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Chapter 11

" JJ I really want to continue this...you and me...Look, maybe we started this whole thing the wrong way but..." she paused and put one hand on JJ's face, letting her thumb gently caress her cheek.

" but I really want to spend more time with you... like this... and maybe we could go out sometime, like on a date. That would be nice but I'm happy just being with you here, like this" Emily said and slowly kissed her again.

" So when Garcia asks what's going on I'll tell her that I'm attracted to you, and that I think you're attracted to me too" Emily started.

" Oh very attracted" JJ quickly added and smirked. Emily smiled and moved closer.

" Do I tell her we're taking things slow? Though we're not really doing that are we?" Emily asked a little flirtatious and brushed her lips over JJ's.

" Eh...no... not so much" JJ whispered against Emily's lips before she put both hands behind Emily's neck and closed the short gap between them.

Emily opened her mouth when she felt JJ's tongue sweep against her lower lip and eagerly met the blondes tongue with her own. JJ entangled her fingers in Emily's hair and nudged her back against the couch covering the brunettes body with her own. Emily wrapped her arms around JJ's slim waist and pulled her even closer, their bodies melding together. JJ moved her hands from Emily's hair down to her shirt which she started to unbutton slowly. Her mouth left the brunettes and she kissed along Emily's jawline down to her neck and continued further down placing small, hot kisses on the newly exposed skin on Emily's chest. Emily closed her eyes when she felt the tip of JJ's tongue lick a path down her chest very slowly and gasped when she felt JJ push her bra aside. JJ slowly swirled the tip of her tongue around Emily's nipple before sucking it into her mouth, eliciting a loud moan from the woman beneath her.

JJ felt Emily's hands sneaking in under her top, moving up to unclasp her bra before they grabbed the hem of JJ's top and in one swift motion pulled it over her head. Emily sat up and captured JJ's lips again and assisted JJ in the removal of own her shirt and bra then her hands started to work on JJ's pants. Their kisses became even more heated and both their bodies were screaming for release. JJ fumbled with the button on Emily's pants while Emily had already succeeded with her task and quickly pushed her hand inside JJ's underwear. JJ gasped when she felt Emily enter her and she pushed her own hand down Emily's pants desperately wanting her to feel the same pleasure she was feeling.

Emily thought she would come the second JJ touched her, she was so close but she wanted to make it last longer. Judging by the sounds the blonde were making she was pretty close too so Emily withdrew her hand then pulled JJ's hand away too which made JJ look at her questioningly. Emily kissed her again, letting her tongue swirl slowly around the blondes before she pulled away then grabbed JJ's pants and pulled them down along with her underwear. She removed her own pants aswell before she leaned down and kissed JJ again, nudging her gently back against the couch then started to kiss her way down her body. JJ swallowed hard when she realized where Emily was heading and as Emily's tongue flicked over her bundle of nerves she closed her eyes and gasped at the sensation.

If she was being honest, she'd never really enjoyed this with her previous partners. It had always been rough and not felt particulary good but now... Oh my God! Emily's tongue exploring her was like nothing she'd ever felt before and when she felt Emily push two fingers inside and twirl her tongue around her most sensitive part she exploded in the most intense orgasm she'd ever had.

She was breathing heavily trying to compose herself. Emily slowly kissed her way up JJ's body taking her time, savouring every part of her. When she kissed JJ's collarbone she felt two hands cupping her face, pulling her up to meet warm lips in a passionate kiss. JJ could taste herself on Emily's lips and this turned her on again, but first she wanted to return the favor.


Monday morning the team was gathered in the conference room but Emily hadn't showed up yet.. Hotch checked his watch again.

" Anybody heard from Prentiss?" He ask and at the same moment Emily opened the door.

" Sorry I'm late, traffic was a nightmare this morning" Emily said and it wasn't a complete lie.

The traffic had been a bit of a nightmare but that wasn't why she was late, she'd simply overslept because she had been staying up till early morning to finish the report. She hadn't left JJ's place till after midnight, painfully aware that she would have to spend the rest of the night writing that damn report. After their lovemaking on the couch they'd both fallen asleep in each others arms and had it not been for Henry waking them up with his cries, she probably would have slept until the morning. Feeling a bit panicked when she'd realized how late it was she'd quickly gathered her stuff and hurried home.

So here she was now, she'd finished the report but only got about two hours of sleep. She hoped she didn't look as bad as she felt.

" It's okay, we're just about to start." Hotch said.

Emily nodded and sat down next to JJ, that was the only seat available. JJ didn't dare to turn her head to look at the brunette. Morgan handed over his cup of coffee.

" Here, you look like you need this more than me" Morgan said with a smirk.

" Thank you" Emily said and took a big gulp, closing her eyes in enjoyment. This was just what she needed.

" Tough weekend Prentiss?" he asked.

" Not really, I just didn't get much sleep last night" Emily answered and glanced over at JJ for a split second.

" I had a report to finish and it took longer than I anticipated" she quickly added.

Emily's little glance didn't go unnoticed and neither did the slight change in JJ's complexion. Garcia raised an eyebrow when she saw their media liaison looking down at the case file in front of her like it was the most interesting thing in the world. Something was up with her two favorite girls.


After the briefing the team including Garcia, headed out to leave for the jet. They were going to Portland, Oregon to help the local police find a serial killer and rapist.

They spent 4 days in Portland and succeeded in finding the perpetrator.

On the plane ride home Emily was seated next to the window, opposite JJ and Garcia was next to JJ. Garcia was eying Emily and JJ every now and then with a little smile playing on her lips. Emily could tell the blonde tech analyst suspected something and was prepared to be dragged into her office to be interrogated the second they were back at Quantico. Her suspicions were right.


The team had been back at Quantico for about half an hour when Garcia walked up behind Emily and JJ who were standing by the coffee machine.

" Ladies. May I have a quick word with the two of you in my office?" Penelope asked and took hold of Emily and JJ's arms and started to lead them back to her office, not really giving them a chance to object. She closed the door behind them and motioned for them to sit down.

" Spill" she simply said.

" Told you so..." Emily mumbled to JJ.

" Yeah..." JJ agreed meekly.

They looked at each other and silently agreed that it was no use trying to deny anything. Emily sighed and looked at Garcia.

" What do you wanna know?" she asked.

" Something is going on between you two, isn't it?" Penelope asked but it was more like an establishment than a question really.

Emily looked at JJ again before answering.

" Yeah... something is going on..."

" I knew it! The Queen of all-knowing knows everything." Garcia said rather proud.

" Don't we know it..." Emily mumbled which made JJ chuckle lightly.

" So spill! When did this happen and how and where and how long-" Garcia was getting overexcited so Emily interrupted her.

" Whoa there, calm down. One question at a time. When? Last weekend..." Emily said.

" Sorry, I'm just so excited! Last weekend? Wow, so it's pretty fresh then. How did it happen? I mean I know you guys have been dancing around each other pretty much since Emily joined the team but then with Will and everything I thought it just sorta died out. Guess I was wrong" Garcia said with a big smile on her lips.

" Wait a minute, dancing around each other? We have not been dancing around each other since I joined the team!" Emily said firmly.

" Honey, I might wear glasses due to a visual impairment but I'm not blind. I've seen the way you two look at each other, especially when the other is not watching, not to mention the subtle touches" Garcia started, both Emily and JJ looked a bit chocked by Garcia's statement.

" Seriously? You're not aware of how much you guys touch each other?" Garcia asked.

" Uhm... no... But come on, really?" JJ said incredulously.

" Yeah pumpkin, really.Now who finally asked who out and how was the date? Penelope asked elevated and clapped her hands together.

" Well... it wasn't really like that..." JJ started, uncertain how she would continue.

" I-I mean Emily came over for dinner but i-it wasn't a date..." she said slowly.

" Oh I see, you guys skipped the main course and jumped directly to dessert?" Penelope said and winked.

Emily and JJ glanced at each other and then started to shift in their seats a little uncomfortably, both feeling like the temperature in the room increased rapidly.

" Uhm... something like that. Look, you wont tell the others about this will you?" Emily said trying change the subject.

Penelope was about to make another witty remark but looking at her two friends she decided not to, she didn't want to make her two best friends anymore uncomfortable than they clearly already were.

" Of course not. I wont tell a soul" she simply said.

" Thank you." Emily said back.

Penelope walked over to them and as the two agents rose she embraced them both in a hug.

" You know I love you guys no matter what, right?" she said.

" We know, and we love you too" JJ said sincerely.

" And I'm sooo happy for you" Garcia said and pulled back to look at her friends with a big smile on her lips.

" Thank you Pen" JJ said.

" Yes, thank you Penelope, it means a lot" Emily said.

Emily and JJ left Garcia's office and headed straight to the elevators. As the elevator door closed both women breathed out a sigh of relief.

" Well that was a lot easier than I thought it would be" Emily confessed.

" Yeah..." JJ agreed and smiled.

" I mean we both know Garcia and I honestly thought she wouldn't settle until she got the juicy details which I was SO not ready to give her" Emily said with a chuckle. JJ laughed.

" I know, I thought that too but I guess she sensed that we didn't want to discuss that matter with her and I'm really glad she wasn't pushing it" JJ said.

" So, got any plans for the weekend?" JJ continued.

" Uhm, well I was hoping to spend some time with a certain blonde media liaison if she's available?" Emily said with a smirk.

" I know for a fact that she's very available this weekend" JJ said back flirtatiously.

" How about we get some take out and go back to your place?" JJ suggested.

" What about Henry?" Emily wondered.

" He's with my parents for the entire weekend, they wanted to spend some quality time with their favorite grandson which means I get to spend some quality time alone with my favorite agent" JJ answered and winked when Emily looked at her.

" Oh I like the sound of that" Emily said and touched JJ's hand briefly before the elevator reached the ground floor and the doors opened. They walked together to their cars and then JJ followed Emily back to her condo where they spent the entire weekend together.


Since that first night at JJ's house they'd spent all their free time together and everything felt really good. More than good actually. Garcia was still the only one who knew about their relationship and they planned to tell the others eventually but right now they were both content with keeping their relationship a secret. Working together had not been a problem and though they were certain that the team would not have a problem with them being together, they were equally certain that Strauss would. Strauss was the biggest reason that they didn't want to come out, they feared she would transfer one of them to another department if she found out about the true nature of their relationship.


A month later

It was Sunday afternoon and Emily was sitting on the floor in JJ's living room playing with Henry who was laughing so much he almost tipped over. JJ was standing by the doorway watching them. Seeing the two of them together filled her heart with warmth and her feelings for Emily grew even more. She'd known for a while now that she had fallen head over heels in love with her best friend and it felt amazing.
Emily looked up and saw JJ looking at her.

" What?" she asked, puzzled by the expression on the blondes face.

JJ just looked at her, taking in every feature of Emily's beautiful face.

" I love you..." it came out no louder than a whisper and though Emily heard every word she had to make sure she'd head right.

" What?..." was all she managed to get out.

" I love you Emily..." JJ repeated, her heart beating wildly in her chest.

Emily slowly got up from the floor and stood frozen to the spot for a moment as she took in the beauty of the woman standing before her. Slowly she closed the distance between them and without hesitation she moved in and captured the blondes soft lips with her own, kissing her with so much tenderness and emotion JJ felt like she was soaring. Emily slowly pulled back and met beautiful blue eyes filled with love and Emily fell even deeper.

" I love you too Jennifer... I love you so much and I'm so in love with you..." Emily said softly then kissed her again.

JJ had never felt like this before. She never knew that this kind of happiness existed and she never thought she'd find it with her best friend. After the Will-fiasco, cause looking back it really was nothing more than a huge failure from beginning to end, JJ never thought she'd ever find someone who'd turn her world upside down and change her life in so many ways. Emily had done that, she had shown her how wonderful life could be and when she pictured her future now, Emily was what she was seeing. Emily and Henry, and she couldn't wait to start a new life together with them.