At home, she is daddy's little girl.

When she is at home, she can shed the burden of all her promiscuous flaws.

Her parents don't need to know about her immoral sins, so she doesn't tell them.

She once asked her daddy if she was beautiful. He told her she was perfect.

But perfect doesn't exist. And that girl her parents dote on isn't really who she is.

So that beautiful girl her parents see? She is a lie.

With Britt, she is the best BFF ever.

Brittany doesn't care whether or not she shaved her legs that morning or how many guys she's screwed.

But to be fair, Brittany's not exactly the best judge.

Brittany thinks everything is amazing, from the homeless cat behind the school to the purple slushees at the 7-Eleven down the street.

So where does she fit into that?

She can't be the same amount of beautiful as the Barbie on sale at Toys 'R Us, right?

In Cheerios' practice, she is second best.

She is the not-so-trusty sidekick to Quinn Fabray, even though she deserves more.

It would be okay if Quinn was better than her, but she's not.

She doesn't get the whole "Virgin Mary" act Quinn insists on putting up.

What is the point of being a good Christian girl if you can just go to mass, confess your sins, and all is forgiven? God is supposed to love you even if you're a sexually promiscuous, rumor-spreading bitch, so why bother?


No matter how hard she tries, next to Little Miss Perfect, she'll never be beautiful.

At Glee Club, she is a wallflower.

She blends into the background. Never belting out a solo, always just adding to the harmony.

She knows she's only supposed to be there to look hot and to keep tabs on Puck.

But she'd be lying if she said she didn't want to be the star just once.

She is a bird of paradise, not a shrinking violet.

She isn't quiet and dainty. It's just not in her nature.

She is not that kind of beautiful.

In the boys' locker room, she is just another whore who's made her rounds with all the football players and then some.

She doesn't have a name. She doesn't have feelings. She doesn't have a personality.

What she does have is a killer rack and the best ass in all of McKinley High.

It doesn't matter that she has a quick wit or that she could pass calculus in her sleep. They only see her body.

With the jocks, only parts of her are beautiful.

But when she is with him, she is everything.

She isn't fake around him. He knows she's a vixen, not an angel. And that's okay.

"You're going to come over tonight, right babe? Wear that black thing I like, okay?"

Of course she will. She only wears it for him.

She is the most incredible thing in his life, the only most incredible thing in his life.

"I'm never going to cheat on you again, promise"

Any other girl would dump his sorry ass in a second, but she's not any other girl. She honestly believes him because he honestly wouldn't ever do it again.

She is his number one. He'll put her before anything else, maybe even his ma.

"Quinn Fabray was a mistake. She's got nothing on you, babe"

It's exactly what she needs to hear, and he has no problem saying it, because it's the truth. Anything for his girl.

She is a budding ingénue, not just a back-up singer. He knows all about her secret dream, even though she's never told anyone.

"When you're a big star living it up, don't forget to invite us Lima Losers to your Hollywood parties"

Like she could ever forget him.

She is more than a good lay. That's just an extra perk. He loves her, all of her.

"Jesus Fucking Christ, Santana Lopez, I love you"

His declaration is so sincere that she can't help but believe him. And maybe for the first time in her life, she can actually let herself be happy without thinking that the worst is yet to come.

Because to Noah Puckerman, Santana Lopez is beautiful.