So, yeah, these are just some short stories inspired from my life and some memories. I have terrible writer's block right now, and can't come up with anything, so I'm just basing these off of life! None of these will go together, so each chapter follows a different setting, plot, etc. Most, possibly all of the stories, will be AAML, but there may be some more ships. Just so you know, the ships I like are POKESHIPPING, Contestshipping, Penguinshipping (I can tolerate it, but I doubt I would write it), Cavaliershipping (DawnXGary, just so you know), that it? Wow. So, that's that. Ash and Misty are around 12-14 in this chapter. Not really too old, but not too young either. Okay, on with the mini-story!

Ash rolled around on the large, bouncy, blue exercise ball, listening to Misty talk. "So, what do you wanna do now?" she asked him.

"Whee!" he rolled around on the ball, almost flying off. "Whee!"

"Ugh, gimme that!" she commanded, though he didn't get off of the ball. She walked over to him, and kicked it out from under him, making him grunt and fall on his belly. She picked it up and held it over her chest, then ran at the wall and slammed the ball into it, the impact making her fly back and land on the floor, laughing. Ash ran over to her, grabbed the ball, and started rolling on it again, causing it to go on her feet. "Wow, that feels weird!" she said. "Here, you lay down and I'll roll it on you!" So Ash got off of the ball and sprawled himself across the floor. She rolled it over him.

"Woww...that does feel weird!" he yelled. "Do it again!"



"You a rip in your pants."

He scrunched up his face and said "It's not on my crotch, is it? I bet it is, I have luck like that." He lifted his head and looked at his pants. "Yep, right on it!" he complained, standing up and throwing his hands into the air angrily. "Ya have any tape?"

"Let me go check, I probably do." she said, and went upstairs. He walked around the finished basement, looking at the hockey sticks leaning against the wall, looking at the cups of half-finished drinks sitting on the small table, and pacing around. She never came back down. He went upstairs and saw her in the kitchen with some see-through tape that she was putting on Smoke, her shinx, trying to irritate it.

"Hey, where the heck have you been? And stop harming that poor, defenseless creature!" Ash yelped at Misty, ignoring Brock standing only a foot away from him. Misty took the tape off of Smoke and put it on the counter.

"We only have this kind of tape. And, I was trying to get him to scratch at it. Haha!" Ash rolled his eyes, and whispered in her ear that he didn't want to use the tape since it would probably make the rip stick out even more.

A few hours of talking later, Ash had to leave. Ash shook hands, and hugged a few people, and went over to Misty. "See ya Myst." he said, and put out his hand. She put her hand in his, and...

"Aw, come on!" she said, and she gave him a hug. He blushed a little bit, but not enough for her to notice.

"Well, see ya." Ash said. Everyone waved to each other, and Ash left along with a few other people from the party.