A/N: While I respect the Cross Game canon with the utmost respect, I always thought that these two would make the cutest couple because, you see, I am a big fan of both Aoba and Azuma. Well, maybe Azuma a little more. The reason this couple appeals to me so much is because of the fact that Aoba is Azuma's first romantic interest. The two are undeniably cute together. Either way I compensate for this loss in the canon by writing fanon. Hope you enjoy these drabbles!

Disclaimer: I do not own Adachi Mitsuru's Cross Game or its characters. Obviously if I did there would be much more fluff, and perhaps an extra volume for the Koshien, but then that wouldn't be Adachi Mitsuru, now would it?

Summary: He is, after all, just a rookie.

Hey, batta batta… swing!


'The pitcher watches the catcher's fingers and nods—yes, that's the pitch he wants to throw today.'

"Hello, Tsukishima." Swoosh

"Nice sound there," she compliments. Her eyes prick his neck.

Azuma nods, eyes on her, then back. Swoosh

'Ball one. The batter tightens his grip on the bat, bracing himself for what is about to come next.'

"So, Azuma-senpai," Swoosh "how would you hit a fastball?"


Azuma stops and rests the bat on his shoulder. He turns towards her. "Eh?"

'The batter watches a one go straight down the middle. That's a strike, and, by the look on his face, a rather unexpected pitch.'

"A fastball," she repeats.

'Another one goes straight down the middle. Strike two.'

Azuma stares at her, transfixed, but her cap is tipped down and over her eyes. Finally he looks away. "Head-on, I suppose."

'Ball two. This batter has some good eyes.'

But he doesn't suppose. He knows.

In fact, he knows that she knows this already.

'Another sails in from the right—that's a curveball alright—but, ball three! Props to the batter for that.'

She chuckles, baseball cap still down. "That's what I thought," she says.

'And that brings us to a full count. Pitcher and batter are both poised, ready for the next pitch. The batter looks a little nervous, but, then again, this is the rookie's first game.'

"Good," he says, and touches the end of his bat to the ground, ready to lift it again and resume practicing. "I'm glad."

'Even though it's only the first inning, the crowd stands in anticipation. '

"I am, too." And suddenly it's all a blur, because all he knows is that she is stepping up to him—

'Here comes the fastball—'

—and she is close, their faces are close—

'—the batter swings—'

—not too close, but just right—

'—head-on, and—'


The rest of the bat drops to the ground.


'HOMERUN! It's a homerun! The first of the game, and the crowd goes wild, and—'

"Will someone turn off that stupid radio? !"