Brittany wanted to keep her secret, a secret. her secret being the relationship with Artie. Brittany wanted to be with Artie, and San, because they both made her feel, tingly to say the very least and most. Did that make her, like gay and straight?

Utter confusement.

After much discussion with Artie, Brittany came to the conclusion (Artie taught her bigger words, and she pretened to not know them, even though Rena always used these words) that she was bisexual. Artie explained that you like both genders, like he only liked girls so he was straight, while Brittany found both the male and females equally attractive.

Brittany, now feeling more confident with her sexuality, finally told Artie she was ready to become an open couple.

"I really like you Artie. I want everyone to know."

Artie smiled, and they kissed, lightly.

It had beena rought three months, but Brittany was ready.

As was he.

Walking, and rolling, hand in hand come Monday, they were getting some odd looks. Especially (mostly) from Santana and Tina. Kurt raised his eye brows, but nothing out of the ordinary. Finn smiled, like a big smile, at Artie, and Rachel smiled because Finn was smiling. Puck just thought they had hooked up, so he didn't care.

"What the fuck Britt?"

"I like him. I hate you."

"But, I love your lady kisses."

"Good for you."

"Brittany Susan Pierce, I want you to be happpy-"

"And I am happy."

"But with me."

"Sorry, newflash San, I don't need you anymore. I'm popular on my own. And, I'm not in eighth grade math. I'm actually quite intelectial, and I'm in AP English. Sorry to burst your bubble, but I'm not just another dumb blonde."

With that, Brittany turned on her white sneaker heel, before strutting away, perfectly.

"Please, I still like you."

"Then why'd you break up with me?"

"Because I just needed some time."

"What you need is a wakeup call. Newsflash: I'm not your boyfriend, I'm just another ex to you. Go out with Mike, I don't care anymore. I have someone who cares about me."

And with that Artie turned around perfectly, before rolling towards his new girlfriend, and away from his old.

Yeah, his life was pretty good.

Hell, it was at a high point right now.

That's right, Artie Abrahms was back and better than ever.

Brittany hugged her boyfriend and kissed him lightly on the forehead, before she rolled him to class.

Everything was just the way it should be.

She was glad he just wasn't another notch.

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