The Grocery Store

A man walks into a grocery store. The store only has one checkout line. The line is full but he cuts everyone one to talk to the cashier

Cashier: Sir! You have to go to back of the line.

Man: No, no. It's okay, lady. I just want to ask a question.

Cashier: I'm a teenage boy. Not a lady!

Man: (Puts hands up) It's okay. Okay? (Slowly reaches into coat and pulls out a handgun and cautiously sets it on the counter.) It's okay. I just want to buy something.

Cashier: (Eyes gun) O-oka-ay. What do you want to buy?

Man: I want to buy a sofa.

Cashier: This is a grocery store.

Man: Well, yeah but can I have a sofa?

Cashier: We don't sell furniture.

Man: I'll go check.

The man walks into an aisle where he meets a lady.

Man: Hey there.

Lady: Hey, how are you?

Man: I'm fine. Where's the sofas.

Lady: In the milky way.

Man: Cool thanks.

Lady: Haha you are welcome champ!

Man: Really. I'm a champ.

Lady: Oh really?

Man: Yeah. You just said so.

Lady: No, you did.

Man: I did? You sure?

Lady: Very sure otherwise you wouldn't have asked.

Man: You're right.

Lady: I know.

Man: I do, too.

Lady: What is your favorite food from subway?

Man: The train.

Lady: Tell me about the train.

Man: It's big.

Lady: Maybe we're just really really small.

Man: Yeah, we are small. Aren't we?

Lady: I thought we were more than friends...

Man: I just met you! (Runs out the store)