Warning: this has no plot what-so-ever and is only loosely related to MR.

I have become increasingly bored in class and have decided to remedy that by writing a story on fan-fiction (finally). This is my first story ever so it might not be good. You can't even call it a story really but more like a regular field trip into my brain. I will try to update as much as possible but seeing as I want this to be interesting as well as accurate, it may have some periods of time with no activity, but it shouldn't be any more than a month in between chapters in the worst case senarios. In case you are wondering why this is a Maximum ride fan-fic, it is because I have captured the flock members and they shall be helping me write this story. You can talk to them later when I actually start the story, this is just an intro.

Disclaimer: I don't own the maximum ride book series, or the characters, JP does, but I am "borrowing" them to complete my own fan-fic. They shall safely be returned home once I complete this story, but I get lonely so I may never complete it-


Me: Quiet Max get back in the box!

Sorry about that. Where was I? Oh yes! The disclaimer. So I don't own... blah blah blah... May never complete it... Ah here we are! I will allow field trips to JP's house for the flock every so often so that he may finish the series.

And that's it! Now let's start this story!

Hello and welcome to the magical and slightly insane world that is my brain!

Voice: You sound like a tacky tourist attraction.

Me: Oh shut up Voice.

Voice: Whatever

Me: Anyway, this is a story of basically my constant blathering to myself while bored in class. I read St. Fang's Poetry corner and realized that my constant inner murmurings might also make a great story, or maybe not it all depends on your point of view. Hopefully you are as insane as I am and will enjoy it.

Voice: Or maybe you'll be bored.

Me: Ugh! Sorry for my inner voice, he can be extremely annoying when he wants to.

Voice: Why do you even want me here if I'm so annoying?

Me: *sighs* We've been over this I want to introduce you to the people.

Voice: Who would even read this?

Me: You are so hurtful. :( This is my first story and you are implying that nobody would read it.

Voice: Yeah

Me: Grrr I command you to stop being mean or I shall lock you in the dungeon!

Voice: Your brain has a dungeon?

Me: Yes

Voice: Since when?

Me: Since now. So behave or you shall be locked up in there with my hormones

Voice: Oh God No! Not him! He'll drive my as crazy as you with all of his sexual jokes!

Me: Hehe, not so tough now are you?

Voice: Okay I'll be good. Please don't make me spend time with him.

Me: Don't worry, I won't. Unless you start to annoy me again. Then I can guarantee that you shall be locked away.

Voice: *sighs* I'll be good.

Me: Good. Now on with the show.