AN: The depictions of angels, demons, hell, and everything to do with that are simply for the story's sake. They may not line up with legends, The Bible, or any other form you've seen before. Expect maybe the show Supernatural. This is a work of fiction.

Denver Paranormal Society

Chapter Thirty-Two – The Unknown


"I think he's coming around," Jake's voice hovered way too close for my comfort. I swatted at his face and groaned.

"What happened?" My words sounded hoarse and made my throat hurt. What had transpired before blacking out reached the forefront of my thoughts. My eyes snapped wide open. I had lost the connection between me and Bella had disappeared and we were under attack. "Eve? Bella!"

I sat up and looked around, holding my breath because of anxiety. The instantaneous relief I felt when I saw Bella sitting at the opposite end of the couch had me exhaling sharply. I gathered her and our daughter, who lay content in her arms, holding them tight.

"Someone needs to explain to me what the hell happened."

Jake and Dean snorted due to my choice of words. My glare shut them up, looking serious again. Dean replied, "It was bullshit. It was a power play." There was resentment and anger in his voice.

Sam continued since Dean's answer didn't, in fact, answer my question. "Bella believes the king of hell sent a legion of spirits and demons to test the wards and also get a feel for your powers. The meeting was a distraction. Thankfully, your tattoo did its job, kept you from being manipulated or possessed, but—"

"I blacked out."

"Fainted more like it," Jake stated with a bit of a teasing grin.

I rolled my eyes, flipping him off behind Bella's back. My attention then turned to my wife for more answers. She peered at me, eyes a little misty. Pleading for me to understand something.

"Leave us." Whatever she had to say, she needed to talk to me alone.

There were a few protests, but after promising to meet up with everyone in the morning, they left us to give us privacy.

My finger traced Bella's pale cheek, thankful for the sudden flush of color. "Let's put her down." She nodded, and I helped her up, keeping my hands on them as we climbed the stairs and headed straight to our bedroom.

After a scare like earlier, I wasn't letting either of them out of my sight. Bella seemed to agree, placing Eve in her crib in our bedroom instead of the nursery.

Once we settled Eve to sleep, I helped Bella change into something more comfortable. She was aware I needed a few moments without the drama. I had to take advantage of these precious moments.

I sat her at the edge of the bed, handing her a glass of water. After placing the cup on the nightstand, I removed my shoes, gathered her in my arms, and sat against the headboard with her on my lap.

She didn't mind sighing as her head settled on my shoulder. She whispered under her breath, and we were truly alone. No one outside of our room could hear us after she used a spell.

"No one can know what I'm about to tell you, at least not yet." She told me what happened at the meeting. Everything in me wished I had the power to take my family and hide for the rest of our existence.

"Why would the king of hell want to give up on his existence when their side is on the verge of winning?"

We already knew the scales were tipping toward a dark age. It would be at least a century if our side lost to fight back and win. Longer if humanity gave up, too.

"He doesn't want it." Bella shrugged when the look on my face held a lot of doubt. "I'm only stating what he told me. Hell on Earth isn't what he wants. His children, on the other hand, wouldn't mind. He delegated many of his responsibilities to them so now they're all power hungry."

"Leaving would mean one of those children would take over."

"None of them would be good for Earth." Bella sighed, shaking her head. "He's tired, and who could blame him? He said that after his death, there will be a power struggle since he wouldn't name the crown prince or princess before he died. Only that he would have his right-hand man would act as steward until the right of succession is determined."

"And how will that be determined?"

"The last one standing, of course." Bella shrugged when I groaned. "He said that it would be an opportunity for us to win, at least for another hundred years."


"Think about it, he dies, and the discourse between his four surviving children would fracture the legions of demons. They'll all be too busy trying to destroy one another…"

"Leaving our side enough time to gather some souls of the undead trapped on Earth."


"We could win." I wanted to breathe a sigh of relief, but I felt there was a "but" coming.

"There's more." Bella remained silent for several moments as if deciding if she should tell me.

"What is it? You can tell me anything, love."

"I know." She snuggled closer, and I felt the tears fall from her eyes. "He said that your power will grow and that you may not handle having that kind of power well." She looked up at me, eyes glistening. "That you may abuse it."

I didn't know what to say. Would I abuse the powers given to me? Why would I cross the line?

I looked at Bella and wished I could tell her it would be fine. I couldn't promise her that, because in the heat of the moment, with the lives of my loved ones on the line, I could do something I'd later regret.

She said nothing, probably because she would do the same if needed. "He also said that I may lose my powers for good to protect a loved one during the last battle."

"So he predicts that his side would find out we're winning and there'd be a battle."

She nodded. "The kind where they'd cause a natural or national disaster, maybe even a worldwide one, to force the win."

"Jes…fucking hell."

"That's what we're trying to avoid." Bella kissed my cheek. "Why don't you get ready for bed while I check on our daughter?"

I nodded and pressed my lips on her forehead, breathing her in for a moment. I left her in the bedroom to shower and let the water cascade over my head. Heavy streams of water fell before my eyes, followed by slower drops. I curled my hand into a fist and watched as one of those drops stopped midway down from the tip of my nose, hovering closer to my eye level, and flew up. Along with all the water, soon my body and hair were no longer wet.

I tested my theory whenever I was alone. My gift wasn't telekinesis, but that could make time flow backward. What would "crossing the line" be with this kind of gift? I wasn't sure I wanted to know how far back I could go.

If I lost Bella or Eve, I wouldn't survive. Would I cross the line to save them?

Yes. No question.

Would I do it knowing it could have adverse consequences for others? Possibly everyone? Did it make me a monster because my answer would still be yes? How the hell did superheroes in comics make this kind of decision?

"Hey, what's taking so long?" Bella leaned against the door from the master suite bathroom and smiled. "Were you hoping I'd join you?" She wiggled her eyebrows, taking her time watching me finish up my shower.

"We probably shouldn't leave our daughter alone out there." The spell still cocooned us in peace.

She nodded and looked over her shoulder. "She'll be down for a couple of hours. How about you come and join me in bed, husband?" Her robe conveniently fell from her naked shoulders, a teasing smile on her lips, and I finished my shower in record time.

I chased her to the bedroom, and we collapsed onto the bed, slightly damp, but enjoying some time together.

"Ugh, our daughter is in the bedroom while I'm trying to get you under me."

Bella rolled her eyes. "I put an enchantment around her. She can't hear us, but we'll hear her if she wakes up."

I felt a little better, but how else did parents get to do this kind of thing during their baby's first year of life? I wondered if my...

I yelped when Bella pinched me. "What was that for?"

"Your mind was wandering toward our parents, wasn't it?"

I groaned and almost rolled over, but she wouldn't let me. "It wasn't going there until now." She giggled and helped me get my head back in the game. Pun intended. She was really rubbing off on me.

I didn't know for sure what the future held, but I refused to let it alter my life any longer. We would live life as fully as possible every day.

Whatever would come, we'd be ready.

AN: This wasn't betaed, as you could probably tell. I'm not sure what to say other than life has been a rollercoaster, and I'm sure it's been for many in the last couple of years. Thanks for sticking around. I'm hoping to find some balance between real life, working, and writing again. There will be one or two more chapters of this part of the ongoing saga of Denver Paranormal Society. In the last part, there will be a time jump as they get ready for the impending battle that's to come.