language, da boyxboy love, and did I mention Mpreg?

Ya, you heard me…

It has been currently 2 months since Sora proposed to me and since we graduated high school. The whole deal on getting dressed up for getting a diploma is not my cup o tea, not Sora's but thanks GOD we are done and that we never have to go there again.

Afterwards I found out a few things about my past. My mom and I actually sat down at a café a few days after I was engaged. Of course, when I told her she was happy for me and wants to meet Sora. I'm thinking they would both get along because they like this thing called 'alcohol'.

Yeah I know! Beats me too!

I found out my father's name was Cloud Strife and he was a SOLDIER back in the day.

What that is, my mom did not know because my so-called father never talked about it. He was also injected with MERCY, incase of crisis or going to war or something.

MERCY, apparently allows your body to obtain female insides (such as a womb and eggs… I'm not going into detail about that) And it matures at a certain age, so if you mate with another man, that's Sora in my case, you will produce offspring.

And I being his child inherited it from him. I freaked out somewhat when mom told me but something inside me made me calm and told me it would be aright, and I trusted it.

A few weeks later, I found myself hunched over a public toilet (for the 10th time this month) upchucking my breakfast. This is why I do not like going out in public. Germs spread and I always end up sick, but Sora is at a Doctor's appointment and I'm left with grocery shopping. I have only been out for 45 minutes, so why am I in this situation? I never get sick…

'I blame it on Sora' I thought to myself. 'He's the one out and about and coming home and fucking me senseless. He ALWAYS tops!

Ah, well… I mean I don't mind it…

I get up from the floor and clean myself up. I sighed and ran my hand through my blind hair taking note that I have been really moody and depressed lately. I have very odd cravings too.

I blame THAT on my father.

I went into a mini mart down the street and grabbed some munchies and paid for them at the till. Then it hit me.



I hop into our Honda Civic and drive to the nearest pharmacy for a pregnancy test. I feel like a girl; stupid and embarrassed. Searching, then giving up I grab a random box and head for the till. The clerk looks at me with an awkward look on his face "It's for my sister." I lie and he rolls his eyes.

I get out of there as fast as I can and head home, chomping on some chocolate chip cookies. I drove into the parking lot, grab my 2 grocery bags and hightailed it inside. I gently threw the bags on the table and searched for the small box that held mine and Sora's future. I went into the bathroom and waited for the worst.

Sora came home at lunch, just as happy and sexy looking as always. He lazily sits down and chomps on the macaroni and hot dogs I made for lunch.

I take a deep breath in and exhale 'How the hell am I supposed to do this?' I mentally screamed.

"Rox, you ok? You seem a little out of it." Sora states, a look of worry on his handsome face.

I give him a small smile before I tell him "I'm fine, it's just… Sora I need to talk to you."

I start telling him what my mom had told me. The whole time I'm talking, he stares at me… blankly. I start to think I'm boring him or making him angry in some way. I place my hand on his and he grips it back in return; affection to affection.

After a half hour of talking I get to the part that means the most…

"But Sora, the most important thing is…" I start giving a smile.

"…I'm pregnant."

Sora gives me a look like his whole world just fell apart; eyes wide and body frozen.

"I took one of those pregnancy tests and it-" I get cut off when Sora suddenly gets up from his seat, takes his hand away from mine and walks out the front door, without a word.

I sat there dumbstruck and starred at the floor thinking that it was stupid and idiotic to tell him. Sora is probably going to take the ring and never want to see me or this child (in his life) ever again.

I leaned my elbows on the table and covered my face with my hands about to cry when I hear something from outside and the voice sounded familiar.

"I'm going to be a father! Holy Shit! I'm going to be a father!"

I walked to the window in the living room.

Sora, the goof that he is, had his hands in the air and was running up and down the street with the biggest smile on his face yelling that he was 'going to be a father'. I smiled and face palmed at my fiancé, who then came running into the house and jumped up and down in excitement. He spotted me and ran towards me, picked me up around my waist with his arms, lifting me off the ground. I giggled and he twirled us around the room.

Sora stopped and set me down; his arms still wrapped around me.

He smiled widely when I wrapped my own pale, skinny arms around his neck. I stared into mirrored eyes, seeing love and joy shine brilliantly and strong in his blue orbs.

"This explains why you've been bitchy lately." Sora chuckles and I nod slightly and shrug. "And your sudden weight gain." He adds.

My eyes widen and I don't believe him "WHAT?" I ask and let go of him so I can lift my shirt up… and sure enough there's already a little bulge in my lower abdomen.

"Huh… I think you're right about that." I sigh and pull my shirt down.

"Did the test say how far along you were?" Sora asks noticing the look on my face and becoming concerned.

"Just under 2 months." I answered. I was suddenly forced forward when Sora hugged me tightly, trying not to hurt me too much.

"Roxas, thank you so fucking much! I love you babe." He says to me softly and I heard the compassion and love in his voice. I giggled and hugged him back.

"I love you too, and I'm glad that it's yours and that I'm with you. Both of us." I said, meaning everything that came from my mouth. His hand moved from my lower back to my stomach and there it stayed. We looked up at each other with affectionate smiles before leaning forward and meeting in the middle for a passionate kiss.

I knew there and then that I would be happy for the rest of my life and that your life can change for the better with the right goals in mind.

Love is Love, no matter what.

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