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The New Girl Dani.

Chapter 1

(Third person POV)

"Who the hell is that?"

"Is she new?"

"That shirt was so last season."

"Who do you think she is?"

This was some of the conversations that all circulated around the new girl. She walked down the hallway looking like she had a place to be, and ignoring the people's stares. She definitely was out of town, for no one except the cheerleaders held themselves with that type of confidence that they could just break through the crowd.

Her hair fell in sleek ringlets, perfectly constructed around her heart shaped face. Her face looked natural and make up free, for she already looked beautiful, with her ice blue eyes and her pale complexion. Her clothes could have looked slutty if she actually tried to make them so, but she just walked around in them with ease. Her shorts barely reached mid thigh, and was mostly covered up by her jewel toned tank top. Her black boots came up to about mid knee. By lunchtime, she would be the new gossip of the school. Every guy's new wet dream and every girl's new enemy. The joys of high school.

Dani POV

I made my way to the office without being interrupted, but not without getting daggers from all the girls at this school. I could feel the stares of the guys ogling my but as I walked. Perverts.

The women at the reception desk hadn't even realized that I had come in until I knocked on the door and coughed to get her attention. She had been reading a book which probably wasn't very school appropriate. She had on those big 80s glasses that always look horrible on everybody, no matter how hard you try and make them look good. She was probably in her 60s, with all the gray hairs and wrinkles.

"Oh you must be our special case, Principal Figgins told me about you. Well here is your class schedule, locker number and combination, and all the other stuff that you need to have a successful academic high school career." She handed me a cream colored folder. I nodded. "Well off you go honey." Creeper.

It didn't take me long to find my locker, number 421. It looked pretty rusty and that it hadn't been used in decades. I wonder what all the money is going to then. My class schedule looked pretty basic. Pre-Calculus, Spanish, English, Biology, all the regular stuff that a junior would have to take. I had started to wonder the halls, trying to find classroom 19, which was supposedly Spanish, taught by a Mr. Sheuster. I hadn't gotten very far until I ran into something, or someone.

From the letterman jacket that he was wearing he was obviously a football player. His hair was shaved into a Mohawk, which actually didn't look stupid on him. He was at least 6 inches taller than me, which is saying something for I am almost 5'10".

"Hey watch where your-oh hey baby, do I know you?" Wow, that was just sad. He tried to put on a sexy smile that was supposed to make me melt inside, but it didn't work.

"You actually don't, and I had really wished that it had stayed that way." I smiled one of those what you could call a bitchy smile, which really meant get the heck away from me you creeper. "Now if you will excuse me, I have to find a Mr. Sheuster's classroom." I started to walk away, hoping that he didn't follow. He did.

"Now you don't say. That's exactly where I was headed. I'm Puck." He held out his hand, actually thinking that I would actually shake that monster's hand.

"And I'm not interested." Leaving him watching me walk off was probably going to be the highlight of my day.

"You're headed the wrong way. Mr. Sheu's class is that way. I can show you if you want, or I could just leave you wandering the halls until the bell rings." Shit. I turned back around to see a very smug Puck, who then started to head off in the opposite direction. I followed him, but tried to keep my distance. There was no way in hell that I would let this guy get the better of me.

He stopped at a door about 5 classrooms down. He didn't even wait for me and just headed into the classroom. I could hear a slightly older man's voice talk to Puck, asking why he was late and such, and then sigh when Puck gave him one of those idiotic answers that only football players can think up.

I knocked on the classroom door. The man, who I suspected to be the teacher, looked at me. He's actually kind of cute. He wasn't much older than 30 at the most, and wore a button down collared shirt with a tie. He had short curly hair that looked like it had at least half a pound of gel and mousse in it. He was shorter than Puck, but not much. He then smiled at me, probably recognizing who I was.

"You must be our new student. I'm Mr. Sheuster and welcome to Spanish 101." Wow. Great smile. He is definitely one of the better looking teachers that I have had. I wonder is he's married. "Class, this is our new student. I hope that you will welcome her with friendliness and help her settle into McKinley High School. Would you like to introduce yourself to the class?"

"Not really. Now where do I sit?" I really didn't want to talk about myself. With all the drool coming out of all the guys' mouths I would rather be seated as soon as possible.

"You can sit next to Puck in the back." Shit. "At least tell us something about yourself. Like what's your name?" He actually seemed genuine when he asked this.

"It's Dani, and that's all you need to know." I then moved between the desks to sit next to the very happy looking Puck. "Oh get that smug look off your face. For all you know, I can be a bitch and talk nonstop about my past life. And I could go into very graphic boring details," I whispered so quietly that only he could hear me. His smile grew bigger.

Damn it.

End of chapter 1

I hope you guys liked it. It was very fun to write. Hopefully next chapter Dani will sing and will meet more member of the Glee Club including the famous Rachel Berry.