King of Fighters does not belong to me – therefore Kyo Kusanagi and Iori Yagami do not belong to me; though the basic plot belongs to me and to my role play partner Jun. This is set in an alternate reality of sorts. The main storyline is the same but it's outlining a meeting which never happened. If it had then things may have gone something like I've written. Please don't flame me – I haven't played the game that much…but I've been told I play a very good Kyo…so I've gathered enough confidence to write this into a fanfiction. If you do anything – enjoy…and READ AND REVIEW…or I'll set the Orochi on you…

Chapter 1

Kyo Kusanagi sat under a tree just off campus. He was placed on a cushion of comfortable green grass and leaned against the trunk of the slightly bent tree. His right hand teased ceaselessly over the tops of the grass and his eyes were closed in serenity.

His life was simple: friends, battles…a normal life for a seventeen year old with amazing powers.

That was that he was the heir capable of controlling the Kusanagi flame; a dangerous red flame that could be called and used to his advantage. Unlike Benimaru's electric blue energy that he had to be trained to control, Kyo had automatically had a knowledge for his heirloom and knew how to control it without even a moment's training – not that he didn't train at all.

In the use of his flame, prevented from burning him by two heavy black gloves bearing the Kusanagi symbol of an enflamed sun; he had defeated Benimaru and claimed the position as the strongest fighter in the school.

However – news spreads – and Kyo had become a regular street fighter, more to play up to everyone else's expectations and also to stop them from hurting themselves further by defeating them in battle.

The problem was Kyo didn't agree with pointless battles over nothing.

The dark haired boy sighed; his head going forwards and his hair teasing over his eyes and cheeks.

A presence brought the boy's eyes opened and up. Not too far away stood a quite alluring looking man; perhaps a bit older than Kyo himself. His gaze was amused and was settled directly upon the younger's gaze; freezing him in place. But behind the eyes was something else, something that teased at Kyo's mind – trying to warn him perhaps.

The man had a deep fire hidden in his eyes just waiting to be released to join the curling flame of the rest of his hair which was settled down just to the right of one eye, swept over from behind and across the top.

He wore a small black top over a very long white shirt which was unbuttoned at just the right points further down to show exactly what Kyo's eyes had unconsciously sought out under the tight red pants the other was wearing.

The perverted young man's eye also caught sight of the red leather tie between the other's two legs. A strange fashion…but it was very kinky in his mind. In the way of fighting it seemed like a restraint…what was the point of fighting without your legs anyway?

The dark haired boy did not stand, only retreated his gaze from its wandering, forcing himself to look back into those piercing eyes which seemed softened with somewhat of amusement now.

'Who may you be?' asked the teenager, his own eyesight unmoving.

'My name is no interest of yours unless yours is the name which I seek…'

Kyo narrowed his eyes then opened them again, offering his hand. 'Kusanagi Kyo…now can I know your name?'

'Kusanagi – I'm pleased to hear that…' The redhead laughed but showed no signs of shaking the other's hands, only offering a glance towards it before the other man retreated it.

'How do you know of Kusanagi?' Kyo was a little irritated now, but was trying to hide his anger.

The redhead simply laughed openly and peered at Kyo again. 'Let's just say that the history of Kusanagi is of great importance to me.

'The only you could find out about the history of our family is to be part of it…but I don't suspect that you are…'

'That's what I thought you'd say…you'll understand soon…' The redhead closed his eyes, as though letting out some great secret as he spoke. 'Yagami Iori…'

'Well then hello Yagami-san. How can I help you?' Kyo said in a sarcastic tone, his gaze boring into the other's eyes in return – but to that the red- haired man only smirked and looked even more amused.

'If you knew who I am…then you would know what I'm here for.'

Kyo blinked and stood up quickly. 'Why don't you just tell me?'

'But that takes the fun out of it…'

The dark haired man narrowed his eyes and then moved a step forwards, cockily bouncing on his heels. 'What do you want?'

'How about a fight…?'

'A fight?'

'Yeah – a fight – a battle – that whole thing where you attack each other,' said the redhead with another slight grin.

Kyo moved a little nervously then stepped away and turned; lowering his head in thought.

'I assure you…' whispered Iori softly, 'that you will know who I am by the end of our fight.'

Kyo's eyes hardened slightly and he glanced back over at the newcomer intently.

'Okay…' he consented.

'Let's start then…' The red-head was already in an offensive posture.

'Woah…oh no…not here…'

Kyo shook his head firmly and stepped away from the redhead and away from the school. 'We've got to go to my training grounds…don't worry – they're not far away…'

Iori was obviously annoyed and impatient, moving after the other quickly; his gaze causing him to increase his pace.

'What was wrong, Kyo…didn't want anyone to see what you were really capable of…?'

Kyo shook his head and looked at Iori intently. 'I don't think that there is any honour in hurting innocents. '

The redhead narrowed his eyes and moved somewhat on his heels. 'What do you know of honour? Was it honour that caused me to be born? Was it honour that made me fight through life or honour that made me train? Is it honour that makes me hate you?'

'How can you hate me…you don't know me…'

'You're a Kusanagi – that's all the reason I need…'

Kyo narrowed his eyes. 'Why do you think you should hate me?'

'It's my destiny…and it's yours to die by my hand…'

'I don't understand…'

Iori smiled softly and then moved somewhat. 'You will soon enough…'

Once said, the redhead charged forwards, throwing his shoulders forwards to try and knock the other to the floor.

Shocked, Kyo was struck, send into a flip towards his back. He turned his body and placed his hands against the ground, flipping himself back to his feet.

Stepping forwards he leapt into the air, bringing his leg up above and in front of him with the other vertical below him. His body came down and he righted himself; having missed Iori.

Suddenly the redhead was beside him, sharp claws coming down towards his chest and arms and causing the dark haired man to leap out the way.

Before he could react, Iori brought his hand down towards the other's middle, winding him with the side of his hand. Kyo keeled over, then was caught on the back of the neck by the other's right elbow; knocked to the ground immediately.

Iori moved into the air, aiming to land on the other's back, but barely in time the other man rolled out of the way.

Kyo was back on his feet already and slid forwards, fists flying for the back of Iori's neck as a parallel pair.

The redhead was caught but rolled back to his feet finding himself in front of Kyo again but this time not upper-cutting him, as would have been the obvious.

Clawed, strong hands fell on Kyo's shoulders and held him perfectly still, then dug into the flesh of his shoulders firmly, drawing blood quickly even through the thick material and causing the younger to call out in pain.

Iori smiled softly; the other's blood and his cry making him more confident and causing him to lick his lips in pleasure – liking the sight of another's pain immensely.

Kyo hissed and then struggled, his hands moving up but stopping at the other's waist; not wanting to use his fire.

'Come on, Kusanagi…I know what you can do…stop holding back…'

Kyo's eyes flickered up and he set them on Iori's. 'As are you…'

'Of course…I don't need to hold back fighting someone as weak as you…'

Iori smiled and then flicked the other away from him.

Kyo stood up and narrowed his eyes, then brought his hands up in front of him. 'Okay…'

Iori only smiled a little more evilly, darkness in his eyes, but demanding amusement.