This story is an account of the creation of the Daleks. It is designed to further my readers understanding of the race, especially so that my story, The Twelfth Incarnation Of The Doctor, makes complete sense. I am trying to make this story as accurate as I possibly can; If something needs changing, please do not hesitate to let me know.

"I was born during the harsh times of the thousand year war, between our race the Kaleds, and our brother race, the Thals. My father wanted me to become a soldier like my Elders, but I was determined to become a scientist. I pursued that dream, with only my mother believing in me. I was forced into the military, where I experimented with new deadly weapons.
During the war, the use of atomic weapons started to produce mutants, which we knew as mutos. They are largely forgotten about today. I began to experiment with different organisms after the death of my father, sister and Aunt. I taught them to speak, mostly only my name.

"Shortly afterwards, I was wounded during an attack, which left me in this mobile life support system for life. However, it has not discouraged my scientific advances.
Lately I have been working on my mutant fiends more than ever. I plan to educate them, and use them to win the thousand year war!

"Ladies and Gentlemen; I come before you today to ask for a favour. To create this new race, and to win this war, I need resources. I require multiple things, and that is why you are all here today. Each and every one of you has been chosen to attend this presentation because you have something I need. Now, I'm not saying that you have to give it to me... Sometimes I make mistakes, I acknowledge that. Some of you may not be as keen on winning the war as I thought you were.

"To create this new race I call the Daleks, I shall need 200 human subjects. For each human I shall also require two Cubed Meters of Bonded Polcarbide, three litres of preserving oil, fifteen meters each of both 1mm and 3mm titanium wire, one set of micro-audio speakers, 10 sheets of 1mx1m 1mm thick titanium, Black molecule paint, 4 multi-direction wheels, a sheet of 1mx1m 5mm thick rubber, a sheet of perspex 1mx1m 2mm thick, and I will also need some help designing weapons, eyes, and a voice capability system.

"If you are able to give me any of these materials, which believe me, you are; please stay behind for afternoon tea and to discuss future plans."

"Thankyou all very much for coming here today, I hope you can all be of use in the future." Some of the gathered Kaleds forwarded out of the presentation room, but the vast majority stayed with Davros to offer him their services, whatever that may be. He took the time to talk to each of them individually to gather their opinion and see what they were willing to offer them. One conversation in particular had his complete attention; the Mayor.

"What materials may I offer you, sir Davros?" The Mayor took a glass of heavy alcohol from a passing android waiter. He drained the purple liquid in one gulp, shuddering violently.

"Well, Mayor Wikkams, I ask that you give me 200 citizens from the local community." I tried to keep a straight ace while answering. Well, what else could he give me? This man is useless!

"And how would I do that, Davros. I surely cannot take people by force, no one can do that. So what do you plan to do?"

"Recruit them, maybe?" I had this conversation all worked out. I knew exactly what to say; this was like a well rehearsed play to me...

"Why, what do you mean, Recruit? Like, get people to voluntarily sign up?" He. Is. So. Dumb.

"Yes that's what recruit means!" Again, this is all part of my play. Too bad it's a boring one!

"So who are we recruiting? Who would give up their life to be an experiment?" Hopefully you, because that is all you would be good for!

"Homeless, depressed people who are about to jump, and have nothing better to do with themselves? That could always work!" I grinned a sad, lifeless grin.

"It's a deal."


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