OK, I have to admit this chapter is only a teaser.

But what isn't a tease is that I have been persuaded by my fellow writers on team ZorkaberryPie, producers of 'Ganguro' to not give up writing. So with much fanfare I am announcing 'The Gift'.

What is the 'The Gift' about? Well, it's a BBxRae story (duh!), and hopefully you will find it to be a different kind of story. It won't be an adventure story, so don't expect a lot of epic battles. There will be some fighting of course, but what this story will focus on are the uncertainties of both life and love. Of feeling powerless when facing the inevitable and yet coming to terms with it, which is something we all have to do.

"What's the catch?" you ask? Well, it's quite simple; I won't start publishing until the Friday after Thanksgiving. Think of it as a Black Friday Special you won't have to line up for at 3 AM. And to top it off … it's free!

I will update the story every Friday, that's my commitment to you my readers. And I promise to finish it, even if nobody reviews.

Now you are no doubt thinking that it's a long time to wait. If you do feel that way, let me know. You might be able to persuade me to start posting sooner; it's all in your hands.

But I'm not entirely heartless, so I will provide you with a sneak preview.


Raven dashed into the common room with Starfire at her side. As the doors slid open she was overwhelmed at the sight that greeted her. This was only the third birthday party anyone had ever thrown in her honor. The first one she had been unable to enjoy for reasons that were obvious. The second one, her 17th, had been a low key affair, as she had requested.

But this time all she could do was gasp. The common room was decorated in a completely over the top fashion, to the point where it was unrecognizable. There were streamers and garlands hanging everywhere along with banners proclaiming the anniversary of her birth.

A long table had been set up in the middle of the room. To her surprise Raven saw the beaming faces of the Titans East and most of the honorary Titans. The place of honor was reserved for her at the head of the table and it was flanked on both sides by Kole and Bumblebee, who beckoned her to come and sit down. Still overwhelmed by the unexpected crowd Raven took her place at the table. As soon as she was seated she scanned the table's occupants until she found him. Beast Boy was seated between Aqualad and Speedy at the far end of the table and she could see that they were engaged in some playful banter.

It was then that Raven suddenly felt alone. She was in a room that was crowded with her best friends. Colleagues she had more than once fought alongside with and even on a few occasions had fought against. They all smiled at her and she could sense their feelings of goodwill and friendship. There were sporadic shouts of congratulations that were tossed in her direction. On the surface it made no sense at all, how could she feel so lonely in this crowd?

Raven looked down the table a second time and when she did they locked eyes with each other. He smiled softly and winked at her. She felt her cheeks warm and looked away.

It was then that it finally hit her. It is said that often we cannot see the forest because of the trees. The obvious can elude us even when it's right before us, staring us in the face. The self evident can often be buried deep in denial and Raven knew that there had been much of that lately. She had convinced herself early on that what was happening between her and Beast Boy was little more than a youthful crush; something that was not meant to last. But as the months had passed she came to understand that it was more, much more.

Turning to Bumblebee she placed a hand on the young woman's shoulder.

"Karen, Kole, would either of you mind giving up your place? There's someone … special …I would like to have sit next to me."


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