Author's Note: Warnings for this story include graphic mentions of torture, blood and a lesbian central relationship.

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Bella could feel the fire racing through her veins - but it wasn't the type of fire that she wanted to feel, it was the type of fire that meant that her blood was rushing out of her body and pooling on the ground underneath her. She could feel it as the wetness spread up the back of her neck, soaking her hair in the red crimson liquid which would dry and cause the blood to knot the fine mahogany brown strands. The brunette felt the fire burning inside her - she could feel it pushing the fear out of her mind and so she struggled to open her eyes.

Above her the blonde haired man stood, his face a mask of pure pleasure and elation because he was enjoying the pain that he saw on the brunette's face. It was what he lived for; the pain and then the pleasure that came after it.

"Do you think he's going to come and save you now? You're knight in shining armour?" James taunted the girl, his lips curving into a smirk as she pushed herself up the wall, glass shards digging into the palms of her hands and causing them to bleed heavily.

"Why would he come?" Bella questioned lightly, a smile spreading across her lips as she looked up at the man in front of her. Her head was cocked to the side as she took in the expression on the man's face, "Edward didn't agree with me, with my plan, so I suppose this is my punishment."

"What a sad little tale." James murmured softly, "Why don't I believe you?"

Bella laughed, the hollow sound rattling the frames of the mirrors scattered around the room of her old dance studio. This place had been like hell when she had first gone there, dancing ballet even though she held no interest and only minimal talent and now she was going to die there - somehow it was fitting. She liked the way that the mirrors reflected the sunlight pouring in from the ceiling skylights because it highlighted the unusualness of what James was, and made it clear to her that she wasn't crazy and nor had she imagined everything.

The brunette gasped with pain, the vampire had leapt forward and now his hard unforgiving hand was on her shoulder, retching her upwards until she was standing on her feet only to pick her up and through her the length of the studio so that she impacted the mirror at the end and slid to the ground. Idly she watched as the man lent down and placed a hand in the pool of her blood, bringing it up to his mouth and swiping his tongue across it and shivering.

"You know I didn't know what it was about you at first, I thought she smelt better, but now, when I've spent more time around you I can say that you have the most alluring scent that I've ever encountered, it is truly marvellous Isabella." James murmured softly his head cocking to the side as he smiled in an almost feral fashion at the brunette. "Too bad I'm going to make sure that no one smells your blood ever again."

"Pity," The brunette mumbled in reply, her eyes were fogging over even as she tried to keep her gaze on the man in front of her. The adrenalin was starting to run down in her system and now the burn was taking over everything that she felt. It was overpowering and all encompassing, but James refused to allow her to descend into her madness and instead paced towards her, his smirk still in place when he leaned down beside the brunette and whispered in her ear.

"I'm going to make you feel something." He whispered softly, "I'm going to make you feel the burn, the burn that you pretended that you wanted from the boy, but I'm not going to allow you to transform. You'll feel the burn and then I'm going to suck it out, only to start again. I'm going to keep doing it until it kills you."

A whimper slipped out of the brunette's throat. Now she wished that the Cullens would come, even though she knew that she had been forsaken, she wanted them to come and find her and take her away from all the pain that she felt. She'd broken Edward's heart but she wondered if that meant they were willing to let James break her body and kill her.

Bella could feel the unneeded breaths that the man was taking fanning out of her neck, the cuts that were already there from the glass of the mirrors burned painfully when his breath passed over them, but the girl refused to show the pain that she was feeling and instead clenched her jaw making the pain throb through her cheeks. James chuckled low in the back of his throat as he nuzzled the side of her neck, "You know you shouldn't even bother to think that someone is going to help you, I'm sure that Victoria is keeping the others busy up in Alaska."

"Fuck you," The brunette mumbled softly, her nails slicing through the palms of her hands as she spoke trying to keep herself from falling into unconsciousness.

"But that wouldn't be any fun for me." James murmured, moving his face away from the girl's ear and moving his nose along her skin until he found and hard throb of her pulse. "My, this is strong; I'm surprised with the amount of blood you've already lost."

"Go to hell..." Bella's voice was weak but the sentiment was felt throughout the girl's body giving her enough strength to press up on the man's shoulders feebly. If the Cullens saw her she didn't want them, want her, to see her not fighting. This was her mistake.

"Only if you come with me," James replied, his teeth digging hard into the side of her neck, tearing at the skin hard.

One moment everything was fine and the man had his face pressed against the side of her throat, the next moment fire was burning through the brunette's body - spreading from the cut on her neck, settling into her lungs and her heart, each thud burning more painfully than the last. Bella's fingers tangled in the shirt hanging from James's shoulders, using it to anchor her body as she trashed on the ground, the man didn't mind the move and instead used the closeness of the girl to move down her frame, nibbling at the side of her neck as he went. Venom rushed around the girl's blood stream, polluting her pure blood with the dirtiness of the venom - but the man didn't care at all and in fact he delighted in the look of pain on the girl's face.

"I really thought one of them would have appeared by now." James murmured to himself, smirking at the brunette, enjoying the way that her neck arched back and her jaw clenched, the tendons and muscles in her neck almost popping out of her skin as she clenched her muscles.

The blonde man moved his mouth down his hand tearing at her top so that he could gain access to the flesh of her chest - he knew that there were blood vessels at the surface of her skin there, vessels that fed almost directly into the heart but he bypassed them only nipping at the capillaries and filling them with venom. The man tore one of the girl's arms away from his shirt and held it out to the side, holding it straight enough that he could find the veins on the inside of her elbow and dig his teeth into them, tearing at her flesh and introducing more venom to her system.

Bella legs trashed out underneath the man, her knees hitting his stomach and sliding along the ground underneath him. His tongue flicked out across her skin, taking in a droplet of blood that pooled on the surface and threatened to run down her flesh and onto the floor. "We don't want any of this to go to waste now do we?" The man murmured softly, his trade mark sickening smirk spreading across his lips as he spoke.

"Fuck off James," Bella mumbled softly, incoherently trashing her head to the side, knocking it back against the ground prompting the pain to spark behind her eyes.

"Ah, ah," James pressed down on the girl's shoulder restraining her from moving anymore, "We can't have you doing that you'll mess up my little experiment and that wouldn't be any fun now would it?"

The brunette barely noticed the man any more, her vision blurring around the edges quickly and the darkness moving in from all sides - she could feel the coolness spreading throughout her limbs replacing the burn of the vampire's venom. She hated the way that she could feel his lips sliding along her skin but he wasn't doing anything more that playing with her like she was his lunch - which the girl realised to him she was.

"You know, I can't believe you're not screaming by now, most people are when they're this far, I wonder just how far you can go?" James murmured softly, wrapping his arm around the brunette's back and pulling her upwards enough that he was able to shimmy down her body and settle in from of the crook in her knee. Blood vessels clumped together around the back of the knees, which was exactly the place that James tore into this time, plunging his teeth directly into her flesh and tearing away at it. Bella's blood slid down his throat, sating the monster that rose inside him at the taste of the girl. This was what he loved - the flavour of the blood in his mouth and the way that it dribbled down his chin when he drank.

As the man sucked the venom that he had worked into her system was slowly draining out of her - not enough that she noticed the different in the way that the burn was spreading, but enough that it took away the helpfulness of the pain that she was facing. Her mind was becoming clearer the more that he drank, he could sense it in the way that her heart beat was steadying and her eyes were gaining more of the light that they seemed to hold normally, he wasn't sure if he liked to see the live coming back into the girl beneath him.

"You know that I am going to kill you before the end of our time together don't you?" James asked the girl softly, caressing the side of her face as he turned her head so that she was looking more directly at him. "You know that this is only going to end in pain for you? Even if they come, you'll die."

"They're not coming." Bella mumbled to herself softly, shaking her head. "I told him not to come, I don't care, and I told him that I never loved him."

"I'm sure one of them will follow you, you're their little pet Isabella." James murmured softly, a smirk spreading over his lips, "I wonder if the one that got away will come for you, now that would be ironic."

"Don't you dare hurt Alice." Bella mumbled softly, biting down on her bottom lip to get the man to go away, she didn't need to know what the man was saying, she didn't need anything that he was going to offer her, because it didn't matter, she had her memories.

"I wasn't going to hurt her; you've done enough of that all by yourself Isabella Swan. I just wonder if she is going to come."

The man paused for a moment before turning his head slightly and dipping his chin down so that he was above the other knee, "This is going to hurt, but I don't think either of us cares, do we Bella?"

"Don't, don't call me that."

"Oh, sweet little Bella thinks she can tell the big bad vampire what to do, isn't that so cute." James laughed, biting down hard on the skin behind the girl's knee cap, tearing through the muscle and the ligaments that held her knee together as he did so and sucking more of her beautiful blood out of her body. Bella screamed loudly as the pain began to overload her mind, but then a moment later the image of Alice in her head whispered for her to be quiet and relax - everything was going to be alright it said, it was all going to be over soon.

James watched as the hope rose to the surface of the brunette's eyes and he wondered what she was seeing, whether she was seeing the vampire that she loved inside her mind, or whether she was going crazy with the amount of blood that she had lost. By this time all his other victims had been begging for their lives, and he was laughing at them with their blood dribbling down his chin he laughed and drank the last of their sweet life liquid. But Bella was laying there, her veins open to his mouth because she didn't care any more about the pain and she didn't care that he was here to eat her alive, she literally didn't care about her own life anymore and he didn't understand that.

James dug his teeth down into the soft skin on the underside of her thigh and sucked on it hard, infusing it with more of his venom pumping it around her system because that was what he wanted to.

The man smirked down at the girl underneath his body; he could see the way that her heart was raging underneath the skin that covered her chest, how it was pumping the blood around her body but it literally burned the muscle as it went passed. He could hear the thumps getting louder and closer together as the brain tried to understand what was happening to the body around it, he knew that she could feel the venom working inside her skin now, he knew that she felt the burn underneath her skin but instead of screaming her mouth was locked tight and she was breathing heavily through her nose.

She was trying to resist the urge to call out to the heavens, and she wasn't begging for him to get it over with, instead her body was trashing around on the floor as if this was all that she wanted, this pain and this punishment. "You are a strange one Isabella Swan." James murmured softly, his eyes lighting up as he stood over her, looking down at the carnage that was now her body and delighting in the way that she bled all over the floor of the studio that he had brought them to. "A very strange one."

Bella's eyes flashed with pain as she stared up into his red orbs; she could imagine them when they had been blue, because she knew that he had blue eyes when he was human, but she also knew that they had been the same kind of eyes that he had now, and they were cruel even when he had been human. She could feel the distress that her heart was going through, now heavy it felt inside her chest and the way that it ached when she was trying to breathe, moving her lungs up and down underneath the heart muscle, she could feel the pain blossoming inside her body.

Clean white teeth dug into her bottom lip, making it bleed around the incisions that her sharp canines were making. The pain and the burn were as overwhelming as the Cullens had told her that it was going to be. They had warned her about this pain but she just hadn't believed them when they told her what it was like, she hadn't believed the stories that they told when they said that they had tried to kill themselves to get away from the burn because they were beautiful and gorgeous and she wanted that more than anything she wanted the perfection. Bella had thought that she was prepared for the burn, but in reality she knew that all she was prepared for was what came afterwards, and now she knew that for her afterwards was the calm darkness that around wrap around her when James had enough of torturing her and finally lost himself to the beast that lay inside him and drained her dry. She knew that was going to happen, she had known that it was going to happen the moment that she had decided that she was going to save her mother instead of herself.

Idly the brunette wondered if Edward was going to blame her for her own death, she should have known that the man didn't have her mother, it was the type of stupidity that just didn't happen, but still it made her question why she was going out with the boy in the first place. He didn't understand that about her, and now she was glad that she had told him that she didn't love him. She was glad because now she didn't feel guilty that when her blood was rushing out of her body and she was dying it wasn't Edward that she was thinking about. It was Alice. It was always Alice that she thought about when there was nothing else to occupy her mind, because Alive was the one that she had fallen in love with. Alice was the one that made her heart thump inside her chest.

Bella's vision clouded over the more that she tried to concentrate on the man in front of her to the point that she knew there was no way she was going to live past that day.

The brunette heard a loud crash at the other end of the hall, and then she felt James standing up front her - she could hear someone else's footsteps as they sped across the floor towards where she was laying, and James's laughter as he stood over her. Bella's eyes struggled to open through the pain; darkness blooming over her vision as she tried to see through the cloud of pain. A head wavered in her eyesight, a head that head spikey black hair covering it, a head that belonged to a female body. A head that belonged to Alice Cullen's body.

"Alice," Bella whimper quietly, her hand reaching out across the floor towards where the raven haired vampire was standing.

"Aww, happy to see your little lover?" James teased softly, a smirk spreading over his lips as Alice's eyes snapped from Bella towards him before returning to the brunette.

"I'm surprised it took you this long to find her, I was expecting you to be here sooner, though I can't say I regret the fun I've had with the girl." James spoke softly, his voice gentle sounding as if it would blow away in a soft afternoon breeze. "Still I don't think there is anything you can do now to save the poor girl, too much blood loss and broken bones."

"You bastard." Alice growled, leaping towards the blonde haired man and latching her arms around his neck, clawing her fingers into the side of his throat moving faster than he could comprehend. "You're dead."

James didn't get a chance to reply before his head was ripped clean from his shoulders and thrown over to the other end of the studio. Alice leapt off the man's body as soon as she could and raced across the floor towards the brunette, she could see her fingers scrambling along the ground from where she had been standing with James. However the closer she got the better view she had on the brunette's condition; James had been torturing the girl.

Alice's sharp eyes could see the damage the man had been speaking about. The cuts that littered Bella's flesh the blood that soaking through the floorboards of the studio and pooling around the girl. However more keenly than that the girl could see the bite marks that cut into the brunette's flesh - the places on the side of her wrist, and her knees that had been ripped apart, as well as the spot on the side of the girl's neck that had been ripped apart by the blonde haired vampire's teeth. A growl gurgled up Alice's throat as she took in the scraps of the vampire's teeth that were displayed on the brunette's flesh.

"Be careful Alice," A hand was placed on her shoulder gently, her eyes following it up to meet her father's face before she looked back towards the brunette.

"Is she going to be alright?" Alice asked softly, her hand reaching out almost fearfully towards the dark haired girl.

"She can't survive like this, the venom is racing throughout her body - it's thick from his teeth and the blood she's lost. She'll die unless more venom is pumped into her." Carlisle replied, already looking over his shoulder towards the bronze haired boy that had been the girl's boyfriend. "She doesn't have a life any more as a human, but as a vampire she does."

"I saw it, I still see it. Someone has to change her."

"No!" Edward growled loudly, "If you change her you'll be damning her for eternity. Let her die, its better."

Bella whimpered her hand reaching out towards Alice's so that she could tangle her fingers through the vampire's, "I want..." Her voice trailed off as a scream rose up inside her chest.

"Shush, shush," Alice whispered softly, leaning down beside the brunette's head and pressing her lips to a clean section of the brunette's forehead. "She's always wanted to be one of us Edward, and since she broke up with you, it's no longer your choice whether or not we do this."

"How did you know?"

"I saw it, remember?" Alice replied, pointing towards her head with a sorrowful smile, "I saw that she told you who she loved as well, and I want her to be able to tell me herself one day."

"What about Jasper?" Edward asked, a grimace spreading over his lips as he remembered the time just before the brunette boarded the plane to Phoenix.

"Jasper wants me to be happy; Jasper has always wanted me to be happy. He felt my happiness and love when she first arrived at school because I already knew, and you; you muscled in and stole the girl that belonged to me before she even had a chance to meet me." Alice replied, "She is my mate."

"Do you want me to do this?" Carlisle asked softly, placing his hand down on top of the pixie vampire's.

"Stop me?" Alice asked softly before leaning down and placing her mouth against the unbroken side of the brunette's throat and digging her fangs through the surface of her flesh. She heard the skin ripping underneath the pressure of her mouth before she felt the blood leaking into the warm cavern past her lips. She swallowed almost painfully as she took in the brunette's blood, pushing as much venom as she could into the wound. "Live." She urged the girl underneath her as she kissed her way to another blood vessel on the brunette's body, choosing the one on the inside of the girl's wrist and plunging her teeth into her flesh.

Alice sucked hard for a moment before she left her mouth there, allowing her venom to leak into the girl's blood system. She pulled away and pressed her lips to the girl's shoulder softly, trailing kisses up the side of her throat until she was over her jaw where she pressed a gentle kiss to the side of the brunette's lips and pulled away totally.

Alice eyes concentrated on the blood that still leaked from the wounds that covered her Bella's body - in places she could see where James had literally ripped away the flesh from the girl's body as he tortured her. "I should have arrived sooner," She murmured softly to herself.

"There was nothing you could do Alice, she didn't want you to see her," Carlisle whispered softly, placing his hand comfortingly on the raven haired pixie's shoulder.

"What are we going to do about him?" Emmett asked, cracking his knuckled as he looked over at the headless but still alive body of James.

"We're going to dispose of him." Alice replied softly, standing up from her position kneeling beside the brunette. "He tortured her Emmett, he tortured her because she was stronger than him, and he couldn't break her. We're going to let him burn for that."

"Good." Emmett murmured softly stalking down the length of the studio and picking up James's head and gripping it tightly in his large hands, squeezing it tightly as he brought it over to the man's body. "Someone got a lighter?"

"Sure." Jasper replied, reaching into his pocket and drawing the little device out. He had been part of the military after all it was his job to be prepared for things such as this, though looking down at the mahogany haired girl he wished more than anything that he didn't have to be - because he knew that his was hurting Alice, and he while he could take the knowledge that his wife didn't love him, he couldn't take the knowledge that something was hurting her. "Alice, you do it, we'll collect some wood."

Alice caught the lighter the blonde threw in her hand, wrapping her fingers around it as she looked down at the brunette beside her. Bella's back was arching against the pain that was flowing around her body, but the brunette's lips were locked tight and amazingly she was as quiet as a mouse. "You're strong." Alice murmured softly, smiling shallowly once before moving to stand by the blonde haired vampire's headless body.

Emmett stood for a moment, watching as Alice scanned the body before he nodded to her and edged over towards James, gripping him by the shoulders and waiting for Rosalie and Alice to each take an arm, three seconds later the torso was arm less and Jasper was kneeling on the floor, gripping the man's legs ready for Emmett to pull up on the man's body. The brown haired vampire smirked almost evilly as he tugged upwards, laughing to himself at the tearing sound that James's clothes and flesh made as they were separated. The man's limbs were thrown into a pile, wood and his ripped clothing in the middle while his head was placed on top. "Goodnight," Alice whispered softly, smirking as she flicked the lighter switch and watched the little flame burst into life, lowering it to the man's clothing and waiting for it to take light.

Smoke bellowed for the clothes as soon as the flames took a hold, and soon the man was burning nicely, purple flames bursting from around the body and licking at the floor and ceiling. "Alice, we have to get her out of here soon. The smoke isn't going to do anything for her lungs." Carlisle called over to the girl who had been staring into the purple flames.

Idly the raven haired girl nodded, her feet carrying her over towards the brunette quickly, her arms sliding underneath the brunette's knees and around the back of her shoulders as she lifted her gently into her arms. "Where are we heading?"

"Back to our house, she can't change here." Carlisle replied, "It'll be hard on her body, but it's the best bet for her having a good change."


It took the vampire five hours to run from Phoenix to Forks, all the while stopping to check on the brunette's condition and scouting ahead for the crimson haired partner of the vampire they had killed. In the distance they had seen the rest of the studio bursting into flames even as fire-fighters struggled to get the blaze under control, the smoke had bellowed up into the sky clouding it with blackness but the purple of the vampire wasn't visible amongst the other colours in the smog.

Walking into her house the petite vampire bypassed the other rooms and went straight to her bedroom, laying Bella down in the middle of the comfortable sheets and placing her body down beside the girl, wrapping an arm around her shoulders and kissing her softly on the forehead when a whimper was ripped from the brunette's throat.

"How long do you think it will be?" Alice asked softly, tilting her head back so that she could look at her father.

"That depends; I think she was already beginning to change before we found her, and he'd had her for a while..." Carlisle trailed off, looking at the brunette's current state and the rate at which her heart was pumping. "I'd say no more than forty eight hours, but that is a guess, she's lost so much blood that it might be sooner and yet at the same time it might take longer."

"Alright," Alice murmured softly, kissing Bella's forehead against as she nuzzled her face against the girl's throat.

"You should feed." Carlisle spoke softly to the raven haired vampire. He knew that she would be extra protective of the girl now that she was unable to defend herself, as it was with mates - watching over Bella now was the only way that Alice could protect the girl. The blonde haired doctor knew that the vampire's instincts had only been made worse by the fact that the brunette had been attacked before she was changed, so she was all that more fragile than she would have been before.

"I can't leave her Carlisle." Alice replied, gently stroking the hair away from Bella's forehead before she leaned down and kissed her smooth pale cheek, "I can't and you won't make me."

"But you have to feed, with her bleeding everywhere even I feel the burn." The doctor urged approaching the side of the bed only to stop in his footsteps when Alice rounded on him and growled loudly.

"I'm not moving."

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