Author's Note: Hello there Peeps, now I do have one thing to apologise for. I'm not exactly sure where this story is going! I think I know, but I'm not entirely sure. So the updates may not be exactly fast. But I'll try! Do please enjoy. ;)

A hand froze in mid-air, fingers reached out to touch the pale skin of the prone body's cheek, fingertips twitching slightly as they tried to reach out further towards the smooth expanse of the girl's soft skin. The raven-haired pixie knew that if she were to touch the ashen skin it would be cold to even her touch, the girl's body having mostly shut down at this point before it was to be restarted, but even then, the girl knew that the skin would be soft to her touch. However, the pixie's ears prickled, sensing that something had changed within the dark mahogany haired girl's body, her enhanced senses strong enough to pick up the slight change in the rhythm of the girl's heartbeats. While the strong muscle was still thumping inside the girl's chest Alice knew that the change wasn't yet complete, but now that the heart was slowly down, the gap between each one of the contractions growing longer, Alice knew that it wouldn't be much longer before Bella's eyes slid open.

The raven-haired vampire had been forced to listen to the sound of the girl's heart struggling to continue to beat for most of the previous day, however, during that time the problem had been that the cardiac muscle had been overwhelmed with the adrenalin running throughout the human's bloodstream that caused it to beat too rapidly. Now the muscle was slowing its pace, allowing itself to fill with more blood before every pump, but the contractions themselves were growing further apart and weaker. While the pixie vampire hadn't been present at any other occasions where someone was turned, she knew the signs that she was looking out for, that the slowing of the girl's heart was the first.

"It won't be much longer now," The girl whispered softly to herself, though she knew that the words weren't loud enough to travel to any of the other members of her family. The raven-haired girl hadn't left her human friend's side since the change began to overtake her, even when they were racing away from Phoenix through the desert she had run with the taller girl cradled in her arms, growling whenever another member of her family tried to take the girl away from her. However, the raven-haired girl knew her family well enough to understand that most of them were just as concerned from the beautiful brunette girl as she was.

It hadn't taken long for her eldest sister to be forced out of the Cullen household by the smell of the prone brunette's blood hanging in the air. The scent of the blood thick in the air clogged all of her family's senses; the burn was almost too much for the small vampire to withstand, though she knew that she could if it meant that she could remain at Bella's side. However, even Rosalie who had distrusted and loathed the human's inclusion into her family before James' attack on the girl was concerned with her change. The blonde haired girl never straying far from the edge of the clearing surrounding the Cullen household, tinkering with her cars every now and then before sighing and moving onto something else, unable to remain on one task for long.

Throughout the clumsy human's change the girl had been silent, her lips locked together almost as if they had been glued together with super glue and she was unable to part them. The sounds that bubbled up through the girl's chest never made it further than the back of her throat in their bid to escape because the girl always clamped down on the pain and pushed it back. Alice could tell when the girl was actively suppressing a scream because her body would lock up and her hands would clench at her sides, at those moments the vampire swore that she could feel her own heart wrenching inside her chest. Her pale cold hands reaching forward and gently caressing the human's forearm in a bid to calm her.

For the moment, Alice sat perched on her heels next to the brown haired girl's hip, her hand gently caressing the girl's forearm with the very tips of her fingers, ready at a moment's notice to leap forward and pin the girl's arms down at her sides. While Bella was not making much noise, her body trashed around on the bed in a bid to release some of the pent up energy and pain. At first, the chaotic movements of the brunette's body had taken the pixie by surprise and she had not been fast enough at pinning the girl down on the bed, the back of Bella's head had smashed into the wall and a new wave of blood had filled the air. Alice's keen ears listened to the sound of the girl's heartbeat, timing the beats inside her head to try to piece together a picture of when the dark haired girl would awaken.

To the vampire's eyes the changes that had taken place on the outside of her once human friend were shocking enough, even though she had been expecting it, worry consumed the raven-haired pixie's mind when she thought about Bella's human friends and family finding out about her change. "You've changed so much," The vampire whispered almost sadly as she trailed the tip of her right index finger over the pale girl's cheek, gasping when she found it cold to even her touch. "I miss your heat." The girl sighed, leaning down and nuzzling her face into the side of Bella's throat, breathing in the still intoxicating scent of the girl's blood.

The blood Alice had consumed from her best friend when she drank almost greedily straight from the brunette's soft throat coiled in Alice's stomach now as she looked at the girl laying in front of her. She knew that if she were to look in a mirror at that moment in time she would be able to see the eyes of someone who had fed on a human. Her eyes would be a dark crimson red, swirled with her normal soft honey shade, the two colours mixing as her body processed both the kinds of blood that she ingested. Alice's heart clenched inside her chest when she thought about the ecstasy she had felt as the brunette's sweet blood had first slipped down her throat, a moan had escaped her lips when she'd torn herself away from the thumping pulse, her eyes remaining fixated on the spot on Bella's neck that grew wet and slick with her blood.

The soft almost chocolate brown of the girl's hair had darkened slightly during the last forty-eight hour period, strands of it turning into a deep chestnut colour while others became almost honey brown in their lightness, giving the brunette effective highlights through her middle back length hair. The girl's skin had lightened, the blood draining away from it as the venom filled her entire system, lining her veins and preventing her heart beating as readily. However, on top of the changes to her hair and skin colour the girl's face lost all of the remaining baby fat, her cheeks and chin becoming more angular and defined. The strength of the girl's new body shining through the shape of her jawline and the strong muscles that clenched in her face whenever a moan rose up her throat. Before the change, Alice had thought that the dark haired girl was the most beautiful creature on the face of the planet, surpassing even her older sister to the title of the most beautiful girl on the Earth, but now as the change took effect the girl was even more beautiful than she had been before. All the features that had combined to make her beauty stand out were enhanced and magnified by the venom. The seer knew that while for the first couple of months of her vampiric life the brunette would have dark almost crimson red eyes, the girl also knew that combined with the rest of her changes the eyes would make her even more captivating until they faded back into a light honey amber hue.

The vampire's hearing picked up the signs of the venom attacking the girl's heart early into the process of her change, the venom in her blood touching and converting all her cells at the same time, speeding up the process of her rebirth. However, as the change continued the brunette's once strong muscle gradually lost the strength to battle against the pain that the venom inflicted on it with every contraction, it's rhythm slowing quickly until it was barely beating more than a couple of minutes a minute. Alice could tell from the sound of the struggle that Bella's heart went through to contract that it wouldn't be long before the muscle stopped fighting at all.

Inside her mind, the dark chestnut haired girl felt everything about her body shifting. At first the pain and the burn had been too much for her mind to comprehend, the sensations flowing from her nerves had cancelled out of the feeling of her body shifting into something new, her mind overwhelmed by the burning pain inside every cell of her body. Soon the burn that each of the Cullens' had described had taken over, the girl's mind could have sworn that her skin was melting off her bones as the change took over her body, but now the heat was retreating, leaving behind a distinctive coldness. Slowly the girl felt a calmness settling over her, moving through her veins to the extremities of her body before it rapidly flowed back towards her heart, gripping it tightly and squeezing it with increasing amounts of pressure.

Two days previously, the girl had been completely human, but now as the girl listened to the pace of her heartbeat slowing she knew that she was no longer a living creature. Rather, the change had converted her into a timeless one, her mind rushed with the consequences of the actions she had taken but she didn't find herself regretting them at all, even when she realised that it meant that she would be pulled away from her father. A shiver ran through the brown haired girl's spine when the thought struck her, she was no longer human. The moments she spent listening to the heavy beats of her heart were the last that she was going to experience as a human, but even then, she wasn't experiencing them as properly human, because the feeling of her heart slowing didn't scare her at all. "It won't be long now," The new vampire's mind heard someone say softly to her left, a small hand lighting stroking her cheek registered in her mind as she realised that she wasn't alone.

However, the thought that she wasn't alone didn't scare the girl, instead she found herself oddly comforted by the touch of the small girl's hand. Bella knew it was a girl touching her from the softness of her fingers, even though her skin felt like cool marble.

The pale girl's eyes remained closed for a moment longer, even though she felt the urge to open them at the sound of the vampire's voice, her ears trained onto the sound of her heart waiting patiently for its struggle to stop. With one last struggling beat the girl's heart shuddered to a stop, squeezing hard and sending one last wave of blood around the girl's veins before it fell silent. It was then that the brunette allowed her eyes to slip open, the light from the room around her burning her irises slightly but she blinked the discomfort away as she allowed her vision to swirl so that she was looking at the girl to her left.

Bella's eyes trailed over the girl's pale skin, taking in the shape of the dark rings around her eyes, but finding that instead of being repulsed by them she found that she thought the girl was even more beautiful for the way that they highlighted the murky crimson brown colour of her eyes. Flashes burst in front of the girl's eyes replacing the dark red colour in the other girl's eyes with a bright but gentle looking honey colour. The newborn vampire's eyes dropped down from Alice's gentle eyes to the curve of her jaw, following it backwards to the girl's small ears, taking in the outline of her unruly hair, spikes sticking out from her head in every direction possible. The brunette's breathing picked up as her eyes dropped down to Alice's throat, imagining the place on the side of her neck throbbing like it once would have when she was a human. Bella's world slowly closed into the only thing occupying it was Alice, the only thing her mind could concentrate on and process was Alice, and the only thing she wanted to do was make sure the rest of the world knew Alice belonged to her and no one else. Thoughts of the raven-haired girl's mate flashed into Bella's mind but her mind shoved those thoughts away as her body moved forward to claim the pixie's lips with her own.

The young vampire's mind was acting on nothing but instinct as she caressed Alice's lips gently with her own, wrapping her arms around the woman's waist and drawing her back so that Alice was forced to perch above her on her lap. Where once the petite girl would have felt cold against Bella's skin now her skin felt as if it was on fire, burning the girl's hands where they were, splayed over Alice's stomach just under the hem of her t-shirt.

"Bella?" The pixie gasped, her mind trying but failing to process the sensations passing through her body from the young girl's lips. Heat burst through Alice's body from her lips, moving through her nerves until it settled just below her stomach, making the vampire's insides churn for the first time since she could remember. Alice didn't remember anything about her former life, but she knew enough about humans to realise that she had likely experienced most of the feelings that humans did throughout their lives.

The young vampire pulled away from Alice's lips for a moment a soft smile playing over her lips, as she looked into the girl's large dark eyes, taking in the sight of Alice's own pleasure and happiness as she did so, "My Alice..." Bella purred lovingly, leaning forward and pressing the length of her body against Alice's front.