De-anoning from the Kink Meme; I don't think I even waited 24 hours...

I had a lot of fun with this story, although there was a while in the middle where I almost gave up on it entirely. I'm so glad I picked it back up again! Here is the original request:

Anon would like to reqest a fairytale-type story with US/UK/US.
But! England is the hero, with America as the damsel in distress. Anon is not opposed to genderswitching so America really is a princess, or any type of AU, but it'd be cool if it could somehow be in canon universe.

Bonus: Dragons!
Extra bonus: Non-crack. I lovelovelove crack, really I do, so I don't mind cracky fills, but a serious storyline would be awesome.


Far Away into the Forest

"Awfur?" Arthur looked fondly down at the little colony in his lap.

"What is it, Love?" he asked, brushing the child's hair out his eyes.

"You can do magic, wight?"

"Yes, but your people aren't terribly fond of magic, so you must keep it a secret. Do you promise?" Alfred nodded seriously and crossed his heart. "Alright then, little one, what is it you wanted to ask?"

"I want to go in here," he pointed at the storybook that Arthur was holding out in front of them.

"Into the book?"

"Yeah, I want to be in a faiwy tale!"

"That's powerful magic, Alfred. I'm not sure I could do it…"

"But Awfur, you can do anyfing!"

After that, of course, there was no way Arthur could say 'no'.

"I'll take it back to England with me when I leave next. I'll see what I can do with all my spell books back home. Do you think you could wait?"

"I'll wait forever!" The boy squealed and he wrapped his arms around his mother country's neck.


Arthur had just returned from his time overseas. He was currently unpacking his bags while Alfred bounded excitedly around the room. The boy was much taller than he had been when Arthur had left. He had out grown his infant gown, and was now wearing knickers like a proper little man. It made Arthur feel very proud.

"Look what I've found, Alfred. Do you remember this?" Arthur pulled a large fairytale book out of his bag. The boy blushed and looked away.

"I was a pretty goofy little kid, huh?" he said, kicking at the ground in embarrassment.

"What do you mean, Al?"

"Well, now that I'm a big kid, I feel kind of silly about some of the stuff I used to do," he explained.

"Oh?" Arthur asked, trying not to smile. Alfred was still very much a child and all his posturing was hopelessly endearing.

"I just can't believe that I thought you really knew magic. I mean, how goofy can you get?"

Arthur blanched, and slowly put the book back into his bag.


"Arthur! Arthur! I'm in your house, so if you find me later and you're surprised you can't get mad at me for not telling you!" Alfred was quiet for a moment, waiting for a response. There was none. He kept going in anyway, dropping his bag by the front door, and wandering into the house with his shoes still on.

After confirming that Arthur was, in fact, not home, Alfred settled himself in front of the television. It wasn't long, however, before he grew bored. He could only handle so much British television in a single sitting. Getting up from the couch, he went in search for something to do. He eventually found himself in Arthur's study, and he went about exploring the bookshelf for something to read. Somewhere in the back of his mind he thought Arthur would be impressed with him if he came home and found the younger nation reading.

Unfortunately most of the books looked long and kind of boring. That or Alfred had already read them during his visits throughout the past few decades. He hunched down so that he could read the spines of the books lower down. They were generally older books, ones that were about as old as Alfred or even older. Suddenly he found himself looking at a very familiar spine. He pulled it out and laughed.

"My old fairy tale book! I'd totally forgotten this!" In a fit of nostalgia, he quickly opened it up- and then he was gone.


When Alfred woke up, he had no idea where he was. He was lying on the ground, and he could smell the rich scent of wet earth. Blearily he sat up blinking, and glanced around. He was in the forest, the creepiest damn forest he'd ever scene. Every tree was gnarled and dead, and the eyes of animals glowed from within their hollow trunks.

Alfred screamed and staggered to his feet, hugging his arms to his body in the fear that he would have to touch something. It looked like something out of a horror movie, and he was convinced that a zombie or an ax murderer was going to pop out at any moment. He heard a rustling behind him, and he turned around quickly.

"Help me! Oh please, won't somebody help me." It was a weak cry, and suddenly Alfred wasn't afraid anymore. He was, after all, a hero, and if someone was in need he had to help them.

"Hey! I'm here don't worry, I'll help you!" He called out, "Keep talking, I'll come help you."

"Thank you, Dearie. I thought I'd die out here."

Alfred approached the voice, and discovered an elderly woman who had fallen into a ditch. She was hunched and as gnarled as the surrounding trees. She was dressed in a black cloak, and she looked up at Alfred pathetically.

"Don't worry, I'll get ya out." He hopped down into the hole with her.

"You silly boy!" she chided, "Now we're both stuck."

"Nah. It's cool. Get on my back, and I'll climb out of here." He smiled at her and bent down on his knees so that she could climb onto his back. With one hand he supported her, and with the other he began to pull them out of the hole. When they were out of the ditch he placed her back onto the ground.

"My my my! What a heroic boy, and so strong," she croaked.

"Heheh, yeah well," Alfred said with false modesty.

"I am earnest, my boy. Such strength is remarkably uncommon. But that aside, I am very grateful. Can I offer you a small token of my thanks?" She smiled at him, showing her few teeth. The old woman reached into her cloak and pulled out a large and shiny apple. "I'm sure a strapping lad such as yourself is always hungry."

"Am I ever!" said Alfred, who hadn't been hungry a moment ago, but was suddenly ravenous. He reached out greedily for the proffered fruit, and then quickly devoured it.

Almost immediately he felt weak. It was as though all of his strength and power was being drained out of his body. In a moment he barely felt strong enough to lift his own head, let alone anything else.

The old woman cackled, she laughed, and in a puff of smoke she turned into a handsome wizard. Alfred stared at him in exhausted confusion.

"What a stupid expression you have," he spat in disgust. "but you're not bad otherwise, so I'm going to add you to my collection."


Arthur arrived home after a long day of government work. He was exhausted and thinking fondly of the cup of tea he would be making himself as soon he reached the kettle. He went to unlock the door, only to discover that it was already open.

"Bugger," he sighed angrily, and he swung the door open to reveal a familiar American Flag backpack. "Of course," he muttered.

He entered the house, toed his shoes off, and sighed again when he noticed that Alfred had tracked mud inside.

"Alfred! You are cleaning this up yourself! You know that, don't you? Alfred? Alfred!" There was no response, so Arthur huffed and went searching for him. He followed the footprints for a while, but eventually they faded and he still hadn't found his ex-colony. He was forced to search the rest of the house.

The door to his study was open, which seemed promising. He walked in, slowly, hoping to catch the boy doing something he could berate him for. The only thing he found, however, was a book laying open on the floor.

"What is this doing here?" Arthur murmured to himself, bending down to pick it up. He sensed the power even before he touched the page, but he touched it anyway.


Author's Note: Not much to say about this chapter. Although, the two classic Disney scenes that I most prominently ripped off in this chapter are both from Snow White. The poisoned Apple scene and the escape through the forest scene. The chapter title is taken from the instrumental in that second scene. You can find it by searching "Far Away into the Forest" on youtube.