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Tempting Love

Victoria's POV

Look at her. Such a frail human. So Breakable. I could kill her easily. Right now even. But that would be letting dear old Edward off too easily. He needed to suffer, but if his precious human is dead then he won't suffer as badly. If I could tempt Bella into wanting me, then I could easily gain the girls' trust and then turn her into a vampire. Then Edward would not only suffer because he lost his Bella but also because she would live for eternity but not by his side, but mine. Besides, it'll be more fun than killing her. I'll have to be careful to not break or bruise her, wouldn't want anyone getting suspicious. I also have this wonderful pendent that will prevent Alice from seeing me and the others from using their powers on me. I heard Bella mutter in her sleep and roll over. Fascinating. Watching Bella sleep made me wish that I could lie down and give myself to the world of the unconscious. I missed it terribly. Just by looking at her I knew that I'd have to get to know her, gain her trust. Of course, I'd have to let Bella get to know me as well. I've also been working on my bloodlust. I get as close to the human as possible without alerting the others. Sometimes I'll be near her for five or more hours, controlling my thirst. If it gets to be too much then I force myself to leave and recuperate. After spying on the Cullen's a few days ago, I'd found out that they were going on a hunting trip soon and the wolves were going to watch over the human while they were away. It would be perfect for some bonding time. I'd brushed up on my knowledge of the Treaty and knew that the wolves weren't allowed in town while still new to the craft of shape shifting. Like I said, perfect bonding opportunity. Sensing that sunrise was near, I looked at Bella once more and sprinted off to wood, to await for my opportunity. Edward will pay.

Bella's POV

Ugh. Morning already? Damn, wish I could sleep more. Feeling like I was being watched, I slowly turned towards my window. Nothing. No one was there. I've been having these feelings of being watched for a while now but when I looked or had the others try to sense another presence, no one was to be found. It didn't make me feel any safer though. If anything, I became more cautious and was always looking over my shoulder. Alice had assured me that she'd know if anyone was after me. I couldn't help but not believe it. Victoria was still on the loose and I had a feeling it was her following me around. I didn't voice this to anyone because I knew they'd just pat me on the head and tell me to not be so paranoid.

I sighed and looked at my calendar. The Cullen's were leaving for a hunting trip tonight. I'd be left in the protection of the wolves for the next week. It irritated me that they had to have a week long hunting trip. I'd asked why a few days wouldn't work only have Edward tell me in a stern voice that I "didn't understand the thirst." Well I'd understand it just fine if he'd turn me but he refused to. Not unless I agreed to marry him, which I thought was ridiculous. If he wouldn't do it then I'd find a vampire who would.

I made a frustrated sound and rolled over to get out of bed. Edward was supposed to spend the day with me but apparently Carlisle needed his help, pphh, yeah right. So Alice was coming over instead until Edward could make it. It was probably when he felt like it. Sometimes it seemed as if I was just a trophy on his a mantel. I was sick of it.

After a few more minutes, I finally put my feet on the floor and walked to the bathroom. When I finished all my necessities, I walked slowly down the stairs to the kitchen. I had just gotten a cup of orange juice when the doorbell rang. Setting my cup down, I walked to the door.

"Perfect punctual vampire," I muttered. I heard a wind chimed laugh on the other side of the door. Rolling my eyes, I opened the door to see Alice standing there, looking perfect, as usual. I sighed and moved aside to let her in. She practically danced into my living room, twirling, easily avoiding hitting anything. I envied them so much, they just didn't know it. I went back to the kitchen, picked up my o.j. and guzzled it. When I finished, I turned to put my glass in the sink when I saw a flash of red. I blinked and it was gone. I hadn't realized that my heart was racing until Alice was in front of me, asking what happened in a worried voice.

"I stubbed my big toe on the table leg," I lied, hoping she'd believe me. Alice nodded and thankfully didn't push the matter any further. But I swear that flash of red hair belonged to none other than Victoria. Though a part of me wondered why I lied about seeing her.

Victoria's POV

That was almost too close. I am sure Bella had seen me but it wasn't her I was worried about. It was Alice Cullen, the short pixie like vampire. If she had seen me, then my whole plan would have been ruined. But thankfully I ducked into a tree before she arrived, after hearing Bella's heart rate spike up. What intrigued me though was that Bella had lied. She told the pixie that she'd stubbed her toe instead of saying she saw me. This human is very curious indeed.

I waited until Alice took Bella to her room. Curiosity getting the best of me, I climbed further into the tree till I was outside Bella's window, securely hidden. I watched as they did homework, watched a movie that I'd never heard of and then saw Bella sigh in annoyance when Alice dashed out and then back again with very big shopping bags. What little color was in the humans' face drained when she spotted the lingerie in one of the bags.

"Not that I don't appreciate it Alice but, one, this stuff won't make Edward sleep with me, and two, I wouldn't ever be caught dead wearing this stuff," I heard Bella say to the pixie.

I couldn't help myself as I imagined what Bella would look like in the black, laced lingerie. The image in my head stunned me a little bit.

"Well I've already paid for these so at least try them on?" Alice asked Bella pleadingly, a puppy dog look on her face.

" Fine, but only if you turn around," Bella said with authority. Alice rolled her eyes, smiled and turned around. I watched as Bella stripped down to the expensive looking lingerie she already had on and I couldn't help but stare. The image I had earlier was amazingly accurate. She quickly unhooked her bra, her cleavage now fully exposed. I subconsciously licked my lips, a small pool of venom flowing into my mouth. I then watched as she pulled her matching panties down and slip out of them. My eyes traveled down and came to rest on Bella's southern region. My mouth dropped open when I saw that she was completely bare. I scanned my eyes more thoroughly over Bella's body. Despite her being human, she looked almost as perfect as vampires. If this is how she looks human, I can't help but wonder what she'll look like as a vampire. Then Bella reached for the new set of lingerie. Slowly, she pulled the black laced panties on. Why was she doing it agonizingly slow? Bella was teasing me and had no idea she was doing it. She then reached for the bra and I found myself wishing she'd leave it off. I saw Alice quickly glance at Bella to see if she was done. I felt a slight wave of jealousy and possessiveness wash over me. I didn't want her looking at Bella while she was that exposed. I had all I could do to not burst inn there and tear Alice's eyes out. I felt more at ease when Bella had put the bra on.

I heard Bella sigh and then speak.

"Okay Alice."

Alice turned and squealed in joy.

"Oh! It's a perfect fit! If I wasn't so straight and with Jasper, I'd go after ya," she said with a wink. I growled lightly at the comment. Apparently it wasn't light enough cause Alice jerked her head in my direction. I saw her scanning but I was thankfully hidden well. Not finding anything, Alice turned her attention back to Bella, who was unaware of what happened. Damn, it was seriously close that time. Looking into the room again, I saw that Bella was still clad only in the lingerie. I need to hunt…badly, I thought. Swiftly jumping, I landed on the ground. I ran into the forest, headed towards Port Angeles to hunt. There were homeless, crazy people that no one would miss that I could have to eat.


Sitting back on the branch outside Bella's window, I listened as she spoke her goodbyes to Edward over the phone. She didn't look to be upset over too much though. She was probably looking forwards to a break from the overprotective baboon of a boyfriend. I felt oddly pleased that she and Edward hadn't had sex yet. She was still pure and innocent. Bella hung up a few minutes later and stripped out of her clothes. Walking to her dresser in nothing but her lingerie. She pawed through it and dug out short shorts and a matching tank. I noticed that they were black. Hmm, the girl loves black, I thought to myself. I saw Bella toss the clothes to her bed and stand in front of her mirror. Twirling some, she looked at herself in different angles. I let my eyes rake over her body approvingly.

Leaning forwards, I opened her window and slipped in. I closed it and spoke.

"Alone at last."

Bella turned to look at me and froze. I grinned.

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