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Notes: Last chapter.

The sanctuary seemed doubly quiet since they'd last left. Big Guy greeted them gruffly, as usual. Helen wandered to her office, Nikola trailing behind her. Kate, Will and Henry went their separate ways to finish the paperwork that had been neglected during their mission.

Helen knew some part of her mind remarked loudly how brightly the sun shone through the windows. She had nearly died in darkness. But now the sun greeted her with warmth.

"Nice day." Nikola remarked. "Perfect for a glass of wine outside."

"Not now Nikola." Helen fought to keep a smile off her face.

His smirk widened. "Come on Helen. Life and death situations don't constitute a little time off?"

She shook her head. "No. After all, I have to make a full report on the extinction of the abnormals. And Radovan."

Nikola muttered something under his breath as she said the name.

She playfully swatted him with a stack of forms. "Language." He rolled his eyes.

Helen took her seat and began filling out an official report.

"Wine cellar hasn't moved." She said after a few minutes.

She stiffened for a second as his hand touched her wrist. How was he able to move so quietly?

"Care to join me?"

-and it is finished! Sorry for the short ending though…sequel should be up sometime…later. Warning: way more blood/death/gore than this!