Introduction- Where is she?

It had been one year since the war and the Nations were finally starting to trust each other again, all this was due to the hard work of Katara, Suki, Sokka, Toph, Avatar Aang and FireLord Zuko. These six teenagers were working very hard to restore the peace among minds of the people but one mind was not at rest. Zuko was on a quest on his own, not for any Nation but for himself, he wanted to know where his mother was but he could not leave just now, not that the world as he knew it was restoring itself. Zuko often thought about asking his uncle Iroh to help him find his mother but Zuko wanted let his uncle enjoy his retirement. All Zuko can do now is just wait until he is sure that there is no threat among Nations and then go find Ursa.

Maybe in time his father might actually tell him the location of his mother and not give him little clues about where she would be, but something played in his mind. If his mother was alive she would've known that he was FireLord and came back to him but he only gave that thought little attention as deep down he just knew she was alive so where is she?

Okay so I know this is short but this is just the intro right? Any who just give a little review then I something for you, you just write what you want like maybe you would like a character named or based after you just write in any way here is a sneak preview of the next chapter A New Woman.

P.S I would just like to mention the shipping of this story, just so your not confused

Katara x Aang

Sokka x Suki

Toph x well I haven't made my mind up yet about her other half- what you think?

Zuko x OC (yes it is one of those stories, I don't really like Mai I just think she wasn't the best character sorry)

I won't start chapter 1 till i know that there are people out there that like my story so that is my only condition.

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