One thing you could always rely on in the Hyatt was the service… well…the service and the beds. Will liked the way the crisp white sheets were covered with those satin comforters. The roll pillows in the executive suite tended to fit perfectly under the curve of a woman's back enhancing the angle in just the right way. Women liked the satin; he could do without it because it made balance tricky. It was a moot point really. At the moment, he wasn't on top, and balance wasn't exactly an issue.

He already had quite a few drinks at the fundraiser, and in the office. The fundraiser's bar was well stocked, but there was nothing like the Oban single malt he kept in his desk at the office. By the third one, he had just about subdued his aching chin. Other aches needed other attention, and Tammy was a pro at servicing of those. Will was drunk, no room for doubt there. If he weren't, he wouldn't have been nearly as mesmerized and impressed that Tammy could keep her balance on that satin while maintaining the drilling rhythm she had going. Any time now that ache was going to be gone.

The hotel room and taking things beyond a flirtation with Tammy was a risk. Tammy was a flat out game player, but then again Will loved a good game. There was a sort of truth in advertising about Tammy that you had to respect. She made no presence; it was a good time with no strings. As long as you kept her entertained and didn't want commitment, it was golden. She looked like her sister, but the similarities stopped there. Tammy was assertive, sexy, and not afraid to fight for what she wanted. Not to mention she read people better than a master poker player. Her sister…well…sexy had its merits 20 years ago when all 22-year-old Will wanted was good looks and a good lay. Alicia changed that.

Dark hair and darker eyes that just looked at Will and really saw him. No line was going to fool her. He never quite had the courage to ask Alicia out, just guarded looks over study tables and longing looks clouded by the haze of alcohol at the pub. The "yes" would have been terrifying, because if she said yes, it was all over. No control, no walls, just him and her and raw feeling. It scared the shit out of Will, and at the same time tied him to her.

Will's body writhed with pending release. Twenty years of knowing what he passed up, twenty years of nothing making the grade, twenty years of being married to work, and twenty years of making do with any number of women like Tammy…

Tammy playfully rumpled Will's hair before grabbing the mangled covers to use as a robe. As Tammy headed to the bathroom she called over her shoulder, "So, you're not falling in love with me after that are you?"

Will reached for the bottle of Oban that he had brought along before answering, "Not a chance. Not a chance in hell." He was going to need another shot. Whatever the release, the damn ache wasn't satisfied.