Title: What I wanted to do

Author: Not An Infant

Rating: K+

Disclaimer: If I owned ADW, I would put a serious love battle between Whitley and Denise...which, as you know, never happened.

Author's Note: I have totally lost my interest in watching Bones. The writing has become less funny, and this constant dragging plot between Bones and Booth is no longer juicy and exciting, but rather forced and cliche. Until I sense ANY kind of difference in plot, I don't think I can bear to watch it. This revelation has caused me writer's block for Alaska. You can consider it ON HIATUS until further notice. For now, I'm diving into "A Different World," one of the best sitcoms of the 90's. I love the relationship between Whitley and Dwayne, and for all women, I hope you find a man like him. For all men, I hope you have the heart to love a woman like Whitley. LOL. Here's just a lil somethin' somethin' to fill in the lonely ADW archive. It deserves a lil more respect, don't ya think? :)

What I Wanted To Do

"What I wanted to do" is what you did, and you did it with no bite of regret in your mouth. From the moment he placed that wad of green in your hands to right now, you have been opening your mind to the reality of how far he would go to spare you more trouble than he thinks you deserve. No other man would do this; then again, no other man used to wear flip-up glasses and overly colorful shirts and name their computer "Poindexter." These revelations, coupled with Jaleesa's warning earlier on today, has inspired a great sense of self-understanding in you; he is only here to love you and nurture your spirit; he is NOT here to bail you out like a father or care for your account like a bank.

He turns away from his beloved computer to look at you, and the dazed expression of amazement and gratitude, a look you have never seen from him before, is worth every single family heirloom you had to hock. You hope to erase the almost insulting shock from his face over time as you show him what a good woman you can be, now that you know better.

"Oh, baby, thank you!"

You feel your cheek muscles lift instantly at his nickname for you. You used to dislike the idea of a man naming you after an infant, like you couldn't do anything on your own, but now that you see yourself as self-sufficient from here on in, the nickname sounds more like a reward than anything else.

You don't know how to reply to his simple, loaded remark, so you just smile widely.

He steps closer, arms outstretched, and scoops you into his arms. There's nothing to you that is more comforting than the warmth and security his embrace provides.

"I'll be off to my new job in ten minutes," you whisper in his ear. "And you won't have to worry about selling anything else of yours ever again."

He chuckles and pull away slightly to look at you. "I am so proud of you, Whitley."

"Not as proud as I am of myself," you reply, truth ringing in every syllable. "I'll make sure you don't have to do anything for me anymore, so we can just...be together." You really are looking forward to having an account filled with your OWN DAMN MONEY for once, knowing it is all earned even if you are rich already.

Dwayne's smile fades slightly and his eyes pierce through his glasses.

"I'll always do anything for you, baby," he murmurs, and this love, this love that is pouring out of his voice-it's so much better than a fairytale or a movie; this is realer than money, stronger than connections, sweeter than diamonds, and when he kisses you, he proves it again and again and again with every kiss from your lips, to your chin, to your jaw, to your neck, to your shoulder...