Denver Paranormal Society

Chapter Nine—Excess


Edward's arms were tight around me. His voice muffled and drowned out because of my hands held protectively over my ears and the voices of the dead. They were multiplying; dozens upon dozens seemed to fill my mind.

Edward was talking to Benjamin, though it sounded more like arguing. Whatever their heated words were, it was about me, since they were both so protective.

In my pocket laid a coin, one of the special pieces that Benjamin had commissioned. On each wrist was a cuff, anything to stop one of the spirits that had been outside our home from influencing me again. It was too dangerous for the baby, I told myself.

For all the protection the items were supposed to offer, their voices were anything but silent. While Edward and Benjamin had attempted to summon Jacob in the garage, I sat quietly alone in the living room, ready to jump in, should the need arise.

The voices had been a mild hum then, until suddenly they fell upon me like a tidal wave. After the familiar scent of magical failure coming from the garage and the elimination of power throughout the house, I sought refuge—Edward.

I should've known better than to think that I could escape the curse I'd been given.

"They got inside, Edward," Benjamin argued, louder than before. It was enough for his words to register within dozens of voices heard throughout the house. "That means one of wards or seals are broken, and I need to check on them. Even then, any spirits already within the home would remain trapped inside, unless she pushes them out."

"I will not expose her further! There has to be a way to expel them and prevent them from coming back inside."

Edward's arms prevented me from moving, when I peeked and saw Benjamin run toward a workbench and storage along the west wall. His cell phone was the only light source, when suddenly, the power whirred to life. Benjamin immediately switched on the light in the garage and continued to look for something. A flashlight filled his hand, checking to see if it was still in working order. Satisfied with his find, he continued to search for something else.

"What are you looking for?" Edward asked him. I uncovered my ears more, wincing at the sound of the other voices rising. I had to filter through them to find Edward and Benjamin's individual ones. Theirs were softer than those who seemed to be screaming, searching for me.

"Spray paint, paint of any kind to go over the symbols," he replied.

"Blood would work better," I said, stilling when Edward's breath caught. "It was angel blood on the walls and windows, not paint."

They had known, but never told me. However, from my past, I knew how these things worked.

"Then I need a knife," Benjamin stated without hesitation.

I cried out, one of the spirits was near, screaming and closing in. Again, Edward's voice sounded distant, clearing after I shook my head and took a few deep breaths to gather more control.

"I'm taking her inside," Edward said, and then added, "Be careful."

Benjamin only nodded and exited through the garage side exit into the backyard, cautious as the door closed behind him. I worried about what he'd find out there; I knew there were only a handful of methods to break a protective spell.

I led the way inside the house, Edward on my heels, keeping a hand on me at all times. I felt the cold bone deep as my body started to shake. My hands trembled as warmth tried to penetrate once I was inside the mudroom.

"I can't ignore them, Edward," I murmured, afraid to speak louder than a whisper. The spirits in the house still hadn't pinpointed my location thanks to the protection I wore. Another breath allowed me to close myself further to their intrusion, but the walls I erected seemed flimsy at best.

The bombardment was too much and I wasn't sure how much longer I could hold it inside me. What "it" was, I wasn't sure, but I thought it would be best that it remained inside.

"Try, Bella," Edward whispered in my ear as he pulled me against his chest. I lifted my eyes when we reached the kitchen, only to come face to face with a spirit. I stepped back instinctively, but I held back the need to scream. The terror must have bled through me, alerting my fiancé.

Edward sensed what was happening, having witnessed it before. "What is it?"

"A man in his mid to late thirties, shot through the head," I replied softly, as the spirit in question roared in my face. Sometimes, it takes a while for them to hear or understand me, until the moment they did, they scream or do their best to get my attention.

This spirit in particular had been waiting to reach me for weeks, angered due to the circumstances surrounding his death. It was made to look like a suicide, but he was murdered. It was hard to look at his gaunt face and his darkened eyes that were once a pretty, ice blue. Beside his left ear was the small hole, blackened around the edges but fringed lightly with red. I shuddered, taking in the rest of his appearance. On the right side of his head, just below his sharp cheekbone was the exit wound. It was nowhere near as clean as the other. Blood and brain matter surrounded it in a starburst pattern, his hair matted with the substance, his skull visible. I tried not to look at it, shuddering.

Even after all this time, I still was unable to handle seeing them like this, in horror movie quality, only it was my reality.

As the spirit demanded answers, the others parading around my house started to trickle into the room, bottlenecking at the door. I swayed, overcome from the onslaught. There were more of them than before.

Edward's arms wrapped around me from behind, desperation clung to his voice. "Leave her alone," he cried out, pulling me against him tighter. "Can't you see you're hurting her?"

Tension filled the air, thickening around me; I couldn't hold it in. Lights overhead flickered, cabinet doors in the kitchen banged harshly. Drawers flew open, items clanked and metal pinged as things shot off shelves and out of their spaces. Arms tight around me, Edward tried to maneuver me from the room, out of harm's way.

My words failed me. I couldn't even protest.

Everywhere he turned, violence followed. Frames shook on the walls, hanging precariously on their nails and hooks. Various art pieces and knick-knacks fell, breaking into threatening shards.

I screamed as the voices came to me like waves against the shore, in the middle of storm.

"Please help me!"

"My son he needs to know!"

"That bastard killed me. You can't let him get away with it!"

"I just need you to give her a message."

On and on, words and memories came from all sides. My head felt as if it was going to explode. I gasped, leaning heavily on Edward, breathless as one particular memory filled my thoughts.

A child was in trouble. Before I could reply, come up with anything to tell the spirit, Edward's handsome, worried face filled my vision. His hands were on me—somewhere—his mouth moving but no words seemed to come out.

Strange, I thought. Reflected in his terrified gaze, I saw my face. I was trapped, lost in memories that were not my own.

I instantly snapped out of it. I fell into Edward's arms, my knees, hell my whole body, too weak to hold me up. Despite my obvious trouble, the spirits continued to scream at me, too scared and angry to stop or let go. Too preoccupied by their desires to notice what they were doing to me.

Something inside me burned, building up in its intensity. I knew what was about to happen if they didn't stop. My father suspected it, and I had nightmares of the night my mother died. I was, in essence, a ticking time bomb, and Edward would fall victim if he remained with me.

Words continued to fail me, on the tip of my tongue, but I remained frozen, as if I uttered one word, I would explode. I knew the consequences; that if I couldn't contain it, I would never be able to live with the guilt and loss.

Edward meant everything to me.

"Oh God, please stop this. Leave her be!" I heard the desperation in his voice and the fear that roughened it. Edward had always felt defenseless when he could do nothing while I was under attack. How does one defend a loved one against a ghost?

His hold was tight, his words drawn out as he continued to ask for peace. Around us, the house was in shambles; there wasn't much time left. I felt something grow inside me, and I knew I only had minutes to spare. Tiny pops of light started to cloud my vision. I had to do something.

Footsteps echoed in the nearby hallway, and I turned to see Benjamin skidding to a stop in the living room where Edward and I stood. One of my paintings floated in front of him, and he looked confused as it sped up and hit the opposite wall with a thunderous crackle of glass and violence.

"Get him out of here," I mouthed to Benjamin, causing his eyes to widen after a brief moment of doubt. Did he figure out what Edward hadn't?

It was no longer the spirits inflicting the damage…it was me.


All around us, chaos ensued. Blood pounded in my ears, a ringing made it impossible to focus on anything. Instinctively, my arms tightened around Bella, my hand falling on to her abdomen. Under the onslaught, I felt her knees give out, and mine were not too far behind. I lowered us slowly to the floor.

I had never seen this level of spiritual manipulation. Things floated around us and then suddenly crashed into other items with such violence that it seemed as if nothing would survive this. Would it be better for me to get her away from this or would it be worse outside, where more spirits could find her?

Ben looked confused as ever and as defenseless as I did. "We've got to get out of here, Edward," he called out, barely audible over the hum that filled the air. He ducked to avoid a hovering lamp that smashed against the mantle.

Wind whipped through my hair and Bella's, and rushed near my ears. Suddenly, there was a fluttering of feathers at the fringes of my hearing. I looked up to come face to face with a small battalion of angels, four in all. Dressed in matching black suits, they looked larger than life and seemed to fill the large space to its capacity.

Whatever they were doing there, it couldn't be good. Again, I cried out, fearing that they were there to take me away from her.

Hands, strong and capable, grabbed my arms, pulling me from Bella. Incoherent words spilled from her mouth as she curled into herself, rocking.

"What are you doing?" I roared, fighting their iron grip hold. "Help her!"

Demetrius was the first to speak. "We are here to help, Edward. For us to do so, you must leave."

"Where's Jacob?" He would be as protective of her as I was; there was no way he'd stand for this.

A look of pain flitted across his dark features, passing through the other angels. I used the moment and lunged for Bella, escaping their hold. The second my hands touched her, my skin seared. I flinched and pulled back, she was burning up.

"Help her!" I wasn't the only one asking, Ben stood beside me as I reached for her again. My skin felt as if it was melting wherever I touched her, but an angel pulled me away from her again. He stood protectively in front of Bella, barring my way to her. Laying a hand on my chest, instantly my burns cooled and my bloodied, singed fingertips healed.

I tried to bypass him and reach around for Bella again. "Get away from her," I hissed, recognizing the figure before me.


When it was obvious that I would not give up, Demetrius and another angel I had no name for, grabbed me, pulling me away from Bella.

"Bella," I cried, hoping that she could hear me. "Please, baby, get up!"

From the floor where she knelt, her tear-filled eyes lifted to meet mine. They softened, a whimper escaping her, her hand reaching for her throat as if she couldn't speak. In the kitchen, the pendant lights over the kitchen island started to burst, one by one.

"Go!" Garrett hissed, helping the others as I continued to fight them.

Eyes still locked with Bella, she said with just a look how much she loved me and how sorry she was.

"No, baby. Don't leave me!" I started to kick and punch my way free until someone applied some pressure on my neck, making me sway. "I can't…I can't be without you, too."

As we passed the threshold, I managed one last fleeting look before the door slammed closed. The sight of her amongst the chaos, looking so tiny, renewed my efforts. I screamed for her, but ice beneath my feet on the walkway brought me to my knees. They dragged me further back, onto the driveway.

"Bella!" my voice hoarse, tears stung my cheeks as my body started to weaken. Ben tried to soothe me, explain that it was the only way.

"She'll be safe, Edward."

How could he know that?

The house seemed to glow from within, light at every window. Glass panes rattled and shook in their places. Light bulbs started to pop, raining dangerous sparks in each room.

"Save her!" I tried again. My eyes met Demetrius and then Garrett.

"We can't go in there," he explained. "She can kill us, too." It was then that I understood. Something like this had happened before.

The night her mother died.

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