"Indeed, Count. I am home." Alucard licked Integra's fingers. He sat for a few minutes, licking his lips, enjoying her blood.

"Is it still…?"

"Yes, master. Very much."

"I'm giving up Hellsing."


"Not right now. When I'm gone."

Alucard contemplated that, as if the thought of Integra leaving had been some sort of joke before, and now it was suddenly a reality. "Who would you be giving the agency to?"

"Sir Penwood's grandson."

"I hope he's not as spineless as his grandfather."



Integra sighed. "Seras,"

"Yes?" Seras looked as though she was about explode from happiness. Integra stepped aside, with her arm out to Alucard. Seras took a few tentative steps forward. Alucard stood up rather jerkily. "Master…"

"Ah, Seras. Police Girl. I knew you liked that uniform to give it up after 30 years." Seras blushed. "It's perfectly alright, I've already bit you." Alucard offered his hand out to her, as if to shake it. Seras looked at it, pausing, and took it. Gave a little smile, and looked him in the eye. It still had that little glint of a smirk hidden in there.

She proceeded to think of when Alucard's statement, when he had first bit her. God, that was so long ago. He had that same expression. And it had been so, so… she knelt down and cried, still holding onto Alucard's hand.

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