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Chapter 4: 'Balance' is the name of the game

Matrix found himself in a small area of barren area. What little grass there was on the ground was pale brown on the dry cracked clay like ground beneath his feet. "AndrAIa? Bob? Dot?" Matrix called.

"They aren't here." A sultry voice said.

Matrix spun around to see Hex seated cross-legged on a bolder. "Hex?" He pulled his gun and aimed it at Hex's forehead. "What have you done to them?" He demanded.

Hex sighed as she closed her eyes. Without warning she kicked out her leg knocking the gun from Matrix's hands. "Nothing! Why does everyone suspect me of deleting someone? I don't recall in all my destructive rampages having once harmed anyone innocent." Hex said in her defense. "Now I came into this game because you and I need to...straighten a few things out." Hex said not quite finding the prefect words.

"You threaten certain nullification just because you want to talk! You've lost your mind!" Matrix said.

"I know and I don't miss it." Hex smiled. "Now you have a choice guardian: lose the game, or cooperate with a lowly virus. Your chose." Hex said.

Matrix groaned but did not hesitate. "My code as a guardian obligates me to win this game. So hurry up and reboot." Matrix said. Matrix tapped twice on his icon. A bright aurora of light fell over Matrix, leaving him behind no longer green but a pale fleshy color. His normal clothing was replaced with a golden chest plate.

Hex sat watching with her chin resting on her up propped fist. "May you are pale. Wait, are you wearing a dipper?" She asked pointing to a red piece of cloth wrapped around Matrix's waist underneath the armor.

Matrix sneered as he waved a large silver double blade sword through the air. He made a small grunt as a large pair of dove-like wings spread from his back.

"What in the net are you suppose to be?" She asked.

"I'm an archangel. Will you just reboot so we can win this game?" Matrix said.

"Patients guardian. I know a lot of nulls who are the way they are because they lost and game and I've never heard them complain about how they are." Hex said standing. She tapped on her icon twice. "Reboot." She said.

The bright aurora flashed over Hex the same as it did Matrix. When it had stopped it left Hex a deep red color. Her black hair more wild with small horns coming from her temples. Her clothing was very much like what she was wearing before, only her top of shorter and came with a pair of shoulder pads with three sharp spikes on each. In her hand a six-foot black pitchfork with a twisted metal shaft. A large pair of leathery reddish-black bat wings appeared from behind her. And a thin tail with a gold ring rolled from beneath the long leather skirt she wore with two splits traveling up to her waist.

Hex examined herself. "W-what! What kind of creature have I become?" Hex asked in an almost hysteric voice.

"You're a demon." Matrix smiled at the virus's fright.

"Ooh I like it!" Hex stated spreading out her wings.

"Come on; now that we've rebooted the game sprites will be after us." Matrix said.

"What game sprites?" Hex asked. Just as she said those words four small creatures with fanged teeth ran up towards them.

"What in the net are those hideous creatures?" Hex asked jumping into the air as one tried to bit her.

"Gargoyles! Destroy them and take the energy they expel into you to heal any damages or your pitchfork to recharge it." Matrix said swinging his sword once taking out one of the two the gargoyles. As the body fell the sword blazed with light as it took in the red smoke floating away from the gargoyle's fallen body. The second jumped onto his back.

"Augh!" Matrix grunted as he spread his folded wings knocking the gargoyle off. He spun around impaling the creature in the chest.

"If you say so." Hex said diving back down with the head of the pitchfork pointed downwards. The three-pronged head drove into one of the gargoyles' back as she kicked out her talon like foot scratching the other one across the face. She abandoned the pitchfork so that it could finish depleting the energy from the gray creature to drive her sharp claws into the chest of the remaining gargoyle. Her arm glowed as the gargoyle's energy flowed into her. "Mmm! That feels nice." She smiled licking her lips.

In the distance a small sound traveled to the two. "More are coming. Lots more!" Hex said. Matrix stared at her. "It's a virus thing." She explained removing her pitchfork from the gargoyle's back.

"Way too many. If we fight now the user might get ahead of us. Come on we've got to fly." Matrix said flapping his white wings flying into air.

Hex sighed and flew into air after him. "I get the feeling you are familiar with this game." Hex shouted to him.

"I've played it before. We are on the final level of the game Balance. The goal of this game is to destroy the demon Carnos, who had escaped from Hell and incased himself in a cocoon of power, before the user does." Matrix said pointing down on two pale sprite like creatures on horseback.

"Any other catches?" Hex asked flying after Matrix.

"We have to destroy him before the blood moon fully eclipses." Matrix said looking up at the shadow ever so slowly forming at the curves of the red full moon above them.

"Ooh perplexing. I think I shall create a bug like this." Hex said to herself. "What happens during the eclipses?" She asked.

"Carnos will become powerful enough to overtake heaven and hell and everything in between." Matrix said.

"Offsetting the balance of good and evil. And that's why the game is called Balance, clever. So the forces of good and evil are working together to maintain balance. The reason why I am a demon and you an archangel." Hex said.

"Yes, but no one I know has ever been a demon before." Matrix said.

"Do I have any special talents or anything?" Hex asked.

"Your pitchfork holds strong dark powers. Your greatest move is something called the apocalyptic wave." Matrix said.

"Oh, I think I'll save that up for something big." Hex smiled.

"Look up ahead, you see it?" Matrix asked pointing with his sword.

"That thing that looks like a mountain? Yeah what is it?" Hex asked squinting her eyes to see the large dark figure in the distance.

"That's the cocoon Carnos is in. But the last time I played this it wasn't so big!" Matrix called.

"You mean this game may be updated?" Hex asked elevating a brow. "So there might be something new you don't know about. Like that?" She asked pointing to black dragon like creature advancing towards them.

The creature roared as it dived at the pair. Hex plunged downwards as the beast's jaws snapped towards her. "Hex, watch it!" Matrix called. The creature turned towards Matrix at the sound of his voice. It released a screeching roar as it flew towards Matrix with its deadly claws outstretched.

"Imperial lightning!" Matrix cried out as the beast came to him. The glowing blade spat out a streak of fluorescent lightning striking the creature in the chest. With a painful cry the creature began to fall but not before it's claw torn into Matrix's wing.

"Aah!" Matrix cried out as his body fell spinning uncontrollably down towards the hard ground.

"Need a lift?" A voice asked as they grabbed Matrix.

"I thought you went on without me." Matrix said.

Hex laughed as she dropped Matrix onto solid ground. "Megabyte would have done something like that. Not me, I prefer to see your life in shambles by cause of my own hands." Hex said landing beside Matrix.

Hex looked at his near missing wing. "Well now that your wings are clipped I guess we're walking from now on. Or until we find one of those minion things for you to drain." Hex said.

Matrix sneered at Hex, first she saved him and now she was actually making sensible subjections. "As far as we flew we should still have a good lead over the User. Come on I'll lead." Matrix said.

It seemed as if the two had been walking for minutes. "Except for young Enzo you Matrixs irk me." Hex said tiring of the ongoing silence.

"What do you mean by that?" Matrix asked not looking back towards the virus.

"Your sister is afraid of change, and the fact that she cannot control everything. So she secured herself in a schedule and making herself financially independent." She said walking behind Matrix.

"How is she afraid of change?" Matrix asked.

"She's getting married to Bob." Hex said.

"What?! But she loves Bob. You are making sense!" Matrix said.

"You sound surprised that I don't." Hex chuckled. "What I meant is that when she had to chose between Glitch Bob as you called him, and Bob she choose Bob because he was what she was familiar to. Instead of treading the path least traveled." Hex said.

Matrix humped as he continued to walk on. "All in all you are both cowards." Hex said.

Matrix stopped in his tracks and spun around to face Hex. "Me? I have nothing to be afraid of." He said.

"No?" Hex asked she eyebrows lifting. "You shoot first ask questions later, fearful that you may have been wrong. You fear that your first impression of someone was in the wrong. Everything is in black and white for you isn't it? Right and wrong, no shades of gray, red, blue, and nothing in between. Your aggressiveness is your weakness! You fear secretly in your heart that you aren't a protector but a killer!" Hex stated.

"AH! STOP IT!" Matrix yelled placing his sword to Hex's neck.

Hex moved closer so that the blade dented her skin. She closed her eyes and began, "And though you be done to death, what then? If you battled the best you could, if you played your part in the world of men, why, the Critic will call it good. Death comes with a crawl, or comes with a pounce. And whether he's slow or spry, It isn't the fact that you're dead that counts. But only, how did you die?" Hex recited a poem she had heard infecting the net.

"I said stop it!" Matrix said.

Hex opened her green eyes. "Are you angry because I am right? Have I tapped into your fears guardian?" Hex asked smiling "Do you fear guardian that perhaps you may fail to protect those who are counting on you? Do you fear that you are the monster all along and not I?" Hex asked.

Matrix turned away sheathing his sword. "Since we are talking about fears what about yours?" Matrix asked.

"Besides the fear of more boy band with girlish voices and Mike reproducing. I fear order and stability. But since nothing will ever stay stable or in prefect order I have nothing to fear." Hex smiled.

Matrix released the gargoyle's neck allowing it's drained body to fall to the ground.

"You must be feeling better now." Hex said.

"We're almost there. C'mon the sooner we finish this the better." Matrix said.

"Do you actually hate us viruses that much?" Hex asked sensing the scorn in Matrix's voice. "How is the net did little Enzo become you?" She asked taking to the air.

"It was because of you and Megabyte that's how." Matrix said.

"I have changed guardian. You saw with you own eyes when I fought Daemon, sacrificed myself to stop her and save everyone. Does that not give me some credit?" Hex asked.

"Not as far as I'm concerned." Matrix said flying after her. "Life would be much better without viruses."

Hex stopped dead in her motions only her leathery wings flapping to keep her afloat. "Is that how you truly feel?" She asked.

"That's how a lot of people feel." Matrix said.

Hex frowned almost the same as her mask would do minus the tear. "Then I will not stay where I'm not wanted. I'll make sure you win this game, and when it goes I'll go with it." Hex said.

"Yeah right like I trust the word of a virus." Matrix said.

"Honest." Hex said. "You all see me as a danger. Perhaps I am. I care very much for young Enzo. Besides Scuzzy he's the first real friend I've had. I don't wish to cause him any danger." Hex said.

"I'll believe it when I see it." Matrix scoffed flying on.

"Is it just me or is it getting darker?" Hex asked looking around.

"We're getting closer." Matrix reported pointing to the cocoon before them. As those words spilled from Matrix lips a low rumbling sound drifted through the air.

"He's hatching!" Matrix called out.

They looked down to see a red skinned beast with six massive arms emerge from the cocoon. It slowly began to open its large mouth revealing three rows of teeth and release a awful cry.

"Do you see the crystal on its head?!" Matrix asked.

Hex looked over the massive face to see a black tear-shaped crystal embedded in the brow. "Yes I see it!"

"We have to destroy it before the moon eclipse!" Matrix said pointing to the almost completely overshadowed moon. "We don't have much time!" Matrix said bringing up his sword and charging forward.

"Um?" Carnos grunted as he saw the two. One of his six arms quickly rose into the air smacking both Hex and Enzo downwards.

They both landed roughly on their feet. "How do we destroy the crystal if he can just swat us away like that?" Hex asked.

"It's his only defense, but effective." Matrix said.

Hex looked around. "Do you hear that?" She asked.

"Hear what?" Matrix asked about to attack again.

"I hear minions and horses." Hex said pushing her hair away from her ear.

"The User! We have to hurry!" Matrix yelled.

Hex frowned. "Matrix, when you get back tell Enzo I'm sorry, but I won't be on time to play." Hex said.

"What?" Matrix turned in time to feel the pitchfork slam down on his right wing. "Aaah! What have you done!" He demanded as Hex ran off towards Carnos.

Hex flew into the air high above Carnos and the User. She circled once targeting the crystal. 'I'm making a nasty habit of this sacrifice stuff.' She thought to herself. 'Oh well I died once before and that wasn't too bad.'

Hex dived downwards with the pitchfork before her like a lance. "Apocalyptic wave!" She screamed charging up her pitchfork.

Carnos turned at the sound of Hex's cry. He swung a hand to bat her away but Hex cut it away at the wrist. "I won't be beaten!" She cried as she impaled the crystal with the pitchfork.

The surface of the crystal cracked then exploded catching Hex in the wave.

"Hex? HEX!" Matrix called when he saw her body pitched backwards. He ran to her ignoring the dying minions around him. "Hex?" Matrix scooped up Hex's battered body. Her wings were torn and broken, one of her horns was gone, and a small stream of blood flowed from her mouth. "Hex?" Matrix shook her.

"Re-remember what I told you to tell Enzo." She smiled her green eyes barely opened. Her eyes closed as her body went limp. In the distance Carnos screamed in pain as the moon eclipsed and his body disappeared in a trail of vapor.

"Game over." The female voice said. "Game over."

"Thank the net they made it!" Dot cried out as the game cube ascended into the sky.

Everyone ran over to see Matrix standing alone. "What happened?" AndrAIa asked.

"Where's Hex's?" Enzo added.

"She she died in the game." Matrix said looking down at his hands Hex had once been in.

Enzo's eyes began to tear. "No, it can't be." 'It's all their fault.' He thought. 'Hex wouldn't have gone into the game if not for them.' Enzo turned and ran off not caring to hear the details of the game.

"Enzo?" Bob asked watching him run off.

"No, he needs to be alone." Matrix said. Everyone stared unbelieving at Matrix. "Trust me." He said.

Once again Enzo with head hung low walked down FP-Park with Frisket walking along side him. Frisket's ear perked up as he let out a happy bark.

"Is somebody there? Hello?" Enzo called looking around.

"Hello." Said a voice from behind him. Enzo smiled and spun to see nothing there.

"Hello?" Enzo called again.

"Haha hello hehe." The voice giggled.

Enzo turned to walk on. Without warning something knocked him backward onto his back. "Leaving so soon?" Hex smiled as she sat down on his stomach.

"Hex!" Enzo shouted pulling her down to hug her.

"Didn't Matrix give you my message? I said I was going to be a bit late." Hex smiled.

"But Matrix said you were dead." Enzo said.

Hex smiled. "Don't you know by now young Enzo? Chaos will always prevail." Hex smiled planting a kiss on Enzo's forehead.