A New World

Send us to a place

Guide us with Your Grace

To a place where we'll be safe

Prayer sang by Chloe Agnew

It was a very warm and pleasant day in the Fire Nation especially in the Palace as there was laughter ringing through the halls of the palace. In the gardens sat General Iroh, FireLord Zuko, Avatar Aang, Katara, Toph, Suki, Sokka and of course the Lady Ursa. Iroh and the teenagers all relived the horrors of the past years but now they were reliving the more uplifting stories to her.

The laughter began to cease and Zuko started to ask his questions

"So mother, please tell us. Where have you been?"Zuko asked.

Lady Ursa put down her tea that she was sipping and took a deep breath.

"Well after I was banished I knew I had no where to go since Ba Sing Se was still recovering from the siege and the water tribe would never have let the wife of Prince Ozai anywhere near them. After I said goodbye to you Zuko I hid on a Fire Nation ship that was leaving to go to some Earth Nation village somewhere. As the ship was going there was a great storm hit the sea we were on and I knew I was going to have to leave so I stole some food and water from the kitchen and fled on a smaller ship they had. By this time the storm had died down a little and I went unnoticed. I cannot remember how long I stayed on that ship but I did know that my food supplies were running out fast. I was beginning to lose hope of surviving another day when I spotted a very large ship that was not of the Fire Nation. The ship spotted me and came over to help; they pulled me upon the ship. These sailors were nothing that I had ever seen in my life, they all looked so different from anyone from the Nations I knew of. Their Captain came forward and started to speak in a strange language that I could not comprehend so of course I was very frightened. These were people I did not know and did not understand so I was scared that they might hurt me."

"Did they hurt you?" Zuko asked his voice rising slightly.

Ursa laughed

"Of course not actually they were some of the nicest people I had ever met. They gave me my own room with dry clothes and always gave me three meals a day. When I was on that ship I learned some of the language which is called English. After a couple of days we docked and the captain came and got me. I came off that ship and went into an entirely new world. They took me to a country called Great Britain."

General Iroh was the first to speak.

"I have never heard of a place called Great Britain"

"Exactly!" Ursa exclaimed.

"I always thought we were the first nation to have a map of the world but as I soon found out we are only one part of the world. When I was in Britain I learned of so many new and different countries, languages and cultures."

"There are more countries" Aang said.

"Yes" said Lady Ursa.

"And just to name a few there is: France, Germany, Italy, Russia, Spain, Greece, and America. There is just too many for me to possibly tell you about."

Everyone sat in silence; taking in the information they had just been told.

"So what happened to you when you came off the ship" asked Katara.

"The captain took me to the straight to the king of Britain, Edward V. The king understood that I couldn't speak his language well enough to tell my story so he let me stay with the Captain who was a very close family friend of his. Mr. Stevenson and his family were very kind people and really helped me gain knowledge of the new world. After about three years I was able to speak and write in proper English. The king then asked me to come back so I could tell him my story but it was more of the king's son I talked to as the king was bed stricken due to a horrible illness. After I told my story the Prince could not believe it and offered his sympathy and he was also curious about my home. He gave me my own house in the capital of Britain called London. He gave me a daily income and provided me with servants. One of the servants- who is now my hand maid- stood out to me a great deal and now she is like my daughter and she has also accompanied me on this trip, her name is Naomi Douglas."

"NI-O-MAY? That's a really strange name "remarked Suki.

"Well that's what there names are like over there, our names actually sound really strange to them" Ursa said.

"And I guess what your wearing is there style of clothing" Zuko stated.

"Excuse me Lady Ursa but what is that chain round your neck? Is it some kind of necklace" Katara asked.

Lady Ursa then grew very scared; she mumbled something to herself and then said.

"Yes it is a necklace Katara it is in a form of what I would call a cross and it is a very powerful symbol" Ursa took a very deep breath then continued.

"You see when I was living in Britain I also came across something else that was very different in that world"

"What was that?" Sokka inquired.

"Religion" Ursa stated.

"In that world nearly every country has a different religion and Britain has there own it's called…..Christianity"

"Do you believe in this way of life mother?" Zuko asked slowly

Ursa looked down scared of what might happen next.

"What is this religion about?" Katara asked.

"I shouldn't really be the one to tell you as I am still new to the faith and probably do not have the answers to the questions that you need, but I can tell you that we worship only one God and nothing else." Ursa said.

"I am very interested about this new faith Ursa. Do you know anyone that could tell us more" Iroh asked.

Ursa looked at Iroh now more relaxed.

"yes actually Naomi, she has tremendous knowledge and will be able to help you understand a little better she is on the ship that brought me here with the rest of the crew, why don't you all come and meet her and ask her your questions."

So it was all agreed after their tea they would make their way down to the docks and meet this servant.

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