House talked Wilson into going to the apartment with him to help him gather some of his things and move back into the condo. Or, in other words, House sat and barked orders while Wilson gathered up House's things to move back into the condo. Not that he minded in the least.

They stopped at a diner to eat on the drive between complexes because they were both pretty hungry by the time they finished packing and Wilson didn't feel like cooking or take-out.

After they got back to the condo, Wilson talked House into helping move his things by getting a dolly from their storage area so he wouldn't have to carry the boxes. While House schlepped his things from the car to the condo, Wilson moved the House's dresser into the master bedroom. House decided to "help" by putting his clothes away while Wilson was still moving the thing.

"The one time you actually do put your clothes away instead of leaving them on the floor, you do it to find a way to make my life difficult," Wilson commented, wiping a bit of sweat from his brow.

"Do you really think I would be putting them away if it didn't make your life difficult?" House asked, and Wilson had to concede the point.

Eventually the dresser made it into the master bedroom, much heavier than it had been at the start, and Wilson sat down on the bed to take a breath. House closed the last drawer and turned to look at him, and in that instant the atmosphere in the room changed abruptly from relaxed and casual to alert and tense. Wilson suddenly became much more aware of his friend's presence: the sparkle in his eyes, the half-smile on his face, the way his clothes hung on his body. He felt his heart begin to beat faster as he stared at House and wondered if the older man was thinking the same things he was.

House limped over to the bed without taking his eyes from Wilson's and sat down next to him. Without saying anything he traced Wilson's face with his finger, from his brow down his cheek to his chin. Wilson closed his eyes at the gentle touch and leaned against House's hand when it cupped the side of his face. He heard House take a deep breath and the rustle of the bed as he scooted closer. House's leg pressed against Wilson's and he opened his eyes to see House's face inches from his.

He had on a look very similar to the one in the doctors' lounge this afternoon, except more serious. Desire. Not love, not lust, but desire fuelled by love. Wilson stared back into House's smouldering eyes for a moment before leaning forward to kiss him.

The stubble made it different from kissing a woman, but Wilson was surprised at how gentle the kiss was from House's end. House stroked his hair and the side of his face while his tongue probed all the surfaces of the inside of Wilson's mouth. Wilson teased House's tongue with his and rubbed his hand up the side of House's good leg softly, more as an expression of intimacy than foreplay.

They kissed like that for awhile, hands slowly exploring each other's hair and skin while their tongues explored each other's mouths. It made Wilson feel like a teenager again—making out for making out's sake, not only as something to do before sex. Of course, like when he was a teenager, he hoped it would lead to sex, and the idea of it leading to sex contributed to his 'excitement' almost as much as the act itself, but even if it didn't...this in itself was totally awesome.

It had been a very long time since he'd kissed someone like this. When he and Sam first started dating in college they would sometimes have marathon make out sessions before the actual sex, but once they married that had pretty much changed, and except for once-in-a-while with Amber, with all the rest of his wives and girlfriends the kissing-with-all-clothing-still-on part never lasted this long.

After awhile, though, Wilson could tell House was getting anxious to take things further, and he was just as willing to do so. The kisses became more needy and rough, lips pressing together and tongues pushing wildly to get into the other's mouth. House had pulled Wilson's tie loose and was working on his buttons and Wilson stroked House's inner thigh, getting closer to his groin each time without actually touching it.

But that wasn't due to nervousness this time. He could feel the heat coming from his best friend and whenever he opened his eyes he could see the bulge in House's pants, and the thought of touching it, seeing it exposed, feeling the hot hardened flesh press against his body just made his own erection get harder. Maybe if this had been the first time he'd made out with another guy, gotten hard and gotten him hard he'd be as jumpy as he'd been with Victor, but maybe not because this was House and he was in love with House, and he wanted House's body every bit as much as and maybe even more than he'd ever wanted a woman's body.

House pulled back for a second, staring at Wilson with lust-filled cobalt eyes, kissed him again for just a second, and then pulled both his button-down shirt and his T-shirt over his head and kicked off his shoes and socks. He swung his good leg around Wilson's lap, straddling him, and pushed his shirt the rest of the way off. As he leaned forward for another kiss Wilson shuddered at the feeling of House's hardness pressing against his. It made his skin tingle and he longed to feel more of it. He ran his hands across House's back and chest, feeling the muscles and the sweat-moistened skin. Then he moved his dominant left hand over House's shoulder and slowly down his chest. When it reached the fabric of House's jeans he did not stop. Instead he moved the hand down until he was cupping his best friend's hard-on, feeling it pulsing through the denim with House's heartbeat, and gave a couple gentle squeezes.

House "hmm"ed into Wilson's mouth, which made him giggle involuntarily and House pulled back again to look at him. "If you're going to laugh at the sounds I make in bed then I don't think this is going to work," he said, negating his pronouncement by half-smiling and running his fingers through Wilson's hair while he said it.

"Well," Wilson replied, giving House a rub while he was at it, "then you're just gonna have to get me to make some sounds of my own."

"Oh," House said, smiling playfully. Then, without warning, he rolled his hips to rub their crotches together, making Wilson gasp out in surprised pleasure. "You mean like that?"

"Oh," Wilson half-moaned, pressing himself against House so he could continue to feel the heat and pressure that just felt so good. "Yes."

House chuckled softly.

"Hypocrite," Wilson muttered, so House 'punished' him by thrusting suddenly against him again. Wilson wrapped his legs around House in an effort to keep the contact between them as long as he could. God, he never wanted to lose it.

"You know," House breathed into his ear before giving the lobe a tiny bite that didn't hurt so much as increase Wilson's arousal, "we could keep doing this. Or we could take our pants off and do it naked."

Wilson whimpered just at the suggestion. Yes, he liked that idea. He wanted nothing more than House's naked cock pressed against his, pressed against his body. The mere thought of it made him drip pre-come.

House took that as a yes and kissed his way down Wilson's neck while unbuttoning his pants. Wilson trembled and continued fondling his friend through the jeans. He could feel its shape through the material but he wanted more than that, he wanted to touch the skin, feel it against him, kiss it...and that idea should feel weird to him but it didn't because he imagined the look of ecstasy on House's face and that image turned him on so much...

As House was getting Wilson's pants off past his butt, Wilson grabbed his friend and rolled them over, careful not to hurt House's leg, so House was lying on the bed with Wilson over him. He looked up at Wilson in surprise at the suddenness, but Wilson was too busy getting his own pants the rest of the way off and then hurrying to take off House's. Seeing what he was doing, House helped by lifting his hips. He stared shamelessly at Wilson and ran a single fingernail up and down his side while the younger man got them both pants-less.

Wilson leaned over House to kiss him and their erections nudged quite by accident, but House groaned and Wilson moaned simultaneously at the contact. Not wanting to lose that, Wilson thrusted deliberately against his friend a few times, positively shaking at the sensations. He took his own cock and House's in his hands and rubbed them together and House actually cried out.

"Jeez, Wilson!" he said, and Wilson couldn't help but smile. But he wanted to see what else could do to make his friend lose control.

Leaning over him again, Wilson placed quick kisses along his jawline all the way back to his ear, where he whispered, "I'm gonna suck you off."

Even just the the words caused House to moan, which was good because Wilson had never given a blow-job before and wasn't really sure how good he'd be at it. Hopefully, though, if House was already decently aroused, which he definitely was, it wouldn't be too difficult to make him come undone. And maybe, with practice, over time he'd improve. And that thought made him smile.

Wilson kissed his way down House's chest, giving House's dick gentle squeezes with his hand to keep him occupied until his mouth got there.

He started by slowly licking, teasing, from the base up to the tip, which he then tickled with his tongue. Really, it wasn't any weirder than going down on a woman, and in this case there was so much more room to work, so much more to touch. He could hear House's heavy breathing and he heard his breath hitch when he lapped at the tip of his dick. Wilson glanced up and was pleased to see House had propped himself up on his elbows to watch. It made Wilson a little bit nervous, which was ridiculous because House would evaluate his fellatio skills based on what he felt, not what he saw, but mostly it was a good thing because this way he could look up and see House's face whenever he wanted.

Right now House's face was staring at him looking incredibly aroused, desperate to be touched, and it was one of the hottest things Wilson had ever seen. His eyes literally begged for more contact and Wilson was more than happy to oblige.

He lowered his mouth onto the head of House's dick (all right, maybe this was a little bit new, but the look on House's face was worth it) and spent a few seconds taking it in and out of his mouth to give House friction while getting used to it. He took in as much as he could without gagging and hummed against it to create vibrations. Then he got a surprise when House thrusted accidentally and dripped pre-come into his mouth, but he put a hand on House's hip to hold him steady and prevent it from happening again. Wilson alternated humming with sucking, stroked the base that he couldn't fit into his mouth (despite House's efforts), and took his mouth off every so often to lick at House. And either he was a natural or House was extra-appreciative because the moans and gasps coming from his mouth made Wilson have to fight not to go at himself with his spare hand.

"Wilson," House moaned, and the way he said it gave the younger man goosebumps and made him decide that he could get used to this. House's hand slid through his hair and stubby fingernails scratched gently at the base of his neck, biting into his skin every now and again when Wilson's mouth made House lose control of his movements. "Hmm, Wilson," he murmured, the hand drifting to his shoulder. "Wilson, stop," he muttered gently.

It took a second for Wilson to comprehend, but he lifted his head and looked curiously at his friend.

"I don't wanna do this," House muttered and Wilson felt his heart sink. What had he done wrong? Why was House changing his mind?—he hadn't been the one struggling with his sexuality. Or maybe he had and Wilson just hadn't noticed because he hadn't bothered to ask. He felt overwhelmed by disappointment and hurt—the least House could have done was said he wanted to do this but wasn't entirely sure about it rather than lead him on completely.

Wilson started to back away, but for some reason House pulled Wilson toward him so the younger man rested on the elder. Looking into Wilson's eyes House whispered, "I want you in me."

Oh. OH! Wilson was so relieved he had to laugh.

"What?" House demanded, and Wilson could've sworn he saw something like nervousness or fear in his eyes, like he thought Wilson was laughing at the idea of sexual intercourse between them. As though Wilson would ever laugh at such a thing.

He answered House's question by first kissing him, with tongue but not deep enough to distract them for longer than a couple of seconds. Then, with a hand on the side of his new lover's face, he explained, "When you said you didn't want to–"

House, figuring out where Wilson was going with that, rolled his eyes. "You thought I meant...you idiot, Wilson," he said affectionately, shaking his head with disbelief. And he kissed him. "You actually thou–"

"–Sorry," Wilson grinned. He kissed House again.

"So?" House breathed when they pulled apart, fingers tangled in Wilson's hair. "Will you?"

"Oh," Wilson said, his voice almost a moan at the thought. "God, House, yes. God yes."

Nodding, House pushed Wilson off, rolling him onto his back, and dove for the jeans that lay abandoned somewhere amidst the tangled sheets and comforter. He extracted a small tube of lubricant and held it up triumphantly. Wilson clapped for dramatic effect while House squirted some lube onto his fingers before tossing the tube over to him. House sat across Wilson's lap while the younger man slicked up his fingers and Wilson watched him reach beneath and touch himself. Then he took Wilson's slippery hand in his own and guided it down.

Wilson was a little hesitant about this. He'd never touched anyone quite there, guy or girl, for non-medical purposes, but obviously it needed to be done if he was going to have his way with his best friend, which he desperately wanted to do. He moved slowly, watching House's reaction for signs of pain and telling him to relax even though he was a bit nervous himself. It was taking longer than he thought but he wanted House to be ready when they got to the actual part, not to hurt...House was keeping them occupied by alternating between stroking his own cock and Wilson's—just enough to keep them ready and wanting more, not enough to finish things before they even got started. And Wilson would touch House's prostate every now and again and whenever he did House would make a noise so quiet Wilson wasn't even sure if he was imagining it—for all he knew, he could be, because the noise sounded like a whimper and wasn't something one normally associated with House.

After a time that probably wasn't nearly as long as it seemed because Wilson was so aroused and wanted House so much waiting was like torture, he decided they were ready to move from foreplay to actual sex.

"About damn time," House muttered when Wilson pulled his hand away and leaned back on the bed. He ran his tongue up the length of Wilson's dick, making him gasp out in surprise, before coating the thing with lube. Wilson held House's hips and House held Wilson's as the older man raised himself up, weight on his left leg, and ever-so-slowly lowered himself onto his best friend's pulsing penis.

Wilson whimpered and House groaned in pleasure as he made it all the way in. House shifted himself to get more comfortable over Wilson, basically sitting on him with his legs on either side of Wilson's body, and the movement made the younger man shudder. They weren't even moving properly yet—he was just lying on his bed with his dick up his best friend's ass, and yet it was already one of the greatest (and he was thinking that by the time it was over it would be the greatest) sexual experiences of his life. House felt...so different from a woman, so much tighter and so...with his erection jutting out there and his face flushed and sweaty...so hot. So...Wilson just couldn't help but stare at him.

And House, of course, noticed. "Like what you see?" he asked suggestively, as though they weren't already naked and hard and about to wreck each other.

Wilson nodded, running a hand up House's side and across his chest. "You're so sexy," he said breathlessly.

There was something off about House's smile. It wasn't the self-satisfied smirk Wilson had expected nor was it the genuine smile he loved best but saw so rarely save for the last few hours. Weird, because House never gave fake smiles unless he was being sarcastic or messing with someone. But that...was what it was. House was humouring him.

"You...you don't believe me?" Wilson asked, not hiding the fact that he was slightly disappointed. "You think I'm lying to you?"

"Well of course I'm sexy," House said, rolling his eyes. "This thing's a real babe magnet." He gestured at his scar. "Sometimes I think about taking videotaping it and starting my own porn website. I'd make millions."

Wilson rolled his eyes. "House, I'm not talking about your stupid scar, though in case you haven't noticed it certainly hasn't turned me off in the slightest. I'm talking about you—your...smile, when you actually show it to me, your eyes when every time I look at them they're a different shade of blue that the sky can never replicate, your hands and the amazing things they can do, both in bed and out of it, your...body that based on what you eat and the amount of exercise you get should by all accounts be out of shape but amazingly isn't, your–"

"–my cock?" House suggested, leering at Wilson.

He had to laugh. "Yes, that too," he agreed, sliding a hand along it for emphasis.

House shuddered. "All right, I get it, Wilson, I'm the most attractive being you've ever laid your giant brown puppy-dog eyes upon; now are you gonna just lay there with your dick in my ass all night or are you actually gonna fuck me?"

"Well, as tempting as you make the former sound..." Wilson said, and then thrust up.

House cried out in surprise but recovered quickly. He rocked back and forth over Wilson's dick, making his whole body shake, and when he went to stroke himself in time with his movements Wilson batted his hand away to do it himself. Wilson continued to thrust, one arm curled around House's waist while the other stimulated his cock, and after a moment House gave a shout so loud that if it had come from Wilson House'd probably mock him for it.

"There, Wilson," he said breathlessly, panting and staring down at him with lust. "Just there."

Smirking lewdly, Wilson thrust again, harder this time, aiming for the same spot, and was rewarded when House's body quaked, shaking violently over him and House leaned down closer because he couldn't sit up in such a state.

"Oh, more, Wilson, more!" he moaned.

Wilson stared at him while they did it—House's different ecstacisised facial expressions positively captivated him. House rocked back and forth while Wilson pushed himself in and out, every so often hitting the spot that made House arch his back and clutch at Wilson, lose his breath to the point Wilson almost worried he would pass out.

But soon Wilson got in way too deep to even come close to worrying about anything; the way House moved around him, the amazingly erotic sounds he made—the sounds Wilson was making him make—kept driving him closer and closer and he could just feel he was getting there. He just wanted more, more, and he went faster, he pumped House faster, not nearly coherent enough to do anything more complicated than moving his hand and hips back and forth, back and forth as though his life depended on it, which it felt like it did because this was just so much he might die if he stopped.

"Oh, House," he moaned, pushing into his best friend, feeling the rippling skin around him, the hot hardened flesh in his hand, every nerve in his body feeling every little touch, every heartbeat, every breath...

"Oh, Wilson," House echoed Wilson's moan. Wilson squinted his eyes open in time to see House's mouth fall open and his back arch as his body jerked uncontrollably, Wilson panted and thrusted harder to make it last, make it better, and House was moaning his name and exploding all over him and it was without a doubt the hottest thing Wilson had ever seen and he hated himself for having to close his eyes before it was over but he couldn't help it because he was coming and he arched and plunged up into his friend, feeling the release, feeling like fire and explosions and fireworks and waves of pleasure with each thrust, more...and when he emptied himself inside House he'd never in his life felt more completely fulfilled.

House had collapsed on top of him, covering him like a blanket, and Wilson could feel a rapidly beating heartbeat and he wasn't sure if it was his or House's—maybe both. House's head was tucked under his chin and his breath hit Wilson's neck with every pant. Wilson slid a hand through House's sweat-soaked hair and then let it rest between his shoulder blades. They lay like that for what felt like a long time but maybe really wasn't...one hundred heartbeats, two hundred heartbeats, three hundred...eventually the thumps became further and further apart and Wilson became more and more relaxed...having House's warm, comfortable weight on him probably assisted with that...

"So..." House murmured eventually, picking up his head to look Wilson in the eye. "Still not gay?"

Wilson frowned, pretending to think about it. "You know, I'm still not completely sure," he admitted. "I think, just to be on the safe side, we should do it again."

House grinned at him.


Wilson pulled on his shoes and checked the mirror to make sure his tie was straight, though of course it was. He went into the living room where House, still naked from their encounter that morning but for a blanket across his lap, was sitting on the couch playing a video game.

It was Saturday—only a week after the dinner he'd missed in New York, only four days since he and House had gotten together, yet so much had happened since then it was hard to believe it had only been that long.

"Well, I'm going in to work," Wilson announced. "I've only got a few patient meetings and some paperwork, so I should be back by dinnertime."

"Maybe I'll cook dinner and surprise you," House suggested, eyes on the enormous TV screen.

"It's not a surprise if you're telling me," Wilson pointed out, rolling his eyes.

"Good point," House agreed. "Cooking plans aborted."

Wilson chuckled softly.

"You're still here," House observed. "What, you want a goodbye kiss or something?"

"That would be nice," Wilson agreed.

"Then get your ass over here, I'm not getting up."

So Wilson strode over to the couch and leaned over to even his head with House's. House pressed pause on his game, put down the controller, and turned around. His lips met Wilson's for what really should have been just a quick peck, though House managed to sneak some tongue in. And when he pulled back, just for a fraction of a second Wilson saw it—the look. The one that told Wilson just how much House really did love him. And then it was gone and House turned away, still smiling though.

"Unless you change your mind and want another quickie, you're dismissed," House announced, picking up his controller and unpausing his game. "Aliens aren't gonna kill themselves, you know."