Author's note: This is a crossover of my three favorite anime ever—Code Geass, Death Note, and Gundam 00. However, to fit these together, I have to mess with some of the stories' plots.

First: Code Geass and Death Note occur at exactly the same time. Code Geass is more concerned with a large scale, worldwide politics, while Death Note is fairly local. Light Yamaguchi's home city is in Area 11, not Japan, and Light is a Britannian citizen in a Britanian school. In fact every character in Death Note is Britannian.

Second: the events of Gundam 00 occurred 15 years ago, just before the beginning of Lelouch's father's reign. In fact, the very end of that series is the creation of the Empire of Britannia. Celestial Being temporarily lost contact with Earth—they live in a colony in the asteroid belt—and just regained it.

Finally: the events in this story start a few days after the end of Code Geass, and picks up from the moment Death Note leaves off. Also, the terms of the Code Geass Contract change a bit for the sake of this fanfic.

Also, I don't own Gundam, Code Geass, Death Note, or any of the characters in them. This is a work of fan fiction and not for sale.

Chapter 1: Awakening (part 1)

Lelouch Lamperouge awoke suddenly, to the sight of a woman he hadn't seen for two years—and had hoped to never see again.

"You're awake." C.C. said simply.

Memories of the parade came back to him, and he bolted upright.

"Why am I alive?" He asked in that calmly quiet voice he used when he was terrified.

He had arranged for his own death. He could remember the feeling of cold steel sliding between his ribs. By all rights he should be dead. Unless…

"You Immortals tend to stay that way." C.C. responded.

Lelouch's eyes widened, his deepest fears confirmed. He had taken the Code.

He leapt up. A nearby mirror showed his face, now covered by a large duel wing symbol of the Code Geass. He turned towards C.C.

"C.C.," He told her, "I can only be sure of my neutrality in society if I'm dead. There is no way anymore to die without passing on the Geass, is there?"

C.C. looked at him solemnly. "No, there isn't." Then as an after thought, "And I'm mortal now, so call me Cecil."

Lelouch looked walked to the door. "I am going to find someone to enter a Contract. Immediately." He opened it and stepped out.

He needed someone that had no choice. Someone with nowhere else to turn. But also someone that was intelligent, but not too idealist. He needed…

As he walked out the door, a boy about his age bumped into him. Their eyes met for a moment. He saw the boy's eyes were filled with fear. He was running from something. But behind the light of panic was a gleam of intelligence. Then the contact broke and the boy turned a corner and was out of site. Not before Lelouch noticed the gunshots in his chest. He turned and ran after him.

[Change of point of view]

Light and been bested left to die. How could he have been beaten? How? He turned slowly, painfully to look at Ryuk.

"I guess you never got my life, Ryuk."

Ryuk shook his head slowly.

" I told you this when you began: when you die, the hand writing your name in the Death Note will be mine."

He calmly took out his Death Not and scrawled the name "Light Yamaguchi" into it. Light's heart fell as his last ally abandoned him.

Four minutes later, his heart failed. As his vision faded though, an apparition appeared, drawing him into it, until he was floating in a world of blues, violets, and greens.

It made it seem rather less evil when he sentenced hundreds of men to death, if this was the death he condemned them to.

Then he became aware of another presence. He turned and saw a man about his age wearing a long black cloak, facing away from him. The swirling energies that made up this world seemed to emanate from him.

Light was about to say something when the man began.

"I can save you."

Light started, at a loss for words. Eventually he found his voice.

"I doubt it."

The man seemed almost pleased by his calm response.

"You don't know what I offer." The man told him.

Light considered this for a moment. "I don't know who you are or where this is. Why do I care what you can offer?"

The man bowed his head, his face still turned away from him. "True. Well, then, how about you call me…L?"

Light was stricken. He staggered back, mouthing his thoughts to himself: but I killed you. You're dead. I know you're dead.

The man who called himself L seemed unaware of Lights horror, and continued.

"Or, actually L.L., I believe my name now is. My significance is that I can save you. Not only that, but I can give you a power beyond your imagination. And all you have to do is agree to a few things."

Light collected himself. This must not be the L he knew. Just a coincidence.

"What things do I have to agree to?" he asked, more calm than he felt.

"You must take on my…condition to fulfill the contract. And," he added, as though he had just thought of it, as if it were an after thought, "you must submit yourself to my power again one more time to fulfill this contract."

Light suddenly remembered that fateful day 2 years ago, in his bedroom, and Ryuk's words to him: 'But when you die, the hand writing your name in the Death Note will be mine.'

Light pushed the thought out of his mind. This was different. He had no choice. It was this or die.

"I agree to those terms." He told the man.

He could have sworn he gave a smile of relief. "Well then. What, might I ask, is your name?"


"Light," he said, beginning to turn, "I hereby enter you into the Contract of the Code Geass."

The mysterious L.L. had turned all the way around, and met Light's gaze. As he finished, an odd shape, like the strange tattoo across his face, appeared in his eyes. It steadily grew brighter, until it was blinding. Light couldn't close his eyes or turn away, even though it felt like the symbol was being branded into his left retina. His vision began to fade, and just before he blacked out, he could have sworn he heard the man's—L.L.—voice softly.

"Light, I command you to live."

[Change of point of view]

Lelouch—L.L. now—looked down at the unconscious boy. It had been odd, having that intimate of a bond with someone.

Light opened his eyes, saw L.L. standing over him, and scrambled to his feet, only a second later remembering that he should be dead—or at least in pain.

There were footsteps from a nearby ally. Not wanting to be spotted, L.L. stepped back into the shadows. He needn't have worried. The four people that stepped out were intent on Light. One was only a kid, and they were obviously the ones who had shot Light, as they were brandishing pistols now.

"There you are, Light." The boy with blue hair said. "You couldn't actually believe you would get away like that, did you?" He was smiling a bit maliciously.

"Near, you must be mistaken," Light's voice had taken a desperate tone, and the light of fear appeared again, "I—I—"

"You lost your chance to talk out of this. To think you could have replaced L…"

"Tell them to leave." L.L. interrupted.

They all gaped at him.

"Who are you?" the boy, Near, asked. The men turned their guns to him.

L.L. stepped forward, impatient. "You four, leave us." He said it in a commanding tone. As he did so, the strange symbols appeared in his eyes again.

Light was amazed to see them holster their guns and casually stroll away. He turned to stare at L.L., who was watching them as the left.

"Who are they?" L.L. asked, suspicious. He was begin to doubt if he had chosen the right person.

"They were once friends who turned on me."

"Oh?" Now L.L. was very worried. Light's voice was turning to hatred and disgust. "And why was that?"

A cruel smile played at the edges of Light's mouth.

"I had…a book they did not like."

L.L. began to get a bit panicked Light wasn't just the wrong person, there was something very wrong with him. "What book?"

Light was grinning now. "Death Note." He replied almost reverently.

L.L. was beginning to turn to leave, to leave this mistake behind. But Light wasn't done.

"A book that let me kill anyone, anywhere, in any way." There was a frenzied look on his face. "They couldn't stand that I was to be god, to judge those who I deemed unworthy of life. They couldn't take the idea of a perfect world."

L was suddenly reminded of his mother and father, plotting to bring down the gods. He saw what a terrible miscalculation he had made.

"I never should have let you live," he told Light. "You are insane. The world can rest assured no one will ever be told what power you were given." Then L.L. ran off

[Chang of point of view]

Light-years away, in the realm of the Shinigami, Ryuk was puzzled. An odd sense had come from his Death Note, and when he took it out, he found that Light Yamaguchi's name was disappearing. If Light's name hadn't stayed in the Death Note, well, Light may not have stayed dead. And Ryuk was determined to find out why.