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Kazama comes like the wind, unexpected, disturbing, she can feel the chilling air around her ankles, ears and then beneath her clothes.

He is composed and honest, as he always has been, he licks truths into her ears, the ones she's chosen to forget, about Kaoru and Kodou's betrayal and Hijikata's arrogance. In the Shinsengumi's own sanctions she listens, the trimmed blades of grass tickling her knees, as Kazama rests at a distance, leaning against the cool stones. Sometimes Chizuru thinks he is closing in, in those moments when he stumbles. She senses his voice sharpen when he talks of Kaoru and how he almost spits her father's name. It's these moments when he might as well be yelling in her ears, his breath against her cheek and his warmth against her side.

It hasn't taken many of these cold nights to understand him. She roams the headquarters when her dreams are filled with fields of flowers and her brother's wide eyes, and he comes when he does, when he wants to see her she thinks, and she stays and listens to him because the night is alluring despite the winter breeze he brings.

She has learnt that he is prideful, his voice is thickened with it when he explains to her the history of their kind. He has taken it upon himself to teach (preach) the superiority Oni have over humans, as if power would encourage her to celebrate her demon blood. He is also easily offended, but does well to mask it with confidence or detachment.

At times their conversations take a more devious turn. Amidst his tales of archaic demon wars he talks of his disgust in the growing population of half-blooded, mongrel Oni, and he speaks with distain towards those mating with humans. The only thing he seems to despise more is the cheap imitations her father created. Theirs is a race that is slowly dying, he admits to her with regret, the rarity of full-blooded females alone is cause for concern, his voice grows strained and tired but there is something suggestive behind his tone.

She hates it because she feels becomes somewhat saddened when hearing of her diminishing race. She has to remind herself that this is his game, his goal, not hers, and she cannot allow his blame to sway her decisions.

More often than not it's in his eyes, a gaze she fears, his smirk still, showing her what it is to be a monster. For a moment her stomach swims and her chest hums pleasantly, she acknowledges it as instinct, nothing more than her body reacting to his attempted seduction.

"For the glory of Oni it is our responsibility as pure demons to insure the continuation of the full-blooded line"

Her hesitation is obvious among her features, faces flash past and pierce her mind. A breeze begins to tug at the branches above her as he stands, it appears as if has mistaken her guilt for modesty.

"Those are human morals that you live by," his tongue dives out to dampen his lips, "Demon women are expected, almost encouraged to reproduce freely with whom they please, Chizuru" Lips wide, wet, eyes sharp.

The night grew colder.

I love Kazuma's character so I thought I'd write something about him and Chizuru. Hope you enjoyed, if so please let me know, if not let me know also what you didn't like or what needed improvement! Reviews make me all happy inside so anything is appreciated. I'm thinking about writing a Kazama/Maybe Chizuru fic, something very different from this however, just testing the water at the moment. Thanks for reading.