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Chapter 2

Kyo's eyes were ablaze with wonder, however this time he was the first to strike. The fight began with the darker haired man swiftly darting forwards. In his fist burned the first traces of a red flame that sparked larger as he brought his hands up towards the other's chest.

As the attack connected, Iori was forced backwards, body shimmering with the remnants of the flame before it died down.

'Now that's more like it...' Iori smirked and then moved forwards; a spark of blueish-purple rising from his palm as he slammed it forwards into the other's front.

Kyo yelped, knocked away from the red-haired man to the ground some way away.

A purple flame... A memory arose deep within Kyo but it was otherwise unrecognisable. The younger moved back to his feet again and then looke dup at Iori.

Already another attack had began; the older grunting as a large wave of purple and blue flames sped across the ground.

'Hasshaku!' cried Kyo, recognising the very story of his family's history. He leapt into the air, performing a spin with his body in the air as to knock himself somewhat off his axis and land beside the remaining flames.

Iori laughed softly, perhaps enjoying this a little too much. He came forwards again, lifting his fist in a fast and hard punch towards Kyo's face.

Kyo ducked easily then moved forwards in a more exact forwards roll, gliding back onto his hands and then licking out to try and trip Iori. No connection resulted as the attack was leapt over and from the air a new burst of purple flame came down, enveloping Kyo in it's colour and causing him to dibalance and fall to the ground.

A heavy body lowered itself onto Kyo's injured form, holding him down and moving hair from his eyes to reconnect the dark gaze. In the redhead's eyes Kyo found humour again dancing over the surface teasingly. Kyo's body quivered slightly with a slight fear which he quickly dispelled once he realised that the other man had noticed.

Iori smiled knowingly at the now blushing teenager, leaning slightly closer.

Kyo closed his eyes and opened his mouth after biting his lip he spoke.

'I don't understand why we need to continue this because of our ancestors....'

'Because it's destiny...honour...an age old fight that means that the weakest must be destroyed and only the victor should continue the bloodline.

'But the Hasshaku and the Kusanagi have different bloodlines...' insisted the younger.

'No, boy...our blood is similar and as long as their is an heir for both clans then they will not be two different families.' Iori sneered and brought his claws into the other's already injured shoulders once again, but this time the purple fire warmed and burned the flesh, causing him to cry out in pain.

Kyo moaned quietly as the pain began to overtake him. His body enveloped in fire; a crimson fire that was not to attack the other - merely fend him off.

Iori let out a quiet laugh and his body enveloped in a spiteful purple fire that burned away the red - infected and destroyed it.

Kyo whimpered softly as the other flame burned his body, his energy drained he stopped and closed his eyes, almost giving in - unable to do anything else.

'I'm not afraid of your little tricks, child...' purred the older.

Kyo's eyes fluttered open again and he looked at Iori. 'Is this all you live for...to hurt me?'

Iori blinked. What a question... The redhead pondered it for a moment before increasing the flame causing Kyo to cry out once more.

'No...I live for other things too...I've always wanted to truly be alive...and there are things I need not tell you...'

'Such as?' Asked Kyo, his tone gentle but laced with his own pain.

'Didn't you hear a word I said...?' Iori shook his head and stood up, forcing the other to his feet.

Kyo's eyes narrowed but he walked obediently besides the other, refusing to assume eye-contact.

'So you're just going to wait to kill me when it's appropriate to you?'

'Good boy...' Iori smiled, his gaze was constantly on Kyo but now he was beginning to notice the perhaps sultry looks; the way he tried to avert his gaze and the blush that found his cheeks when he was found to be looking at the redhead.

Iori - against his will found himself taking in the other's form under the baggy black shirt and pants: most importantly his gaze took note of the Kusanagi symbol which was on his back and the black gloves firm and protective about the darker haired boy's wrists.

Kyo kept his gaze away, watching the ground instead of anything else.

'And when is it going to be appropriate to you?' He asked, softly, then gasped finding his jaw procured by a strong hand and held up; his body freezing at the hand on his injured shoulder aswell.

Fiery eyes burned down into his own and he trembled but did not otherwise move.

'When I get what I want...' replied the other man, moving forwards to close the distance between them.

'Don't...' whispered Kyo - his tone tentative and unsure. His right hand moved up and settled itself on the other man's side, clenching the material tightly more to keep his sanity than anything else.

Iori shook his head and leaned down towards the shorter. 'Don't?' he asked then settled his lips upon the other man's, his kiss demanding and furious.

As Kyo began to react submissively, his grip slackening and dropping the other man became more dominating; his arms wrapping about the other's form possessively and holding him closer. This caused Kyo to elicit a yelp and free his mouth to the demanding tongue that crept it's way inside and began to destroy the barriers between the Kusanagi and the Hasshaku.