Disclaimer: I do not claim to own anything in this fan fiction. They belong to their respected owners. If you think I do own this, then I will have to shoot you in the ass with an arrow. No I'm not cupid. :]

Pairing: Isa/Lea if you squint.

Warning: Slightly AU. Complete fluff. Friendship fic, but can be see as Yaoi.

Summary: Lea always wanted to have one, he just had to get his best friend to agree. It was easier then he originally thought.



"Come on."


The red head gave the azure a pout, knowing that it wouldn't be long before his friend broke. "Come on, please."

The other boy mumbled, "No, Lea."

"Why not?"

He roll his eyes once more. "You should know the answer to your own question."

He whines a bit, stomping his foot. "Please!"

Isa sighed at his friend. "Fine."

"I knew I could get you to have one of those sleepover things!"

The other boy smirked while turning his gaze away from the flaming red mass. He felt his heart rate speed up, inhaling sharply. "You just have that effect on me."

Author's Note: Just a plot bunny. Nothing more, nothing less. Can be seen as a pre-The Forgotten drabble, but I highly doubt that I'll ever use anything like this piece in that fic. Go figure. But, like I said, just a random thought that entered my head. Was around a hundred words, so it couldn't be labeled anything more then a drabble. Someday, when I'm back on my computer, I might make this into a one shot.