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Cal was not expecting her to say that. "Your what?"

Gillian closed her eyes and pinched her brows together. "Cal, a long time ago I was a different person. I used to do drugs and I hung out with the wrong crowds. I wanted to be this badass chick, but I just ended up abused and dependant on drugs. The person I am today is after many years of therapy and NA meetings."

He didn't know what to say. He was still shocked at her confession. Then he said slowly, "So this Joseph guy used to supply you." She slowly nodded her head. "And what would happen if you couldn't pay him?"

"Seriously, why do you need to know this?"

"I need to know, Gillian. Did he hit you for the drugs?" His voice was at a high pitch.

"No Cal, if I didn't have money to give him, I would pay him off with sex." That statement hung in the air like a rotting piece of cheese. Then she said in a quieter voice, "The hitting didn't come until after I was clean. He told me that I owed him money. If I didn't pay him, he would slap me around. After a couple months of working double shifts, I paid off my debt and went on with my life."

The silence was so thick that you couldn't slice a knife through it.

Cal was angry. How dare she hold this back from him. He tightened his fists into balls. Then he looked up at her face and his anger dimmed a little. He was going to murder this guy the first chance he got. "So what brought this prince charmin' back to you?" She shrugged her shoulders and hid her face behind her hair. Cal lifted her chin again and swept her hair out of her face. "No, no; you won't hide from this anymore. The only way to get out of this for good is to get it, whatever it is, out in the open." He looked at her face, but she was looking everywhere else but him. "You embarrassed about what happened. You are… also afraid, but of what?"

All the years of trying to be tough flew right out the window. Now was the time to be honest with him."Despite how you have been treating me, you're… you're all I have." Tears were starting to spring to her swollen eyes. She looked down again and hugged her body. Only then did she realize that she was still without a shirt. She felt vulnerable, like she was giving away her deepest, darkest secret. She had to do a little damage control. "You and the business I mean." Her breath was shallow.

He captured her cheeks to make sure that he was looking into her eyes and vice versa. "You're all I have too."

She rolled her eyes, "Yeah right."

She started to shake her head, but he stopped her. "Okay, I know I have Emily… for now. She will be leaving to go to college soon. I mean, she is already looking at colleges and talking about colleges." He let go and looked a little lost in thought. "And, well, she is gonna wanna go and who am I to stop her, really. I thought that she would want to stay close to home but I saw her look at colleges in California. Of all places, she wants to go to California. All they have there is-"

"Cal, you're babbling." She turned towards her bed and walked there. She picked up her shirt and started to turn it inside out. "Emily is just as important to me and California isn't that bad. I used to live there you know."

Cal walked over to where she was and snatched her shirt out of her hands. "Yes and that's where this Casanova is from and look what he did to you. Oh, that's right; you haven't seen what he's done to you." He forced his hand into hers and started to drag her into her bathroom.

This time she was resistant, very resistant. "Let me go, Cal" She tried twisting her way out. When that didn't work she tried to dig her feet into the carpet. It didn't work either. "Cal, stop it! Right now!" It was too late though. They were in the bathroom and Cal turned on the lights. She turned her back to the mirror. "This is silly Cal. I'm not going to do it."

Cal leaned against the counter. "Can you honestly tell me that you are all right with what he is doing to you? Look at me into my eyes and tell me that you just don't care." He closed a drawer very quietly so that Gillian didn't hear.

"I… I… I don't know." She hung her head. "You know the answer to that Cal. Please, I don't want to see myself."

He walked up to her. He had something behind his back but she wasn't paying any attention. "You know you have to see what this guy is doing to you. You don't deserve this. No one does and you have the chance to put him behind bars, to make him a marked man so that he will never do this to any woman."

They sat in silence for a couple minutes. Then with a feeble voice she said, "I don't know if I'm strong enough." She looked down in shame. Admitting this was the hardest thing she did.

He placed a hand held mirror in front of her and said, "Take this and look at yourself. I'm here and I promise I won't ever turn my back on you. I can be strong for both of us."

She looked at him and with trembling hands she grabbed the mirror. She turned it around and finally saw her reflection. Staring back was a tired, frail woman with bags under her eyes and bruises all over her face. She only lasted a minute before she threw the mirror on the counter and started to sob. There to catch her was Cal. Tears began to run wildly down her face when he pulled her into his capable body. "I am so… ugly Cal. Why… why are you here with m… m… me?"

"You're all I have." It was so simple but it felt so right. "Here, let's get you into some decent clothes and get you to bed." She didn't oppose.

After getting another shirt from her drawer, he slipped it over her head. Then he laid her down and covered her with the sheets. He turned to get something when he felt a hand hold him back. "Please don't leave." That was all she had left.

He looked down at her. He then took off his shoes and walked to the other side of the bed. He sat on top of the sheets. He put his arm around her and drew her closer to his body. She needed his protection just as much as he needed to be next to her. They soon fell asleep.


August 21, 2010; 2:44 am

Cal made sure that Gillian was asleep. He slipped out of her grasp and walked outside of her bedroom. As he went down the stairs, he pulled out his cell phone. There was three text messages; one from his daughter seeing if Gillian was okay (he would call her in the morning), another from Debbie asking where he was tonight (he "accidently" lost her number) and a picture text from Loker. He clicked on that one and saw a man's face show up. It was from the surveillance video. It was a little hazy but he could still make out the bastard's face. Under the picture Loker wrote, "We found him. I just sent this pic to the po. Hopefully they'll catch him. 1 request, I get 5 mins alone w/ him."

He was about to send a text back but another one came in. It was from Ben, which caught him off guard. Since their split from the FBI, their friendship has suffered. "Sorry it's late, but we just caught a wanted felon and he had a pic of Gillian. Is she ok?"

He responded back, "She is fine. What is he wanted for?"

His reply back seemed to take forever. "Drug trafficking, prostitution and the murder of 2 women."

Cal had to sit down. It felt like the wind was knocked right out of him. He started to type, "I'm here with Foster-" he erased 'Foster' and put "—Gillian. She is well, but you will probably need to talk to her. He beat her up pretty badly." He thought about adding another sentence. What the hell, he was going to find out sooner or later. "They used to have a history together."

"Oh man. I will be at her house in the morning. See you later."

Cal just sat in the silent dark for what seemed like an eternity. Then out of nowhere he got up and turned off his phone. He walked back up stairs and into her bedroom. He laid on the bed, wrapped an arm around her waist and whispered, "He will never hurt you, not ever again."

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