The beginning to of this story has been on my mind for quite some time now, and I haven't been able to shake it off me. I don't know just where I will go with this story, so bear with me.

Summary: Instead of being attacked by Dementors during the summer after his fourth year, Harry was attacked by werewolves. While he survived the attack, he still got bitten. Now he must learn what it means to be a werewolf, while Voldemort and his followers loom in the shadows. If that wasn't enough, Harry must keep a low profile unless he want to become directly involved in a war between werewolves and vampires. A task that isn't made easier with Dolores Umbridge at Hogwarts. Fortunately, Remus is there to help.

A guardian/charge fic

Warnings: Contains a few hand-to-hand fights that are inspired by the manga 'Naruto' and the movie 'Underworld'. But they won't till later and won't be near that extreme.

Disclaimer: If I was the owner of Harry Potter, I wouldn't be on cash benefit, would I?

Chapter 1: Waking Up.

When fourteen-year -old Harry woke up, he was aware of two things: One, his entire vision was swimming and two; he felt like hell. His entire felt like it was on fire and he was sure he was going to be sick any time. But much to his surprise, and big relief, he didn't empty his stomach on the floor here in… 'Where am I anyway?'

The next thing he became aware of was that his clothes were sticking uncomfortably to his body and that he didn't have his glasses on.

'Well, at least that explain why I can't see a bloody thing. Now, where are my glasses?'

He started to sit up, as he had realized he had been lying down, but as he did so, a wave of dizziness and nausea washed over him. 'On second thought, it can wait.'

Closing his eyes in the hope of pushing down the nausea, Harry concentrated on the smells and sounds around him. The only smell he could pick up was the distinct smell of antiseptics and a room cleaner than the living room at Privet Drive after Petunia was done with her weekly house cleaning. Harry could only think of one thing cleaner than that: A hospital room.

Mentally groaning, Harry focused entirely on the sounds outside, hoping to get some clues to where he was. He heard the thunder rolling in the distance, the creaking of windows as the wind pulled at them and the wind rustling the treetops.

Despite the heavy fog clouding his mind, it didn't take long for him to figure out he was at Hogwarts, or more precisely, Hogwarts Hospital Wing. But he couldn't remember why or how he ended up here.

The only thing he remembered was making his way back to Privet Drive after strolling around till around 11 in the evening. He knew full well that his uncle and aunt would give him a long scolding and add more chores for him to do, but the young wizard-in-training couldn't care less. After his last catastrophic year where he was forced to see a fellow student die, weeding the garden was the least of his concerns.

And it frustrated him to no end knowing that Voldemort was out there, planning his next move, while he stuck at Privet Drive, not knowing anything.

To make matters worse, he hadn't received any letters from his friends Hermione or Ron, nor his godfather Sirius Black, or anyone else for that matter. And now, almost a month into his summer holidays before his fifth year, he had started wondering if they had forgotten him completely or if they thought he didn't deserve to know what was going on out there. He knew he was thinking like a spoiled brat, and he kept telling himself that couldn't be the case, but after everything that happened last year, he thought he had earned the right to know what was going on.

With those thoughts in his mind, he had paid no attention to where he was going. He remembered entering the middle of the local park, but from there, nothing.

Making another attempt at sitting up, his left side exploded with pain, and he let out a cry of pain and felt his eyes watering slightly at the pain. Groaning he sat up against the bed's headboard, ignoring the heavy throbbing and constricting sensation the movement caused. Fumbling around, he found his glasses on the nightstand. Giving another soft moan of discomfort as he stretched his body to get them, seeing how he had pushed them farther away before, his fingers got a hold on them and he quickly put them on before lying back down again.

His left side was now itching, right below his ribs, but just as was about to investigate the reason, he heard them: Voices. And they were coming nearer.

"Why it happened is not a mystery, Dumbledore! How could it happen in the first place? You said you're the blood wards would keep him safe and that your own wards would alert you! So how…"

"You cannot blame the Headmaster for the boy's idiotic behaviour. It seems that no matter what kind of precautions we take to ensure the boy's safety, Potter ignores those. Just like his father, he too…"

"Not another word, Snape, I dare you! If you say one more word about Harry or James, I will not hesitate to hex you into the next century!"

Harry's head went spinning. 'That is Sirius and Snape. What happened to me to make Sirius this angry?'

Before he could contemplate any further, the doors burst open and Harry was suddenly very happy that he was concealed behind the curtains as he could easily imagine the angry face of Headmaster Albus Dumbledore.

"I think that will do, Severus, Sirius. I do not know myself how this could have happened, but I will look into it. What is important right now is to make sure Harry is in as little pain as possible. Then we need to make arrangements for the rest of the summer."

Immediately, Sirius spoke up, although he clearly was close as losing his cool. "I will do it. Grimmauld Place is the safest place for Harry now."

Snape gave a scathing snort. "Touching, Black. And what will you do when Potter takes another midnight stroll? Accompany him in your fleabag alter-ego?"

Sirius growled, quite like he would when he was Padfoot, but Dumbledore cut in before things got out of hand between the two arch enemies.

"Sirius, be reasonable. You don't know how the wards your ancestors put on Grimmauld will react when Harry enters. If he it had entered last night, I assume nothing would have happened. But as those aren't the circumstances, we cannot risk it. Not just for the sake of the Order, but more importantly, for Harry's sake."

That didn't make any sense to Harry, but before he could even start to make sense of it all, another voice spoke up. "We will do it. Harry is already like a son to us and I'm sure the children will love to have him there."

At that moment, the curtains was pulled aside and Harry barely managed to close his eyes, pretending to be asleep. He felt a hand on his forehead before it moved through his hair in a comforting way. This time, a woman's voice spoke up.

"Oh dear, he is burning up. Get me some cold water and a cloth. And he is so thin."

Harry almost couldn't stop the smile from forming. He would recognize the voice of Molly Weasley any day a week. Then he heard Dumbledore let out a pained sigh.

"I appreciate your offer, Arthur, Molly. And I'm sure Harry would be delighted to move into the Burrow for the rest of the summer and that your children would be happy to share their home with him as well. Unfortunately, we cannot provide the necessary protection for you. Your family's close bond with Harry is well-known by the student's of Hogwarts by now. It would be foolish of us not to assume they haven't shared that with their parents. Some of those parents are Death Eaters and they will undoubtly have told it Voldemort. It would only be a matter of time before Voldemort would order a strike on your home, which is why we are moving you to Headquarters for the remainder of the summer."

Once again, Harry's foggy brain couldn't keep up. However, he felt Molly leave his side as she walked over to her husband. Risking opening his eyes a bit, Harry focused in the direction of the voices.

Mrs. Weasley had tears running down her cheeks while Mr. Weasley tried his best to comfort her. Severus Snape looked bored, though glancing at Sirius Black with hatred. The dog Animagus looked angry beyond belief while Professor Dumbledore looked deep in thought. Finally Molly spoke up again.

"We know of the risks Albus, but whatever choice do we have? Most in the Order don't have time to take care of a child." Her eyes grew wide. "Surely you are not thinking about sending him back to those dreadful Muggles?"

Dumbledore shook his head, the usual twinkle in his eye absent. "No Molly, I don't intend on sending young Harry back to Mr. and Mrs. Dursley. It wouldn't be safe for either of them. The blood wards have pretty much fallen. No, Harry needs a new home for the rest of the summer. He can't stay at Hogwarts. I'm expecting Cornelius any day now, and if he sees Harry like this, he will start asking question none of us, and especially not Harry, will want to answer."

Snape frowned. "But who are you thinking are up for the task, Dumbledore? As Mrs. Weasley pointed out, none of the Order members have time to look after Potter without raising suspicion. And whoever takes him in would have to be powerful, just in case Potter's whereabouts is revealed."

Dumbledore nodded, a contemplative frown on his old face. "Indeed. And it wouldn't be a good idea to put Harry under your protection, Severus. Otherwise, you would be the perfect choice."

Harry was horrified. 'Me, live with Snape? That's it, Professor Dumbledore has lost it, gone bonkers, fell off his rocket! It would be the death of me! Snape hates me for God's sake!'

Sirius was equally horrified. Usually, he had no problems voicing his thoughts, but this latest idea of Dumbledore's had left him speechless, spluttering as he tried to find words for what he thought about the Headmaster's suggestion. As for Severus… he looked about ready to Avada the Headmaster to Hell and back.

Just as Harry was about to sit up and throw in his two cents, an emotionless voice spoke up from near the window furthest away.

"Despite being powerful wizards, you are incredible stupid. And you might want to ask young Mr. Potter what he thinks, considering he has been awake for the last twenty minutes or so."

Six heads instantly turned in the direction of the voice, Sirius and Snape drawing their wands. The former growled softly as the stranger approached, the group near Harry's bedside, his face still hidden in the dark.

"Who the hell are you? And what do you have to do with all of this? Answer me!"

Harry found he had to admire the courage of the stranger. Despite having two wands pointed directly at his heart, he still continued forward, causing Arthur Weasley to draw his wand too, while Molly took up position by Harry's side.

A lightningbolt lit up the sky outside, and Harry gasped as the brief light illuminated the stranger's features. His face was pale, almost the same as a corpse and his blue eyes were even more piercing the ones of Albus Dumbledore. His nose was a normal sized and formed, but his ebony-black hair was long and bound in a ponytail with a silver bow at the back. He looking young, twenty at the max.

"Severus Snape and Sirius Black… Your reputations precede you. One is the youngest Potions Master in five centuries and the other is the only man to have ever escaped Azkaban on his own. It's an honour to meet you."

He shifted his gaze to Dumbledore, the Weasleys and Harry before continuing. "Albus Dumbledore, arguably the most powerful wizard since Merlin himself. Arthur Weasley and his wife, the wizard family rekowned for defending and saving a lot of Muggles during the last Wizarding War. The family is also known for its general poverty and many children. Also known front fighters for Muggle rights. Are currently most known for hosting Harry Potter a couple of weeks during the summer. And last, but not least, Harry Potter… the Curse Survivor. It's a great honour to finally meet you."

Harry cocked an eyebrow. 'Curse Survivor? Well, that is a new one.'

But before Harry could answer, Sirius cut in. "You didn't answer my questions: Who are you and what have you to do with all of this?"

The stranger gave a smile before bowing. "Forgive me. It seems I'm forgetting my manners. My name is Nethan, Nethan Lysandiran. As for my involvement in this… I was the one who brought young Mr. Potter to this castle last night."

Harry gaped at the stranger, Nethan. 'So it was him who brought me here? But why? I don't understand. And why are Sirius, Mr. and Mrs. Weasley so pale?'

The mentioned adult had indeed gone white. Even Severus Snape stared in disbelief at Nethan. If Dumbledore was surprised, he hid it well, although he kept a wary eye on Nethan. "I see. Mr. Lysandiran, would you please enlighten us on the circumstances that made you bring Harry to this castle?"

Before Nethan could respond, Sirius spoke up. "It better be good Lysandiran. If I even detect the smallest thing in your story that might connect you to the attack, you will regret it."

Nethan's eyes narrowed dangerously as locked eyes with Sirius, and Harry thought the temperature seemed to have dropped a few degrees.

"And why would I want to harm young Mr. Potter or his cousin? I saved them from two attacks that night. One from werewolves and one from Dementors. The Dementors were some streets away, but they were clearly searching for something… or someone. As for the werewolves…" Here he gave Harry a regrettable look. "I was not on time. Your cousin was spying on you from a tree line and got attacked by one werewolf. I managed to drive it away, but unfortunately, the other one bit you before I killed it. The first one escaped. Before I could give pursuit, one of the Dementors arrived and thought it was better to get you to safety. I must say Mr. Potter, those Dementors had an unusual interest for you. When it saw I carried it you away, it gave chase and its companion soon joined instead of going for the easy prey your cousin was."

He sighed. "I had to knock out a wizard who tried stopping me. Luckily he had a Portkey that took me to around the edge of the Forbidden Forest. From there, it was a piece of cake to get into the castle."

Dumbledore sighed. "We will have to investigate this matter. Dementors and werewolves in Little Whinging? Voldemort is growing bold."

But Harry wasn't listening anymore. He had stopped listening halfway through Nethan's recount. He had been bitten… by a werewolf? If that was the case, he knew all too well what he would become 'No, this can't be happening, no, please no. What am I going to do? Am I going to be denied into Hogwarts because I'm too dangerous to be around? What about Ron, Hermione? What will they think? God, what am I to do?'

He barely heard Sirius speak. "… but you haven't answered why a Lysandiran was in Little Whinging!"

Nethan sighed. "I was tracking one of those werewolves as I was wondering why it was heading into a Muggle town like that. And I don't see why you complain, Mr. Black. Had he been any other teenage boy, I wouldn't have lifted a finger for him. And besides… being bitten by a werewolf is still better than being kissed by a Dementor."

Harry managed to stop the tears that was threatening to flow, but he also wanted answers. And he was getting angry. Pushing aside the depressing thoughts of his unknown future aside, he started shouting at Nethan. "And why did you save me? Because I'm the Boy-Who-Lived, or Curse Survivor as you called me? You haven't cared all summer, but now you do? And if I understood you correctly, you wouldn't have done anything if I had been any other? And what the bloody hell is special about the surname Lysandiran?"

Nethan turned his gaze towards the angry and distraught teenager as Molly Weasley sat down on the bed, an arm around Harry's shoulder, hoping to calm him down. However, it was Snape who answered the last question.

"You really don't know that, Potter? It seems you fell asleep during the wolf's lessons then. The Lysandiran is one of the Great Ten Covens."

That didn't help Harry one bit. Growling, Sirius stepped behind Harry, a hand resting on his shoulder and pointing his wand at Nethan with the other.

"Don't insult Harry or Remus, Snape. You know as well as I do that the Covens are only covered in seventh year."

Harry was getting impatient. "And what exactly are those 'Covens'?"

Severus snorted before smirking. "Vampire covens, Potter, vampire covens."

Harry felt his jaw drop. 'Nethan is a vampire? But why would a vampire save me?'

Nethan smirked. "Yes, I'm from one of the Great Ten Covens." His face fell back into his impassive mask. "As to why I saved you: Well, you are completely wrong if you think I helped you out because you are the Curse Survivor. I don't care about what you mean to the wizards society."

Harry frowned. "Then why?"

Nethan smiled. "Because I would bring great shame upon myself, and thus the Coven, if I let you die. Consider it a small repay of a lifelong debt." Seeing the wizards' perplexed gazes, although Dumbledore seemed to have inkling to where this was going, Nethan smirked slightly. "I owe Remus Lupin my life and honour… that is not something taken lightly by any in the Coven. Remus care a great deal about you, Mr. Potter. And I have no doubt that he would skin me alive if he found out I let a person precious to him die like that."

All the wizards could tell he wasn't finished, and they were quite right as they saw and heard the seriousness in Nethan's voice and eyes.

"And Remus Lupin is your solution to your current predicament. Leave young Mr. Harry Potter in Remus'. Only a werewolf can teach and truly take care for another werewolf."

Snape frowned before addressing Dumbledore. "Headmaster, it might work. As Lysandiran pointed out, only a werewolf can teach a werewolf. And Lupin is, despite everything I may feel about him, powerful. He might be the kind of protection Potter here needs. Not that it will do any good if Potter does something stupid."

Harry glared at the Potions Master, but Dumbledore's next words caused him to give the Headmaster his full attention.

"You know Severus, I believe you are right. And I doubt Remus will protest too much…"

He was cut off by Molly Weasley. "Dumbledore, while Arthur and I agree Remus might be the right person, you seem to be forgetting the laws concerning children and werewolves. The first law says…"

Dumbledore just smiled. "It says that no werewolf is allowed to adopt a child. However, it also says that a werewolf can become a guardian of a child that is fourteen years or older. The only requirement is twenty recommendations by wizards who have come of age and a monthly check-up by an authorized healer. As it so happens, Poppy was the leading healer at St. Mungo's before she came here. And the recommendations shouldn't be too hard to get. We will have to pull some strings in the Ministry, but it is far from impossible."

Nethan nodded. "Seems you have everything under control now, Mr. Dumbledore. You better tell Remus the moment he returns from Alaska. Mr. Potter needs to prepare for the upcoming war."

Sirius gave a low snarl as Nethan was about to walk out the door. "While I think Harry should know what is going on…"

He was interrupted by Mrs. Weasley. "He is too young! He need to finish his education before he should even consider fighting Death…"

Nethan stopped in his tracks and gave the concerned witch and angry wizard a cold glance. "Who said I was talking about the war between you wizards? No, I'm talking about the upcoming war between werewolves and vampires. Seven out of the Great Ten are mobilizing their fighters as we speak and we expect the smaller ones will join soon, willingly or unwillingly. And I can tell you right now that they won't care how old young Mr. Potter is, should they discover what he has become. They will see him as a werewolf, nothing more, nothing less. Now, I must go. Goodbye."

With that he left. Dumbledore sighed and turned to Snape. "Severus, I must ask you to start gathering the necessary ingredients for brewing a fresh batch of Wolfsbane Potion. We are short on time." Snape nodded and left immediately. Dumbledore continued. "I will contact Remus. He should be on his way back from Alaska, but now time has become of the essence. Molly, Arthur and Sirius: you are welcome to stay, but Harry should try getting some rest now. Harry… I'm truly sorry. I failed you. Forgive me."

Harry just nodded mutely as Dumbledore left the Hospital Wing. All of the thoughts from earlier began to resurface and, against his will, tears started to flow. He was going to be a werewolf, and there was nothing he could do to change it. His mind wandered to Ron and Hermione, and his other friends, what were they going to think? And if having Voldemort wasn't bad enough, now he was also likely to fight vampires, whether he liked it or not.

Trying to blink back the tears of frustration and other emotions, Harry spoke, almost choking. "I… I can't do this. I'm… I'm not ready for this. Why… why do those things always happen to me? It's not fair… it's not fair! Why... why is it always me? It's not fair"

Mrs. Weasley took him into an embrace while Sirius sat down behind Harry, rubbing his back. Both had to fight against tears themselves, but right now they knew Harry needed them to be strong for him.

Sirius was the one to voice what was on both of their minds. "We know kiddo, we know. But you are not alone. We are here for you. We always help you and love you, no matter what happens."

That night, Harry cried himself to sleep, without caring for the fact that he soon would be fifteen, without caring who saw him. The last thing he wanted to think about was the future and the impending wars he would be forced to participate in, whether he wanted to or not.

End chapter 1