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Author's note: First published Sanctuary fanfiction. Takes place during season two before 'Sleepers', because a vampire-Tesla is just too awesome. This idea (no need to read it if you haven't) is based lightly off Rick Yancey's novel The Monstrumologist. If only for the Anthropophagi, but a ghost story-turned abnormal-hunt was just too good to pass up! Hee-hee.

Spoiler for anyone who hasn't read the Monstrumologist: Doctor Kearns is suspected to be Jack the Ripper. That doesn't have any part in this version, since I can totally see Druitt doing that, and I won't bore you any longer with my rants, so enjoy! Reviews are always appreciated!

It was a normal day at Old City Sanctuary, if Will's line of work could ever be called 'normal'. Suffice to say, no abnormal had escaped (yet), the electricity hadn't shorted out, Magnus was researching a potential sighting of goat-eating abnormals, and Will was filing reports.

His eyes scanned Magnus's precise handwriting, letting the words meld together to make one giant word. It was a report on the UK Sanctuary attack. His heart sped up as he read through Clara's death.

Not wanting to learn the names of whoever else had died that day, he quickly moved to the finance section. Yes, denying Clara's death was exactly what he was doing, but he now understood why everyone did it.

Detailed was the cost of transporting the elemental, damages done by the Cabal, wine, and the air travel tickets.

A small inequality in the budget drew his attention. It was just a fraction of the expense, nothing anyone would normally notice, but it had gotten his attention.

Curious, Will opened the filing cabinet and retrieved reports from the previous two weeks. Similar small amounts had been taken…somewhere. Will tried to calculate the number of missions he'd been on. If a fraction of the money had been taken, added to the number of mission expenses from the past 150 or so years – if this scam had been running that long.

Will pulled out his phone and said the infamous words.

"Magnus, we have a problem."

Helen Magnus's phone vibrated noisily on her desk, jolting her out of a half-sleep. She rubbed her eyes and glanced at the caller ID for a second before answering.


"Magnus? I was reading through the finance report on the UK Sanctuary attack. There was a fractional shortage on cash used to pay for the damages done to the security programs. Someone's been pilfering money from the Sanctuary reserves."

Her mind began working furiously, calculating who would have the intelligence (or motive) to get past Henry's firewalls. Nikola was a possibility, but he wouldn't have been able to resist letting her know something was up. The Cabal were too well-financed to be stealing such little amounts of money.

"How long has this been going on?"

Papers were heard shuffling on the other end of the line.

"Since '89. That's as far back as this room takes me. Umm, oldest report in here is about you and a guy named Radovan going to retrieve a pack of abnormals-"

Helen cursed under her breath. She knew who had done this.

"Will, call Henry and tell him to freeze all our accounts. I'll be right down."

Then the doorbell rang.

Big Guy opened the door, wondering who it was this time. In the past two months, everyone from Jack the Ripper to the Cabal had shown up on Old City Sanctuary's doorstep.

What he didn't expect to see was someone who looked normal. His powerful sense of smell detected shampoo on the visitor. Strong shampoo. And cologne. The visitor was trying to cover up something. A deeper, subtle breath revealed what it was.

"Radovan Mihailo." He stuck out his strong-smelling hand. "I have something of utmost importance to tell Doctor Magnus."

"Will, I know exactly who did this! There is simply no mystery to it, but why is a much better question."

Will pinched the bridge of his nose.

"Then who did it?"

Big Guy knocked, and after waiting for a split second, entered, a tall, dark haired man following suit.

Helen wheeled around. If her eyes could, Will knew their visitor would have two holes burned through his body.

"He did."

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