The air was freezing. It grabbed at my hair, my dress, anything really. Desperately grabbing at me, desperate for me to stay longer. I couldn't though. The memories floated around the place like an unwanted smell. Floating, swirling, looping. They were there. Ready to set my mind up with a flashback.

"Bell's! Hurry up already. The cars already loaded, just grab the last of the stuff and come out here!" Rosalie screeched from the car the was waiting outside, parked against the curb of my leaf covered driveway. I snatched the box that was sitting at the foot of the stairs, filled with my posters and books and C.D's. This was harder than I had thought it'd be. Moving away for college.

"Bella? Seriously we're moving to L.A not freaking Canada!" Rose popped her head around the corner, her blonde hair still pin straight even with the awful Washington weather.

"I know Rose but it may as well be Canada. I wont get to see this house again. I guess I'm finding this harder than I had originally planned" I admitted, feeling totally deflated. This was meant to be my year. My start of college. L.A. the party capital, full of promise. Promises of fun and… In more ways than one. Yet here I was feeling awful about leaving my dad alone. Charlie wasn't a complete invalid but he just could t do anything….right. His toast was always burnt, margarine was put on his sandwiches instead of butter and his fish combo's always seem to be this side of raw. I caught one last glimpse of my house before heading outside and loading the last of my stuff.

Rose and I were moving to L.A to study at Price university in L.A. Rose was studying Media and English lit. I was doing a double major in Art and English lit. Originally my dad had been thrilled that I was actually going to college unlike my brother who had just jumped straight into the world without as mush as a glance back. He was now running a bar in New York. Carter had his own ideas about the world and college and studying didn't feature much…well at all in any of his ideas or plans. Charlie was naturally a tad bit worried about his son, for the whole of ten minutes. He realised that I was still in high school so he pinned all his hopes on me. He was sorely disappointed when I turned down the offer I got from a hospital in Chicago for an internship. Me….and a hospital means me and blood. Dead bodies. Blood. Me. Ha ha….don't think that really suits me. L.A however was going to be our fresh start. I had broken up with Sam my long term boyfriend, Rose had agreed to take a break with Emmett her boyfriend as well. We were all set to go. The only problem really was that….the fight. Two days before we were due to leave I had gotten into a massive argument with Charlie. He screamed, I cried, photo's were smashed. It resulted in Charlie effectively throwing me out. So that's why I'm now being forced to get everything out of my room and was warned "Not to return until I grow up and stop messing around and get a real degree"

I was broke. Well no I wasn't broke…yet. To my name, Isabella Marie Swan, I had exactly thirty eight dollars and a mouldy looking cent. So first thing that was going to happen when we landed in L.A was I was getting a job. Easier said than done when all you've done is bar work with your brother when you were sixteen and staying with him in New York city. Hardly an exemplary C.V. crap. I wasn't exactly a model either. Medium height, brunette/auburn coloured hair. I was they type of girl who wore Hoodies and converse as apposed to the typical L.A girl who wore designer "skirts" (pfft…..skirts? I'm sorry but since when did a leather belt become excitable to wear as a skirt? Yeah thought so)

No exactly what they looked for in a barmaid, oh well. I guess star bucks has its perks.

"Bella I am so freaking excited!" Rose screeched at the top of her lungs from the seat beside me. We were sitting in her red convertible. I sent a smile her way, hoping it passed as believable although I could feel how fake it looked on my face. She rested her hand on my knee.

"Cheer up babe. L.A HERE WE COME!" and with that she floored the car and took the fastest root out of Forks' and way from all out problems.

*chapter break*

Oh man.

"Well….at least it has a bathroom" Rose smiled from the kitchen area.

"Mhmmm" I replied. The apartment was freezing. We had eventually arrived at half six to discover that the place was horrible. Well actually it suited us perfectly seen as I couldn't afford anything else but it was still mank. It was on the middle floor of a cheap looking apartment block. Our only other neighbours lived below us and they were a family of two. The apartment had two bedrooms or what passed for bedrooms (barley).a dingy looking bathroom that only a midget could use, a tiny little kitchen that had barley enough room for a mini fridge and a very open living room. Well really it had a bean bag and a small couch, no TV.

"Don't be like that! Once we start making some money we can do it all up! It'll all be perfect don't worry. This is only our beginning." Rose seemed so confident. I failed to see how she could be so cheery about anything at this moment in time. Classes were starting tomorrow. Well mine were tomorrow at half twelve my first introduction was on and I had barley any time to get lunch because mi first actual lecture was at half one. I didn't have a clue where I was going and I had no idea what I was suppose to do. Rose didn't have that problem because her class was starting after the weekend. And considering it was Thursday it gave her an advantage. She had time to suss the place out, find any good eating places, bars anywhere really before her classes. I on the other hand had to o to classes and then I had to go out and find a job. Hopefully a decent one.

"I know Rose. I guess I'm just tired. I don't know it's just so … weird. Being here. It's like all our planning and everything has gone Into this and now that's it's actually here, _"

"It doesn't live up to the hype?" Rose finished my sentence. I nodded my head and squeezed my eyes tightly shut. This was not how I planned my first night going. She put her arms around me.

"I know Bell's. Listen everything will feel better after tonight. We'll unpack and then head out and scout out a few nice bars okay?"

"Thanks' for being there Rose. You're the best friend anyone could have" rose smiled and continued to look around. This was home now. I lifted up a box full of general junk and began carrying it to what I had claimed as my bedroom. Yup…home sweet home.

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