Title: Scream

Time: Twenty minutes.

Summary: A word she naturally associated with the darkness. New Days Bonus!

Disclaimer: I don't own KND… Crud.

A/N: Hmmm… Wanted to try this. This is kinda the story of the new Sonya from New Days… so enjoy!


A word she associated with the darkness. So naturally, she was afraid.


She tries to keep her cool façade in place, but it melts away quickly and she goes crazy in the dark.


She thrashes around, stuffed animals flying in the air accompanied by wrappers of cookies and cakes. And she's afraid.


The panic ebbs slowly, but it's still there, haunting, taunting, laughing cruelly at it's young victim.


A stony laugh. She craves the quiet, dark chuckle of her hero. But it never comes.


She feels about to explode, her hands are clamped to the side of her blonde hair, her back arched into a position of panic, her mouth in a small, silent scream.


The dark is too quiet. Not light the bright bustle of the day- this is quiet, just like him.


So she calms down, just enough to think clearly. To think about him again.


He is always there for her, but what if? What if he goes away?


This thought torments her, wrapping itself around her fragile heart, encasing it in a black pool of darkness.


And she gives in.


When the power comes on, she turns off the light, to relax in the coolness of the night.


Something she's never done in the dark before- smile.


It's like her opposite, this new girl. She loves the dark, craves it with a hunger so mighty, she just about pops.


She tries to fight it, to hold it back so she can really be herself.


But she lets it come eventually, lets it seep through her, turning her from a happy sunshine to a dark cloud. And finally- she's not afraid anymore.