*Later that day when the Carson=s came home: Rène actually was taking a nap now(Andi checked and was now daydreaming about him in the sunroom), Andrew was still in his room brooding about Rène and his Alittle@ sister.(she was born 2 minutes after him), and Jason was helping his parents bring in groceries. AHey kids!,@ Mr. Carson called out as they entered the house. AWe=re home!@

Eventually the three older kids wandered downstairs. Rène and Andi shared a secret smile while Andrew looked on glaring at them. Mrs. Carson sensed the tension immediately and asked, AEverything ok guys?@ AYeah, fine,@ they all answered. AOokay,@ she said walking into the kitchen. Andrew continued to glare at the two as he went to talk to Mr. Carson in the living room. ADo you think he=ll tell?,@ Rène asked Andi as they watched him walk away. ANo, not yet at least,@ she replied. AWell Rène wanna see if you can beat your old time?,@ Mr. Carson asked as he entered the room again. ASure,@ he replied grabbing his gear and walking out the door. Eventually everyone came outside to watch Rène race around the track. When he was done he rode over to everyone before killing the engine. AWell how did it look?,@ he asked Mr. Carson. AMuch better,@ he said. AMuch better. How long=d you guys practice today?@ AAbout 4 hours Dad,@ Andrew said. AGood,@ Mr. Carson said approvingly to both of them. AI think you=re done for today,@ he said to Rène. Mrs. Carson headed back inside to prepare dinner and everyone else walked up to the garage. The sun was just starting to set as Andrew and Jason started taking the bike apart and Mr. Carson supervised. Rène walked outside and Andi soon followed. She found him standing behind a large tree wiping the sweat off his brow. AHey you looked good out there,@ she complimented. AMerci,@ he said smiling. They stood in silence for awhile trying to act casual in case anyone should see them. When it appeared no one was going to show Andi reached up slowly and gave Rène a kiss, wrapping her arms around his neck as his hands encircled her waist. They continued to kiss unaware that Mr. Carson had spotted just Andi standing behind the tree and was approaching them.