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So five of the chapters will be from one person POV. It's another new thing I am trying. Hopefully it reads over well.

Its rated for some language and maybe a smige of violence. All mistakes are mine. I don't own anything.

July 12, 2010; 8:16 am

Okay, this is kinda weird. I just saw Foster and even though she walked by very quickly, I could have sworn that I saw a bruise on her jaw. It's weird enough that she would walk by without saying anything to me but a bruise? No, no; I know without a doubt that that can't be. Foster would never allow a person to hit her. She's like a hippy, always looking on the brighter side of things, always optimistic, always worried about other people. I have to say though; she does dress more fashionable and smells a lot nicer. Hahaha. Naw, Foster didn't have a bruise on her face… but let me check on her, just to make sure.

- Knock, Knock –

Oh my God, there is a bruise on her face. God it's the size of Texas! Who did this to her? I need to tell Lightman as soon as possible. He's going to flip a lid.

"Ria." Gillian voice was so soft that I could hardly hear her. I can't help but stare at her jaw. It is like an elephant in the room. "Ria, please look at me in my eyes." I reluctantly draw my eyes up her to her eyes. "Thank you." Her voice is still very soft but very firm. "Now I will say this once. I will be taking my work home for the rest of the day. If anyone asks please tell them that I wasn't feeling well." All I could was nod. In essence, I'm not lying because she doesn't look so good. In fact, besides the bruise, she has lost a lot of color in her face and her eyes look dead. "One other thing, you tell anyone about this… what has happened to me, I will fire you."

What the fuck! "But Foster-"

She held up her hand. "Ria, please. I can handle it."

She looks so vulnerable. There is no possible way that she can handle this. She looks like she is about to break down and ball her eyes out. "Foster, I've been in your… umm… situation and the only way you go is down. If someone is hitting you, he needs to be arrested."

"That won't ever happen. Ria, you tell anyone, I will fire you."

I'm a very stubborn woman; you can't get rid of me just yet. "Why can't this guy get arrested?"

"It just… it just won't ever happen, okay. Now if you will excuse me-"

All of a sudden, I hear laughing coming from the hall. I turn and see Lightman and another woman laughing at some joke. I look back over at Foster. She looks annoyed and scared at the same time. I get why she is annoyed, but why is she scared? "Gillian, who did th -"

"Ria, leave it. I'm out of here. I will see you later." She gathered her things quickly and walked out the door.

I can't believe this. Someone should know, at least Lightman.

"Oy, Torres?" Speak of the devil. "Where's Foster?" He looked over to the other woman and said, "I bet you she is trying to find another way to control me. Nothing but a Mother Hen, she is." They both snickered. Jerks!

"She wasn't feeling well so she went home." I left; I couldn't stand to be in his presence. For the time, I will keep her secret. But if I see another bruise on her face, I will have no choice but to tell someone, anyone.

Next chapter, you will see Emily's reaction.

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