A/N: I probably shouldn't have started this, because I only read the first books in both series, but these are OCs. No cannon characters in here. If you don't like it, don't read it! I thought it'd be cool to make a crossover with these two books.


A small, black and white cat padded softly across the snow. His bluish green eyes were piercing the darkness. Snow began to fall and the wind taunted his fur. He didn't like it. It was too cold. He snarled to himself. His ears pricked, he listened to the sound of snow. It was an interesting sound, calm and quiet. He mewed but no one answered.

"Whoo!" a voice said, echoing in the snowfall.

"What do you mean 'who'?" the cat snarled. "I'm Aquilapaw."

"Who," the voice said again. "Just who am I? I am Adara. What are you? I've never seen anything like you before." Aquilapaw desperately looked around and didn't see the voice. "I am an owl."

"Owl? I've heard of those. I am a cat," he stated proudly.

"You're very humble," the large bird with mostly greyish-white plumage swooped down and grabbed the cat. "I've heard about cats. They're called warriors, no? And don't they belong to Clans? Where is your Clan?"

"My Clan… umm… I don't belong to one. I'm a rogue," he snarled, trying to get out of the grip of the owl. He looked up at the owl's eyes. The owl looked back at him and stared at him with a chillingly. His eyes were as hot as a new fire.

"I challenge you," he simply said, lying the cat down in the snow. The stared at each other…

A/N: I didn't want to put the fight in the prologue, so I left it at a cliffhanger. w00t!