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Chapter one Peculiar Stranger

Mainframe. Such a lovely place to be. Daemon is no more due to the noble sacrifice of the benign virus Hexadecimal, the Queen of Chaos. All traces of Hex have faded throughout the net. The problem of two Bobs is no more, they only thing that is out of whack are the two Enzo Matrix's. Matrix a renegade guardian, aggressive and a very short fuse that usually resorts to the release of his anger via his trusty gun. And then there was the young Enzo Matrix, a copy of Matrix created after the system crash when Matrix left his icon on game-sprite mode. Little Enzo such a foil character to his adult self. Young, innocent, kind, and curious. But also lonely, save his dog Frisket. Poor Enzo, but what can you do when there are no sprites your age to play with.

But other then that Mainframe is a lovely system to visit. Everyone is friendly, no viruses, a few game cubes once in a while and Guardians to play the games, in other words Mainframe is completely....

"Boring, boring, BORING!" Enzo said banging his head against the table at the diner.

Cecil made his way towards Enzo. "Please do not do that Monsieur Enzo." He said. "You might damage the table."

Enzo gave himself one last hit against the table. "What am I suppose to do? Dot's busy. Bob, AndrAIa, and Matrix are in that game." Enzo said jerking his thumb towards the game cube in the distance. "And Frisket's feral so I don't have a clue where he is." Enzo said throwing his hands into the air.

Cecil looked at Enzo with sympathy for a moment then regained his proper attitude. "You either order something or give up the table for paying customers." He said in a snobbish French accent as he moved away from Enzo.

Enzo thought for a moment on rather or not to order an energy shake but decided against it, he was too depressed to eat.

Not far the crew of the Crimson Biome (with a new ship) was making its way towards Mainframe. A pair of legs hung over the side rail dangling high above the water.

"La da de, La da da, fa la la la la." She hummed to herself as she swung her legs back and forth.

"We are almost there Miss." Captain Capacitor said walking up to a female wearing a purple cape and hood.

"Thank you Captain Capacitor for bringing me along with you." She said turning his way.

"While ye did work ye way to Mainframe scrubbing the deck. I'm glad to have ye abroad." Captain Capacitor said looking out over the water as they approached Mainframe. "Forgive me for prying but why is it that ye want to go to Mainframe anyway?" Captain Capacitor asked.

"I don't know. Actually I don't know anything." She said. Although he couldn't see the girl's face he knew she was smiling in a slightly sad way. "All I know is that I woke up in a system near the outskirts of the net without a clue as to who I am or anything. The sprite who took care of me while I was out said I kept saying the name of some system, Mainframe. It was then that a search engine by the name of Maxine told me where I could find Mainframe." She said.

The Captain stared at her with his one eye, "That's a sad tale lass." He said.

"I find it more interesting than sad." Her voice purred from beneath the hood.

Enzo laid on a park bench ten yards away from the game cube. The others would be coming out soon, if it wasn't for the fact that he was half away across Mainframe when the game cube landed he would be in there with them.

"Game over." A feminine voice said as the dark game cube ascended into the sky.

"Well that was easy." Bob said as he stretched.

"Yeah what a basic user, it must have been an old game." Matrix said. AndrAIa merely agreed.

"Bob! Bob!" Enzo called as he pounced on Bob. "I thought it would take you forever to complete the game. How was it? What was it like? What did the User look like? Have any trouble?" The questions rushed out.

"Whoa Enzo!" Bob said sitting up.

A vidwindow appeared before the small group of sprites. "Hey Dot." Enzo said.

"Still planning on the wedding?" AndrAIa asked. Both Bob and Dot blushed.

"Well yes. Bob I for need you to come to the principal office Mouse and the Surfer are on their way here. As for the rest of you I need to meet Gavin on the docks." Dot said just before the vidwindow disappeared.

"Well I guess we had better get going." Bob said heading towards the principal office.

"We had better get on our way as well." AndrAIa said jumping on her zip board.

"Alright something to do." Enzo said already speeding away on his zip board.

"Please tell me I wasn't actually like that." Matrix said.

AndrAIa smiled as she turned towards him. "Exactly."

On their way towards the docks Enzo spotted Frisket chewing on a clown's unicycle as they soared over FP-Park. "Frisket let it go!" Enzo yelled. Frisket only jerked on the wheel harder.

"You had better go get him before he eats someone." Matrix said smiling slightly in his own way.

"You can catch up with us at the docks." AndrAIa said.

With a moan of defeat Enzo turned back and headed towards Frisket.

"Poor Enzo he doesn't have anyone to talk to." AndrAIa said.

"What do you mean? He has Frisket." Matrix said. "And Dot, Phong, Bob and us."

"Yes, but he needs someone has age. You know what it's like; you use to be him." AndrAIa said nodding backwards.

Matrix tried to come up with another alternative but nothing could come to mind.

Matrix and AndrAIa landed at the port to see the new Saucy Mare had already docked and the crew was unloading.

"Gavin." Matrix greeted as he approached the captain.

"Ah Enzo what a pleasure to have ye greet us. But where is Dot? I was expecting her as well." Capacitor said as he and Mr. Christopher approached the two sprites.

Matrix suppressed the sudden anger of being called Enzo. "She's busy at the principle office with Bob and sent us in her place." AndrAIa answered.

"Oh and where is the other Enzo? I have someone here I wanted him to meet. Now where is she?" Capacitor asked looking around.

"Watch out below, incoming!" Someone yelled as they heaved something over the side.

"Look out!" Matrix yelled as he pulled AndrAIa and himself out of the way of the large falling crate.

"Princess Bula watch what you're doing!" Capacitor shouted.

"Wasn't me." Princess Bula said from behind them.

"Oops! Sorry that was me." The hooded figure said leaning over the railing looking downwards for any damage.

"Ah lass there ye are. C'mon down I want ye to meet someone." Capacitor said.

The figure disappeared for a moment just before it lunched itself over the rail and with a graceful front flap landed crouched on hands and knee.

The figure stood up slowly then removed her purple hood. The first thing everyone saw was a mane of slightly short black hair stopping at the neck. Then the face of the young female sprite appeared from the shadows of the hood. Her skin from head to toe was burgundy. A pair of green eyes blinked as they adjusted to the light beyond the shadows cast over her face by the drawn hood. A pair of black-cherry painted lips smiled as she took in the area around her.

"So this is Mainframe." She said from atop the box.

"Hey you! You could have deleted us!" Matrix shouted as AndrAIa pushed him back.

The girl looked down at Matrix noticing that he existed for the first time. "I said I was sorry." She said with sincerity a pouting lip. The look of sadness was quickly gone. "Be grateful, I missed didn't I?" She asked with a somber look on her face.

Matrix's eye glowed red causing sudden alarm in the newcomer. "I'm outta here." She stated sailing over AndrAIa's head and landing her hands on Matrix's head using him to give herself an extra push.

She flipped once in the mid-air then landed on one foot and twirled until "TA-DA!" She announced holding out her arms. Some of the bystanders clapped at the girl's trick.

"That's it." Matrix growled as he grabbed his gun and aimed it at the girl.

"Matrix no!" AndrAIa shouted.

With a whirl the girl removed her purple cape and threw it over Matrix's head blinding him just for a moment. By the time Matrix removed the cape she was gone.

"Where did she go?" Matrix asked looking around just before he let down his gun.

"Don't know it seems the lass disappeared." Capacitor said removing his hat and scratching his head.

"Who was she?" AndrAIa asked curious of the stranger herself.

"Don't know. She says she doesn't remember a thing and that she had to come here." Capacitor said.

Enzo walked slowly through FP-Park with his head low and Frisket walking beside him with the unicycle wheel in his mouth.

"Frisket, I wish there were other kids here." Enzo sighed after much thought.

Frisket looked up at Enzo titling his head to the side. Suddenly his ears perked upwards and he growled with the wheel still in his mouth.

"Is somebody there? Hello?" Enzo called looking around.

"Hello." Said a voice from behind him. Enzo spun to see nothing there.

"Hello?" Enzo called again.

"Haha hello hehe." The voice giggled.

"Frisket I think we should be going now." Enzo whispered turning to walking away.

Without warning something knocked him backward onto his back. "Leaving so soon?" A burgundy girl with green eyes smiled as she sat down on his stomach.

"Um..." Enzo stuttered.

She laughed at his unease as she sat up. "I'm new here mind showing me around?" She asked.

"Grrrrrr!" A loud growl accompanied with a bark alerted the girl to Frisket's presents.

"Oh-oh," She squeaked as she quickly leapt from Enzo's chest onto her feet.

"Frisket heal!" Enzo shouted as the girl ran with Frisket nipping at her heels.

With a great leap she swung herself onto a tree branch and looked down on the barking Frisket. A deep growl vibrated from her throat causing Frisket to whimper as he stopped in mid-bark. The girl smiled revealing fang-like canines. "Let's make a deal doggy, you don't bite me and I won't bite you." She said. Frisket barked in agreement and she swung down. With a small chuckle she scratched Frisket behind his ears. "Good boy."

Enzo ran up just in time to see Frisket laid on his back kicking his leg as the girl from before rubbed his belly.

"Hi." Enzo called.

"Oh don't start that again!" The girl said standing up.

"Oh um I'm Enzo Matrix. And that's Frisket." Enzo said pointing at Frisket.

"So you do have an extended vocabulary." She smiled.

"You said you were new here, what's your name?" Enzo asked.

"That's my problem I don't know what my name is or who I am. I woke up one day without a clue; the only thing I did remember was some system called Mainframe." She said.

"Alphanumeric!" Enzo said. "How old are you?" Enzo asked.

"I think one one." The stranger said scratching her temple.

"One one, I'll be turning one one soon." Enzo said.

The stranger walked over to Enzo. "Do you think you can help me figure out who I am Enzo?" She asked spinning the bill of Enzo's hat.

"Not at all. I'll show you all of Mainframe. You'll love it here." Enzo said jumping on his zip board. "Then I'll introduce you to everyone." He went on holding out a hand to help her up.

"Tell do you know a cyclops with a short temper and a quick trigger finger?" She asked wrapping her arms around his waist.

"Cyclops? Oh you mean Matrix. That's an interesting story." Enzo began as they flew off with Frisket running beneath them.

"Down their is my sister's diner, they serve the best energy shakes in Mainframe." Enzo said heading towards the principal office.

"What's the over there?" The stranger asked pointing to the distance.

"What, oh that's Angle Isle, an old friend of mine use to live there." Enzo said.

"Angle Isle." She repeated watching as the island became smaller as they moved onward.

Everyone was in Phong's office listening to AndrAIa tell the events at the docks. "Then she flipped over Matrix's head. Gavin told that he hasn't a clue to who she is." AndrAIa said.

"And neither does she." Matrix added.

"What do you mean?" Bob asked.

"Gavin told us that she had admitted to him that she didn't remember who she was. We didn't have much time to ask her any questions." AndrAIa said glancing at Matrix.

"I say good riddance. And if I ever see her again I know it will be too soon." Matrix said.

"A girl who doesn't recall who she is or where she's from um?" Phong mused "That's an enigma."

"Oh I like the sound of that." A voice said. Everyone turned to see Enzo standing before the doorway with a burgundy girl. "Maybe I can take the name Enigma until I find out who I am." She said to Enzo.

"Enigma, well it's better then me calling you 'Hey you'." Enzo said.

"You!" Matrix shouted approaching Enigma.

"You're Matrix right?" She asked smiling as if she hadn't met him before. "Enzo has told me all about you." She said looking around the room.

One by one everyone began to greet Enigma already sensing there was something different about her. For the time she hadn't done anything abnormal but chose a name for herself, yet something about her was different.

"I am very pleased to meet you all. Enzo has told me very interesting thing about you." Enigma said.

"And Matrix has been telling us some interesting things about you." Dot said.

"Oh you mean the incident at the docks." Her green eyes dulled as she frowned. "I said I was sorry. I'm new here and I didn't mean to harm anyone." She said looking down at her feet.

Everyone felt awkward watching the girl sink in guilt.

"Oh!" Enigma's head shot up with recollection with the look of guilt was gone. "Did either one of you bring my cape with you?" She asked looking at Matrix and AndrAIa.

"Yes it's over there." AndrAIa said pointing to the couch.

"Oh good thanks for bringing it with you." Enigma said picking up her cape and rubbing her cheek against the purple fabric.

Everyone was telling Enigma about Mainframe when she yawned and rubbed her eyes. "I need to find a place to sleep." Enigma said tiredly as she leaned her head against Enzo's shoulder.

"How about Enigma stays at my place? I barely leave the principal office." Bob said. "Come on I'll take you myself." Bob walked towards the door.

"Thank (yawn) you. I guess all of that traveling worn me out." Enigma said standing. "Enzo do you think you can show me around some more tomorrow?" Enigma asked.

"Sure. Get a lot of rest because I'm taking you on Enzo Matrix's grand tour of Mainframe." Enzo said proudly.

Bob said good-bye to Enigma as he dropped her off at his apartment.

"Thank you Bob. I really do appreciate this. See you tomorrow." Enigma said closing the door.

She straitened out losing the look of fatigue. She looked around the apartment familiarizing herself to the place. She stopped to look out the window. "I guess Mainframe could make a good home. It's going to be interesting finding out who I am." Enigma smiled removing something from a secret pocket of her cape. She smiled down at the object in her hands. "Yes this is going to be very interesting."

To be continued...

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