Those of you who followed my first story "Undercover" know that in the end of that story I had some things to deal with in real life and I kind of lost my inspiration to write. Now it's starting to return but being a full time student I know I don't have that much spare time to write but I'll do my best =)

This is a new story and I got the idea for this when I watched episode 7 of season 5 and this story begins in the end of that episode and then I wrote it my way.

I wrote the start of this a couple of months ago but with everything going on in my life I just kind of left it un-published cause I knew I wouldn't be able to update it regulary. I first wrote this as a one-shot but then I changed it a bit and turned it into a multi-chapter though it will not be as long as my last story.

Some of the dialog in the first chapter is taken from the episode. English isn't my first language so any grammar/spelling mistakes are all mine.

I hope you like it =)

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A New Beginning

Chapter 1

Morgan and Emily was on their way over to Gina King's house. JJ had gone to the house alone earlier to ask some questions to the girl who was a close friend to one of the victims. Little did anyone know that Gina was involved with the previous murders.

"She's isn't answering" Emily said, she was starting to feel worried.

"Keep trying" Morgan said.

"We're soon there" he continued.

Emily dialed JJ's number again but still no answer. Please pick up JJ... she thought as she held her phone close to her ear, but JJ didn't answer.

"We're here" Morgan said as he pulled the car to a stop outside Gina's house.

The rest of the team was right behind in the other SUV. Morgan and Hotch took the lead.

"JJ?" both of them called the blondes name.

"I'm in the back..." JJ said while holding her hand against the back of her head, feeling a throbbing pain from where the shovel had hit her.

Emily heard her friends voice as she and Rossi followed close behind the others. She breathed a sigh of relief when she saw the blonde woman.

"JJ?.." Emily said worried as she reached the blonde woman and helped her to her feet.

"Come on..." she said and put her arm around JJ's waist and helped her out of the building.

She lead the younger agent over to the SUV and made her sit down on the front seat while they waited for the paramedics.

"Are you okay?" Emily asked worried and put her hand on JJ's shoulder. JJ still held her hand against her head.

"Yeah... I think so... I'm just a little dizzy and my head hurts like hell..." JJ said.

"What happened?" Emily asked.

"I went to talk to Gina but she was acting really strange. I followed her out to the back and that's when I saw the containers with blood. Then as I was about to approach her someone hit me in the head and I think I blacked out for a second" JJ explained.

"The paramedics will be here soon, just hang in there..." Emily said and squeezed JJ's shoulder gently. JJ nodded and leaned her head back against the car seat.

Minutes later the team came out from the house with both the girl and the man who had knocked JJ down, in custody. Morgan walked over to the SUV where JJ was seated.

"You okay JJ?" he asked.

"Yeah... I'll be fine..." she answered and gave him a small smile.

The ambulance arrived and Emily helped JJ over to the stretcher. She wanted to follow JJ to the hospital to make sure she was really okay, but her thoughts were interrupted when she heard Morgan call her name.

"Prentiss? I need you to come back to the station with us" he said.

Emily looked at him, then her eyes found JJ's.

"I'm okay Em...you go finish off the case, I'll be fine" JJ said as if she'd read the older woman's mind.

"I... are you sure, cause I can come with you, I'm sure the guys" Emily was interrupted when she felt JJ grab her hand.

"It's alright Emily... I probably just have a mild concussion, I'm fine, really" JJ said and looked into Emily's eyes.

"Okay... see you in a while then..." Emily said. JJ squeezed her hand before she let it go.

Emily watched as the ambulance took off as she walked over to the SUV where Morgan were waiting. She climbed into the van and Morgan started the car.

"You okay Prentiss?" he asked.

"Yeah, I'm fine" Emily answered.

"and JJ?" he continued.

"She'll be fine, they just took her in for a check up" Emily said.

"Good. Let's head back and wrap this case up then, shall we?" Morgan said as he pulled out from the driveway.

JJ was half lying on the couch in the jet with an ice pack on her head. Emily gave her a bottle of water and took a seat in the group of chairs next to the couch with the rest of the team.

"Are you okay?" Emily asked and looked at the younger woman.

"Yeah, the doctor said that it'll be sore for a while, but I'm fine really" JJ said.

"Ah I feel so bad I didn't go with you to interview Gina..." Reid said as he put a blanket over JJ's legs.

"Spence stop alright, we had no way of knowing that she was going to be dangerous, she was just a friend of a victim. It's not your fault, and I'm fine" JJ said to try and reassure the young doctor that none of them could have foreseen this. Reid looked at her and nodded.

The flight home felt unusually long, Emily tried to read the book she brought with her, but she couldn't focus. She found herself reading the same line over and over. She looked up and found both Hotch and Rossi asleep in their chairs. She looked to her left and saw Morgan sound asleep leaning on a pillow against the window. She looked down to her book one more time before she closed it and put it down on the table. She leaned back and sighed loudly.

"Hey... are you okay?..." a soft voice asked.

Emily turned her head and found JJ was looking at her.

"I'm sorry, I didn't mean to wake you..." Emily whispered, careful not to wake anyone else.

"I've been awake for a while... " JJ said.

"Oh... are you okay, are you in pain?" Emily asked worried.

"A little..." JJ confessed.

"Have you taken your pain meds?" Emily wondered.

"The last one I took was a couple of hours ago, I'm guessing the effect is starting to wear off" JJ said and smiled.

"Let me get you some water" Emily said and got up from her chair to go get a glass of water.

She returned and gave JJ the glass. JJ reached out both her hands to take the glass from Emily's hand, and as she did her fingers grazed briefly over Emily's. Emily felt a shiver running up her arm when JJ's fingers brushed against hers, she couldn't help but wonder why she felt like that but she shook it of and went to sit down on her seat again. JJ took one of the pills and drank up all the water.

"Thank you..." she said and smiled. Emily smiled back.

"Try to get some sleep..." Emily whispered.

JJ leaned back against the pillow, trying to find a position that didn't hurt her head so much, and closed her eyes.

Emily watched her blonde friend sleep, and caught herself wanting to reach over and stroke her hair. She shook her head to clear her mind from what she was thinking and leaned back and closed her eyes, hoping she'd get a little sleep at least before they arrived in D.C. Five minutes later she opened her eyes and sighed. She didn't know what was wrong with her, usually she'd have no problem taking a nap on the jet after a case. It was a great way to clear your mind and relax a little. But now, she couldn't relax for some reason. And it was not like the case had gotten to her either, so she couldn't blame her tense state on that. She checked her watch for the time, 10.15 PM, they would land in about 20 minutes. She silently got up from her chair and walked to the back of the plane and poured herself a cup of coffee. Normally she tried to avoid drinking coffee at this hour but since she clearly wasn't going to fall sleep anytime soon, she poured herself a big cup.

30 minutes later the team had left the jet and was now walking towards the parking lot to their cars. Emily walked next to JJ, carrying her bag as well. She wanted to be by her side in case the blonde suddenly would become dizzy or something. The guys said goodbye and headed home. Emily continued walking JJ to her car, suddenly realizing that she couldn't let the blonde drive home by herself.

"JJ, why don't I drive you home? You really shouldn't be driving tonight" Emily said. JJ looked at her.

"Yeah, you're right...I shouldn't be driving. Thank you" JJ said with a smile.

"It's nothing, I'm glad I can help. Maybe Will could get your car tomorrow?" Emily said. JJ looked away and mumbled a silent yes and nodded. Emily looked at her, she wanted to ask if something was wrong but she didn't want to pry. She unlocked her car and put their bags in the backseat. JJ climbed into the passenger seat and fasten her seat belt. Emily glanced over to JJ's small figure leaning back against the seat. Once again she wanted to ask her if something was wrong, but she didn't. She started the car and drove away from the airport.