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As the door slammed, Bailey stood there in the living room alone as tears ran down her face. They last few months had been hard on them but not once has Dean ever walked out on her. She wasn't sure if he would ever be back this time after what they had said to each other. After the loss of his brother things changed inside him and she could see it in his eye. Things weren't the same and it made her wonder if he still felt the same way about her. Maybe it's true what they say, nothing last forever.

"Mommy?" he young daughter called to her, "Mommy I cant sleep." She called again from the top of the stairs.

"I will be right up baby." Bailey called up to her. She wiped away the tears so her five year old daughter wouldn't worry. She headed up the wooden staircase and walked into her little girls room, "What are you still awake Hope?" Bailey asked and took as seat on the bed.

"You and daddy woke me up." The little girl said sadly. "You are always yelling at each other."

Bailey's heart broke at her words. "I'm sorry. We didn't mean to wake you up."

"Why were you fighting?" Hope asked her mother.

"Sometimes grown ups don't all ways agree on things."

"Is daddy coming back soon because I don't like it when he is not here."

Bailey didn't know the answer to that question but she did her best to give her daughter a smile, "You daddy loves you and would never leave you for too long. Don't you worry about anything."

"Mommy, tell me a happy story."

"What do you want me to tell you?"

"Something romantic." She giggled and Bailey smiled at her young and very smart daughter, "Tell me about how you feel in love with daddy."

"Are you sure you just want me to read you the little mermaid again?"

"No I have heard that too many times. Just tell me…..please." she begged.

Looking at that little face there was no way Bailey would say no to her, "Ok fine but I am just going to tell you a little tonight deal?"

"Deal." Hope agreed and laid back down and covered up.

"Once upon a time there was a young girl who was not very much older than you are right now. She lived at home with her mother and father and things werent always easy:

25 years ago

"I have to go Debra! It's my Job!" Mike Cooper yelled at his wife.

"Why do you have to go huh? Every time he shows up you take off. What about your daughter?" she yelled back.

"I am doing this to make sure she is safe! You use to understand that and you were right there fighting a long with me! What happened to you?"

"I became a mother Mike!" yelled Debra.

Five year old Bailey stood on the other side of the door listening to her parent fight like always. She blamed herself for the fighting. Her father always got to go out and her mother was always stuck at home with her. Sometime she thought about just running away from all the yelling. Maybe there lives would be happier.

"I'm sorry but I don't have time for this. I have to get pack my bags." Mike said. He walked passed his young daughter and went up the stairs and Debra followed, "Don't you walk away from me!" she called to him.

Bailey wiped her little tears and ran out the front door. She wasn't looking where she was going and ran into a small boy and they both fell to the ground, "Watch where you're going?" he told her as he got up.

"You were in my way." Bailey said, "Who are you anyways?"

"Dean. Who are you?"

"Bailey Cooper. Why are you at my house?"

"My dad came to get something. I am just waiting on him out her because my brother is sleeping in the car." Dean said. Bailey walked over to the black car and looked inside to see a sleeping toddler.

"What's his name?"

" why were you in such a hurry Bailey."

"I'm running away from home."


"My parents hate me and they always fight."

"That's why you are running away. Sound kind of selfish to me." Dean said and leaned against the car.

"What do you know?"

"More than you. What are you like three?"

"I am six and a half thank you very much. How old are you?"

"Seven so I know more than you."

"I don't care. I'm leaving." Bailey said and started to walk down the gravel driveway.

"Hold on a second." Dean said as he ran after her, "I can't let you leave."

"I didn't ask you."

"You would last one hour on your own out there."

"I have my bunny and she will keep me safe." Bailey said as she held up a pink bunny and Dean laughed, "Why are you laughing?"

"Because you think a stuffed animal is going to protect you. You truly are a child."

"So are you and that means I don't have to listen to you." Bailey said and just as she was about to turn around but Dean grabbed her arm.

"Ok little bit just listen to me. It's not safe out there."

"Because of the monsters? I am not afraid of them."

"Yeah I know. You have the all powerful bunny." he laughed

"Don't make fun."

"Listen I think you just need to go back inside." Dean said and Bailey just stood there with her little arms crossed, "Please."

"And why should I. They don't want me in there and I don't want to here them fighting anymore." She said as she started to cry.

Dean put his arm around her, "You can just run away. You have to be brave. One day you will be old enough to do whatever you want plus I won't sleep well if I know you are out there wandering the streets so just do us both a favor and get back inside."

Bailey smiled up at the young boy, "You are kind of a smarty aren't you?"

"I have my moments."

"Bailey get inside now!" he mother yelled. Dean and Bailey looked up as her parent walked out the door.

Dean saw his father back at the car, "Dean come on." John said.

"That's my dad. I will see you around Bailey and try to behave or I will be back." He winked.

"You promise?" she asked.

"I promise." He said and walked over to the car and got inside. Bailey watched as he father just smiled over at her and got into his truck. When Bailey walked up the steps with her bunny her mother picked her up. "It looks like it's just me and you baby." She said as she kissed her on the head." Bailey knew she could never leave her mother. "Let me tell you something Bailey and even if you are young I want you to listen to me. Never ever fall in love with a hunter. He will only break your heart."

Bailey never understood what her mother meant but those words stuck with her over the years. Her father never came back home after that day and Bailey watched as he mothers heart broke more and more everyday until the one day she couldn't take it anymore and took her own life leaving Bailey in the care of her uncle Bobby. Bailey swore to herself that no matter what, she would never fall in love with a hunter.

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