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Nekotalia in The Aristocats
Chapter 2: Catnapped

That night Austria put the three kittens and England in a basket and drove out to the countryside where he intended to dump them off. Unfortunately for him, the best laid plans of mice and men, and all of that.

"Lithuania, hey, Liet," Poland called quietly looking for the other dog. Poland was a strangely blond colored Polish hunting dog with green eyes. Lithuania was a brown colored Lithuanian hound dog with green eyes. "LIET!" Poland called.

"What?" Lithuania said, coming out of a haystack, yawning.

"Like listen, Liet, I like hear something," Poland said.

"Oh, Poland, we bit six tires today, chased four motorcars, a bicycle, and a scooter. I'm tired," Lithuania said.

"Like be quiet, Liet," Poland said, listening carefully. "It's like a two-cylinder, chain drive, with like a squeaky wheel on the front. You like go for the tires and I'll like go for the seat of the problem."

"Why must I always go for the tires?" Lithuania asked with a sigh.

"'Cause, I'm like the leader, that's why. Now sound the like attack."

Lithuania sighed and began barking.

"Like thank you for sharing, Liet. But the world did not need to like know about your obsession with like lady undergarments."

Lithuania glared at his partner, "Oh, let's just attack already."

"Like, wait a minute, I'm the leader!" Poland waited a minute before shouting, "LIKE CHARGE!"

Austria drove the motorcycle straight towards the dogs, swerving at the last minute to miss them. Sure he was dumping a family of cats in the wild, but he wasn't overly cruel. He wasn't going to kill them or the dogs that just happened in his way. The motorbike slid down the embankment and towards a creek, bumping along the uneven ground.

He wasn't aware until later that he lost the cats at all and hoped for their sake that they hadn't landed in the stream. They weren't deserving of death, after all. The dogs chased him. Lithuania got into the sidecar at some point and Poland bit him in the butt before he managed to fall off.

For a time they even got stuck on a windmill.

Yes, stuck on a windmill spinning in air. Poland and Lithuania were very persistent dogs, if not a little dumb. Though, they did manage to separate the sidecar from the motorbike and steer both. Austria was a little dumb founded about these dogs. But after getting off the windmill, Austria managed to get on the motorbike and ran from the battle.

Poland and Lithuania watched from a pigsty as the evil butler got away, but looking at all the sweet swag they managed to get, they didn't truly mind.

As Austria left the scene of the crime, England was just waking up. Being the largest and the eldest of the four cats, he was the first to be able to shake off the effects of the sleeping pills. It was the thunderclap that woke him up, though. "Oh, where am I?" he said looking around a the unfamiliar landscape. "I am not home at all."

He got up and leapt up onto a log, calling, "Children, where are you? Answer me! America? Seychelles? Canada? Where are you?"

"Here I am, mum," Seychelles called out softly. She had woken up to find herself stuck between the branches of a small tree.

England turned to look at his daughter and immediately went over to pull her out of the tree. "Seychelles, love, are you alright?"

"I guess i had a nightmare and fell out of bed," Seychelles said with sad eyes, though she knew it wasn't true. She was just saying it in hopes that it would make it true.

"Now Seychelles don't be frightened," England said. Whatever else he was going to say was cut off as he heard a cry.

"Mum! Mum!"

"That's Canada!" Seychelles said.

"Over here, darling," England said, looking through the tall grass around the creek to try and locate the cry. "Canada, here we are. And don't worry, everything is going to be alright."

Canada was cold and wet and generally miserable, he had landed right in the pond and woke up barely able to breathe. "I'm coming, mum. I'm cold and I'm w-wet," Canada said softly.

A frog croaked.

"Mum?" Canada turned to the croak.

The frog croaked louder.

"MUM!" Canada ran across the water in the opposite direction and straight under England's front paws, shivering in fright.

"Dear, that's only a little frog," England said, looking down at his son.

"But he had a mouth like a hippolotamus," Canada said, and hearing the frog croak again, tucked himself closer to his mother.

Seychelles giggled and Canada glared at her, "What's so funny?'

"Now, now, dears. Now you just stay here, and I'll go and I'll look for America." He walked away from the two kittens, leaving them next to the basket and called out, "America! America, where are you?"

Seychelles looked around and called out, "America!"

"America!" Canada joined with Seychelles to call out their brother's name.

Behind them America pushed the curtain of the basket aside and yawns.

"America!" Seychelles called.

"Hey, what's all the yellin' about?" America asked.

"Why didn't you answer?" Canada asked

"Mum! He's been here all the time," Seychelles yelled out.

England looked up from some grass and sighed with relief and walked back to the basked, "Oh, thank goodness. Are you alright?" England promptly began licking his son's cheek making sure the kitten was truly alright.

"I was having a funny dream. Austria was in it. And we were all riding and bouncing along-" he was still half asleep, but he woke up truly when a frog croake nearby. "Frogs? Uh-oh, it wasn't a dream. Austria did this to us."

"Austria? Tsk! Oh, darling, but that-why, that's ridiculous," England said.

"Yeah, maybe you fell on your head, America," Canada teased.

Another flash of lightning and rumble of thunder startled all four of the cats, and little Seychelles curled up against her mother's body. "Mum, I'm afraid! I want to go home."

"Now, now, don't be frightened," England soothed. Another bold of lightning and rumble of thunder makes even England give a startled yelp, "Oh dear! Let's get into the basket, all of us."

All four cats get inside the basket again just as it begins to pour down rain. "What's gonna happen to us?" America asked, showing his frightened side.

"Well, dears, I-I just don't know. It does look hopeless, doesn't it?" England said, looking out the opening between the curtains with his ears further down than normal.

"I wish we were home with Japan right now," Canada whispered.

"Oh, poor Japan, he'll be so worried when he finds us gone."

Japan woke up when the thunder rumbled and sat up quickly, looking around. Upon seeing the rain he sighed in relief, "England? Kittens? Oh, my gracious! I had the most horrible dream about them. Thank goodness it was only a dream." He got up and puts on his slippers and robe and heads over to the cat bed. "Oh dear, what a terrible night. Don't be frightened, the storm will soon pass."

He opened the curtain of the bed and gasped, "Oh! Oh, no! They're gone!" He ran from the room, hoping that they had just gotten up for a nighttime stroll. "England? Kittens? England? Where are you?"

Romano ran out of his hole and looked up towards the second floor from a good vantage point at the base of the stairs.

"They're gone! They're gone!" Japan was panicking, wondering where his beloved cats were.

"England, kittens, gone?" Romano was shocked. "That's terrible! Where? Why? They're in trouble. There's so many scary things out there and on a night like this..." He took a deep breath and ran back into his burrow taking a warm rain slicker and hat before running out into the night. "I've got to find them. England! Kittens! England! Kittens! Kittens!"

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