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'Thank you for flying with us; we hope you have an enjoyable trip' the too-happy female voice rang over the tanoy, making Dean shake his head. He had just spent two hours of his life white-faced, knuckles gripping tightly onto the hand rests of his chair. Even the beautiful blonde women in the seat next to him had failed to distract him; he spent most of the flight with his eyes closed. After walking slightly wobbly legged out of the plane into the airport, he found a taxi that would take him to the hospital.

His conversation having been cut short by Castiel, he had guessed at the hospitals name, hoping it was the right one. Pulling up, he glanced at the white walled building, full of sick people coming and going. Cas shouldn't be here; he wasn't sick.

He strode towards the reception, a young man with a smiling face greeting him. 'Good afternoon, sir, can I help you?' he asked.

'Yeah, I'm looking for a guy, his names Castiel.' He told him, cringing at how weak that sounded. The receptionist didn't seem to mind.

'Ok, sir, can you tell me his last name and I'll look on our computer?'

'Er' Dean racked his brains. Cas didn't have a surname. He never needed one. 'Winchester?' he tried, thinking this would probably be the name that sprung to the angel's mind.

The receptionist, his nametag telling Dean is name was Mark, tapped into the computer. 'Ah, yes. Castiel Winchester. He's on Ward 12, straight up the stairs.'

Dean nodded his thanks a moved away. Castiel Winchester. It had a ring to it. That made Cas practically family.

He passed the A&E on his way, wincing as he saw a child brought in with a broken arm. Whatever he saw during these dark days, seeing a kid hurt was sure to make him feel angry. Moving quickly up the stairs, he knew he was in the right place because he heard Cas before he saw him.

'I don't want that in my arm.' He heard the angel say, forcefully.

'I know, Mr. Winchester, but you need these fluids in or you won't recover.' An obviously patient nurse tried to coerce Castiel to put the drip back in.

Dean turned the corner and entered the ward. Cas was sitting up in bed, his hospital robes still on, talking to a nurse who was stood opposite him. He approached the bed.

'Hey Cas' he smiled, taking in the angels appearance. He looked bruised, a cut on his face covered with stitches. He didn't look happy.

'Dean, will you tell her I don't want that needle in my arm.' He asked. Dean turned to the nurse.

'Is it vital that it's stuck in his arm?'

The nurse faltered. 'He's had it in all night, but it should be kept in for another few hours.' She said.

Dean nodded. 'Right, but not right now, ok?' he took the nurse by the arm and gently led her away, the nurse going without a fuss, probably glad to get away from Castiel.

Dean sighed and turned back to the angel. Ex-angel, he reminded himself.

'Hello Dean.' Cas looked at him, his piercing stare directed full barrelled at Dean, who returned it, now completely used to it.

'You ok?' Dean asked, grabbing a chair and sitting down.

'No.' Cas answered again. 'My head still hurts and the nurse was trying to pierce my arm with that needle. That didn't feel too nice either.'

Dean nodded. Castiel sounded so miserable and he sighed as Cas flumped back onto the pillows, looking up at the ceiling. Perhaps wishing he could still see heaven beyond the confines of the concrete of the building.

'I'm so sorry, Cas.' Dean could feel his throat constrict. Of all the times, he was going to cry now?

Castiel turned his face to look at him. 'What for?' he asked, head tilted on the pillow.

'You becoming human. Letting you down.' Dean ran off his list. 'Banishing you with your own Sigil.'

Castiel sat up, swinging his legs off the bed to look at Dean, whose eye were filled with tears. Shameful tears.

'This was my choice, Dean. To help you.' He took Dean's hands in his, looked deep into his eyes. 'You have nothing to be sorry for.'

A tear, too heavy to be kept at bay, leaked down Dean's face. 'But what I've done to you! I let you fall, become human. I never even said thanks for helping me in the first place.'

Cas shook his head. 'You didn't say it, but I knew you felt it. And I think, with the impending apocalypse, you had enough to deal with.' He smiled.

Dean didn't return the smile. 'I should have said something. I've just used you as a weapon, as if you owed me something. But you don't Cas. Hell, I wouldn't even be here if it wasn't for you!'

Castiel chuckled weakly, wincing as the pain in his abdomen flared up again. Dean frowned.

'Cas?' he asked, his hands moving forward and gently tugging the material away from Cas' chest. Covered in bandages, the bruises blossoming around them was enough to signal a bad injury.

Dean whistled. 'Van Nuys?' he breathed. Castiel nodded.

'It was the only way to get you a clear run.' Cas told him, smiling slightly at Dean's shocked face.

Dean shook his head and looked around, glancing at his watch. 'Right, time to get you out of here I think.' Dean stood up and looked for a nurse. Castiel followed him with his eyes.

Dean finally found a nurse, over by another patients bed.

'Stay here.' He told the former angel.

'I'll go get your trench coat'


'That was one of the most surreal experiences of my life.'

Cas walked along, slightly limping, next to Dean, whose face was still pale from the flight. He had watched Castiel for most of it; the ex-angel spent the whole trip staring out of the window for a few minutes, before drifting off and staring nostalgically into thin air. Perhaps thinking that this would be a whole lot quicker if he had working wings.

Finally Dean managed to hail a taxi, giving directions to Bobby's house. Castiel spent the trip in silence, much like Sam and Dean's drive from Bobby's house. He seemed lost in thought.

They arrived at Bobby's and Dean paid the taxi driver. Walking in, Dean greeted Bobby, who looked slightly bemused to see him back. He did a double take when he saw Cas walk into the room.

'I thought you were at the hospital?' he said, looking from Dean back to Castiel, who shrugged.

'Dean came to collect me.' He said simply, gingerly sitting down on an armchair. Dean watched him, like a hawk, making sure he was in a less amount of pain as he could be.

'So, Cas is gonna bunk here, till we get back with Pestilence's jewellery.' Dean told Bobby, clapping Cas on the shoulder.

Bobby, knowing he had little say in this, nodded.

Dean nodded back. 'Can I take you're truck?' he asked the older hunter, who nodded.

Dean smiled and walked out the room.


It was about five hours later when Bobby wheeled back into his living room. He had been down in his panic room, taking a stock check in case of emergencies.

Castiel was sat on the sofa, eyes closed, as if meditating.

Bobby looked at him wearily. 'The boy's have been a long time' he noted. Cas jumped slightly, turning his head towards the older hunter.

'They have. I can no longer feel when they're in trouble.' He stood up, much steadier than before. 'We should go and assist them.'

Bobby scoffed. 'How?' he gestured at his legs.

Castiel paused. 'Then I shall go.' He said confidentially. He strode across the room, opening Bobby's front door, the man himself wheeling behind him.

'How are you gonna get there?' he asked, knowing the former angel could no longer fly.

Castiel paused and looked back at him. 'I don't know.' He said. He stepped out the door.

'But I'll find a way.'

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