I have re-edited this story a little, since I was fiddling around a bit.

Arthur and Merlin looked around the dingy room, and the piles of dusty junk that it held. Arthur put the torch he was holding into the nearby bracket.

"It's supposed to be down here somewhere," Arthur said.

"Good place to hide it," Merlin commented, peering under a pile of what looked like old curtains. He jumped and yelped as he disturbed a huge spider and he dropped the material down again. Dust billowed up into his face and he sneezed dramatically.

"Stop being such a girl, Merlin, just get on and find it, since it's the only way to keep you out of troubleā€¦ again."

"You'll probably get into trouble as well, running off to help your servant. Uther will probably put you in the dungeon... again."

"You're probably right," Arthur mused, picking up a pewter jug and examining the design. "I'm starting to wonder if it's not a good idea just to leave you naked in my bed one morning, for one of the other servants to find, and he can just assume I've become overly fond of you as my catamite. It might work."

Merlin spun round, watching as Arthur got bored of looking at the jug and tossed it over his shoulder, so it landed in the darkness with a clatter.

"Oh no, not a chance, you can just go to the dungeon! I'm not doing that!"

Arthur scowled, and then grinned as he started rummaging again, adding over his shoulder to Merlin. "You have to admit, it would be worth it to see the look on his face."

"Not for the look on his face when he has me executed for corrupting the Crown Prince of Camelot," Merlin snapped. "He'll just blame me! Your practical jokes are... a joke!"

Merlin clambered up to see what was on some shelving, and promptly spilled it and himself onto the cold stone floor. Arthur chuckled; Merlin gave a sneering grin back in response and started to rummage through the stuff on the floor.

"Yes, you probably would get accused of having designs on my virtue."

Merlin picked himself up while dusting his clothes off, still looking around, and he answered rudely. "I've seen the way you behave sometimes, I don't think there is much virtue to design upon!"

Arthur turned, grinning again. "There you go, most people know that, they might think that I have designs on your very obvious virtue."

Merlin glowered at him, wondering what the hell was so obvious about it.

"You can keep your hands, and other parts of your anatomy, off my virtue!"

Arthur collapsed with laughter; he carried on giggling as he opened a large wooden trunk.

"Ah ha, got it!" Arthur said, waving it in the air.

"That was lucky," Merlin said.

"Merlin?" Arthur added as he threw the item to him, and he fumbled to catch it.


"You're no fun!"