Title: Tiny Torres

Series: Never Grow Up

Summary: "A child is a curly dimpled lunatic." -Ralph Waldo Emerson. She is the most perfect example of everything good and honest in the world.

Pairings: Callie/Arizona. Toddler Calzona and Tiny Torres

Rated: PG-13

Disclaimer: All television shows, movies, books and other copyrighted material referred to in this work, and the characters, settings and events thereof, are properties of their respective owners. As this work is an interpretation of the original material and not for profit, it constitutes fair use. Reference to real persons, places, or events are made in a fictional context, and are not intended to be libelous, defamatory, or in any way factual.

Author's Note: Just some nice little fluff to help us through these trying times.

Part IV: Tiny Torres

Arizona swears Calliope has not taken her eyes off of her in five months; which would not bother her, really, if she didn't have that large grin plastered upon her face like she just stole the last Oreo from the cookie jar. Yet, she has to admit, although a part of her finds the staring slightly disturbing, she can not control the butterflies that dance in her stomach and the mimicking grin that tries to curl upon her own lips. It makes her giggly, fidgety and nervous, like a school girl in spring time and she hates the fact that she can not keep her composure around her.

This is it. Another dream coming true. One of the happiest moments in her life. She swore the minute she found out Calliope was pregnant with Mady that nothing would ever top that feeling. Except for the first time she saw her on the sonogram. Except for the first time she heard her heart beat. Except for the first time she felt her kick. Except for when she first held her, and when they brought her home, and when she slept soundly through the night. Except for when she said Mama or took her first steps. And, of course, right now, when the two of them learned that the tiny Torres that she is growing inside of her will be a little boy.

A son. Callie's son. A son with dark raven black curls, big auburn eyes, knobby knees, tiny freckles and the most gorgeous, breath taking smile. A son who likes to climb trees only to fall out of them, a son who likes to sit in his Spiderman underwear with his blanket used as an impromptu cape, sitting on the sofa, eating cereal on Sunday morning. A son who pretends to be the man of the house but still clings to her neck in wailing tears when he falls until she places the Spongebob band aid on his tiny injury. Callie's son. Their son.

Pulling into their driveway, Arizona sucks in a breath when Calliope's eyes flicker once again upon her round face. She wonders if this is what she was like during the nine moths of Callie's pregnancy, always watching with a wide all knowing smile, waiting on pins and needles for the other shoe to drop. It is frustrating, but flattering; the way she wants to care of them, the way she holds her hair back when she is forced to see her breakfast again and the way that she looks at all the baby clothes when they go shopping, insisting on buying more onesies. She was born to be a Mom, and watching her now with their unborn child and with Mady, makes Arizona realize how truly lucky she is.

The light from the living room cascades across their greening yard, a flicker of color from their flat screen HD television shadowing against the fluorescent light to reveal signs of life from within their house. They are just returning from a weekend trip to LA to see Addison and Arizona is not sure what she is more excited about; seeing her kid or being able to sleep in her own bed.

"We're home. Finally," Arizona lets out a much needed sigh of relief, resting her golden curls against the head rest, her hand gently caressing her prodding stomach. She has never felt such a great nor more powerful purpose in her life until this moment. She saved other people's kids every day, which is an amazing feat all in it's own, she knows this, but nothing is more rewarding that growing Callie's child inside of her.

"Do you think Mady has killed Mark yet?" Callie asks with a playful smile and Arizona snorts a laugh, shaking her head as she studies their eloquent two story home. She has forgotten how much she has missed it, how she has never felt truly home until now.

"Oh no. No. Mady loves her Uncle Mark. She did not get that from me. Go figure," Arizona replies with a shrug of her left shoulder and Callie forces a short laugh. Despite the fact they are married and have a toddler and a baby on the way, the same jealousy still pulses through Arizona's veins as before; and Callie has to admit, it's kind of... well... sexy. Biting her bottom lip to fight away the giggle, Callie smiles at her clearly exhausted wife, nodding her head softly in understanding.

"But she loves you more," The raven haired beauty smiles, patting Arizona's forearm sympathetically and Arizona chuckles.

"Well, yes, I should hope my own child loves me more than her Uncle Mark. After all, I clothe her, feed her and bathe her and play with her when her Mommy is being a grumpulumporous because she took a heavy work load even though someone specifically warned her not to. Besides," Arizona grins her dimpling smile, "I am much cooler than Mark Sloan."

"I wouldn't be so sure. He did stand in line for hours at the mall, fought off middle aged mothers, although I am sure it was not so much fighting as it was flirting and charming, to bring her Baby Stella. It is kind of hard to top something like that, no matter how cool you are. Mark is just that good," jokes Callie and Arizona rolls her eyes at the statement with a frustrating huff.

"That's okay. I'll just teach little man that his Mama is cool and that his Uncle Mark isn't. At least someone will love me," Arizona plays with a mocking pout as she opens the car door, much to Callie's detest. Arizona is not even sure that she heard the driver's door open until she sees Calliope on her side, hand outstretched for hers as the snow peppers down from the night sky above them. She shakes her head in the utmost wonderful disbelief, her blue eyes gazing into the most lovely pair of auburn brown.

"Calliope, I'm pregnant. Not disable," Arizona points out and Callie shrugs her shoulders carelessly.

"It's snowing. Our driveway is slippery. I don't want to take any risks of you hurting yourself or tiny Torres in there. I know that I am an Ortho superstar and all, but I don't think I would be too professional when it comes to you our tiny Torres. Just humor me, will you?" Callie replies, her brown eyes pleading as the white substance begins to stick within her dark hair. Arizona sighs, rolling her eyes for a moment as she places her hand lovingly within Calliope's, allowing her to gently guide her to a standing position from the passenger's seat and up their driveway.

"Overprotective, much?" intrigues Arizona, carefully watching her steps up the patterned walk way, taking only a brief moment to breathe in the magic that manages to dance around her. Callie laughs quietly, her hand resting comfortably in the arch of Arizona's back, the other settled upon her slightly around stomach.

"Someone wise once said 'I protect the things I love'. I thought it was a rather nice charm to apply to my own life," Callie quips and Arizona smiles at her.

"Subtle. Real subtle," Arizona smirks and Callie laughs with a familiar grin. Sometimes she can not help but wonder what life would have been like if she and Arizona had not made up, had not found each other that night, had not fallen in love. Would she be married? Having someone else's children? Would she still be in Seattle? As they stand in front of the door, however, it is Arizona screeching halt that brings Calliope out of her thoughts. Hard.

"Calliope," Arizona calls out, grasping at her forearm and Callie's eyes widen in fear.

"Arizona...What? What is it? Where does it hurt? D-do you need to go to the hospital? Come on, get back in the car. Get back in the car and I can have us at Seattle Grace in less than five minutes!" Callie exclaims, her hand on Arizona's back, practically carrying her back to the car but the blond stops, shaking her head in defiance before her fleeting blue eyes find Callie's and for a moment, the world simply stops.

"What if she isn't okay with this?" Arizona mumbles, the tears prickling in her eyes, "I mean, I know that we had an agreement that we would tell her once we found out the gender and in four months, she is going to find out anyway when we come home one day with a tiny human in our arms; and you are right that we need to sit down and explain it to her. B-but what if she isn't okay with this? W-what if she hates the idea of having a baby brother? What.. what if she doesn't like the fact that he gets a lot of attention? Wh-what if she tries to smother him or choke him or some other type of 'accidental death'. Mady is used to being the center of attention!" To this, Callie groans, shifting her weight as she lets out a frustrating sigh.

"You just shaved ten years off my life, are you aware of that? Ten years. But hey, who wants to live to be eighty anyway. You're just old and gray and wrinkly!" Callie huffs in annoyance before she notices those pleading blue eyes staring into hers.

"Arizona, we've been over this. It's not like Mady hasn't been introduced to other kids in her life before. She has. She knows that she isn't the only one out there and I am sure that she will be more than excited to have a little brother to play with and pick on. Besides, we will explain to her that we both love her and us having a baby doesn't change that. Stop worrying so much," Callie soothes, cupping her face in her hands as she places a chaste and delicate kiss upon her lips.

"Right. Right. Well, here goes nothing," Arizona nods her head before she pushes the door open. Instantly, the women are met by a loud blasting of a football game, the smell of popcorn and the sound of Mark Sloan groaning. Sharing a tender smile, Arizona threads her fingers around Calliope's as they stand in the living room doorway, their flat screen television blasting the Colts vs. Jets game. Mady is standing in the sofa, which Arizona would scold her about doing, truly she would, if she didn't look so damn cute in her oversized jersey, backwards hat, with the Oreo chocolate stains around her mouth.

"No, no, no no!" Mark is inching himself up from the sofa as number eight Nick Folk approaches the ball, kicking it from it's stand. Mark, along with thousands of fans displayed on their screen, literally hold their breath as the tan ball soars past the goal, "damn it!" Mark curses, his hands tangled in his hair.

"Damns it!" Mady squeals, crumbling an Oreo in her hand as she jumps up and down in excitement and Arizona swears that her heart stops in a second. She gasps as Callie stifles a laugh, trying very hard to not find the humor in their toddler cursing.

"Marcus Sloan!" Arizona scolds and the tall blond freezes instantly, his head snapping in the direction of the scolding voice as he forces an awkward smile on his face.

"Blondie. Jeez. You sounded like an actual parent," Mark laughs but Arizona's face does not crack at the humor. Instead she stands solemn and strong, her hand upon her stomach, her brow arched together as she glares at the man whom only rubs his golden beard, "Oh! You mean.. that." He points to the toddler and Arizona nods her head, with a squint.

"When we left, she did not curse. Preferably, I would like my daughter to not be a potty mouth," Arizona demands and Mark shrugs his shoulders with a laugh.

"She is just upset about this game. It was terribly intense. The Colts played like a bunch of babies! McAfee played terrible, I have no idea what Caldwell is thinking trying to coach this game and their run defense was the worst I have ever seen! She is just upset that her Uncle Mark owes fifty bucks to Hunt now," Mark grumbles as he turns off the television, slugging his way over to Callie who clutches the sonogram pictures in her hands, gleefully smiling.

"So, how is Tiny Torres? Still growing and looking more beautiful like its lovely parents, I assume?" Mark asks and Arizona rolls her eyes with a huff, walking past him as she takes a seat on the sofa, swiping the Oreo crumbs onto the floor and attempting, although failing, to wipe Mady's mouth.

"Tiny Torres is handsome," Callie grins excitedly, reaching the photos to Mark, "look! His little tiny eyelashes and eyebrows are forming. Hopefully they are not from my dad's side of the family. His little ears are developed so he can hear us now. Addie thinks it is a good idea for me to talk to him so he can get to know the sound of my voice, that way when he comes out, he can already know me. He can even suck his thumb now! Look at him! God, he is so beautiful!" Callie coos, practically jumping up and down as she flips through the sonogram pictures, showing Mark the 8 inches, one and a half pound baby whom is beginning to obtain her striking features.

"Wait, wait, did you say he?" Mark asks and Callie nods her head, the tears of happiness prickling in her eyes and Arizona swears that if she smiles any wider, her face is going to crack. It makes her smile, however, to see this much happiness within her wife; to know that she created this undeniable happiness.

"Tiny Torres is a boy, Mark. I am going to have a son. Arizona is having my son!" Callie beams.

"Torres, that's great!" Mark laughs, engulfing her in a hug as they both laugh and burst into excitement of the moment. Arizona smiles at them, shaking her head playfully before she once again returns her attention to the curly haired toddler who recoils at the sight of the paper towel coming near her face.

"What is.. what is Uncles Mark and Mommy so hwappy abouts?" Mady asks, wrinkling her brow as she takes another bite from her chocolate cookie, studying the scene of her Mommy and Mark in front of her. Deflecting a glare in their direction, Arizona swallows hard. It's now or never, she sighs; although she would prefer the never part of the equation.

"Mady, there is something I have to tell you," Arizona begins, her hand resting on Mady's knee and the young girl looks up at her, her eyes glistening in wonderment.

"Uncles Berto is getting rarried?" Mady asks, chewing, and Arizona nearly bursts out in laughter at the accusation. Instead, she manages to control herself with a smile, patting Mady's knee softly as she studies the face of her toddler, the face of innocence and youth, the face of love and happiness.

"No. No, sweetie. Not for a long, long time. In fact, you will probably get married before uncle Berto does," Arizona grins and Mady smiles at her, the chocolate stains almost disappearing in her dimples and Arizona swears that her heart melts at the scene in front of her. She hates it, the way that she uses the smile against her, she wonders if this is how everyone else feels when she is around. Smiling, she runs her fingers through the toddler's blond curls, studying the words to say; oddly enough, her amount of years in Peds has not prepared her for this moment.

"Okay. Okay. Can you hand me Stella, sweetie?" Arizona asks and Mady nods her head, obliging as she hands her the plus doll that never manages to leave her side as of late. Arizona fumbles with the doll in her hands, gently tracing the suture line of her face before she lets out a breath of air.

"Mama, you otay?" Mady asks, placing her tiny hand on Arizona's cheek, her blue eyes glistening with curiosity as she attempts to cheek Arizona for a fever, just like she has seen her Mama and Mommy do to her plenty of times before. Arizona cracks a smile, nodding her head before she lifts up the baby doll's shirt to show Mady the tan skin of the doll.

"You see how Stella has a tummy? Like you," Arizona tickles Mady's stomach as the toddler laughs, wrinkling up her nose as she recoils away from the tickle monster and Arizona smiles, "and like me. Except, unlike Stella, I have a baby growing in my belly." The room falls hushed volumes of quiet as Mady stares at Arizona and Arizona stares at Mady, smiling a dimpling grin.

"There iz a baby in dere?" Mady points confusingly at Arizona's tummy and the blond nods with a smile.

"Mhmm. You are going to have a baby brother soon but it doesn't mean your Mommy and I don't love you any less. It means that we love enough to give you a tiny human to play with and grow up with and you two will hate each other and torture each other but you'll beat people up for him and he'll do the same. This is a good thing. A very good thing," Arizona smiles at Mady who only wrinkles her nose, a pout forming upon her lips.

"How did my brudder gets in dere? Did you eat him?" Mady asks in an almost panic and Arizona's face falls flat that the question.

"U-um Callie, do you... do you want to help me here?" Arizona panics, glancing over her shoulder at Callie who seems to be lost in her own conversation with Mark. The raven haired beauty catches her gaze and smiles at her, stealing her breath and stopping her heart. She hates the way that she does it, even after all this time.

"You're doing great. Just... push through!" Callie instructs, sharing a glance with Mark who gives her the thumbs up. Arizona rolls her eyes in a groaning frustration as she brushes her hair away from her face, returning her attention back to the curly haired toddler who does not seem to be so sure as to what to make about this situation. Smiling, she presses her thumb against the toddler's nose and receives a flickering smile in response, she wishes, oh, how she wishes, it could all be this simple.

"No, baby, I didn't eat your brother. I just... I don't know how to... explain... okay, okay. I got it. Okay. Okay. So, your baby brother got in my tummy by these magic seeds," She hears Callie snort a laugh at the theory and she grinds her teeth down, cursing the woman. Like she really had any better explanations?

"Through your 'elly utton!" Mady smiles widely at her understanding and Arizona sighs in relief.

"Yeah, baby. Through my belly button. You wanna see your brother?" Arizona asks and Mady nods her feverishly at the idea of seeing the infant. Arizona laughs at the sight, reaching for the sonogram pictures that Calliope places in her hand without so much as a question. Crawling up beside of her, Mady reaches for the sonogram photos, her eyes instantly lighting up at the sight of the infant.

"Brudder!" Mady squeals in a widening grin, looking up at Arizona as she points to the tiny boy. Nodding her head, the blond Peds surgeon shares a gaze with Calliope whom only manages to smile back at her, crossing her arms over her chest in content at the scene in front of her. Snuggled in at her Mama's side, Mady flips through the sonogram pictures with ease, smiling up at Arizona as she stops on the last photo of Tiny Torres with his fingers in his mouth.

"Him look like Mommy," Mady smiles and Arizona nods.

"He'll be a heart breaker like Mommy, while you will be sweet and charming like your Mama," Arizona replies, running her fingers through Mady's curls as the toddler places a kiss on her round stomach, melting her heart instantly. Smiling at Callie who watches with tears in her eyes, Mady places her hands on her Mama's stomach.

"I cants wait to meet you brudder!" Mady exclaims and Arizona swears that nothing could be more perfect. She has a beautiful wife, a sweet daughter and a Tiny Torres growing inside of her; life couldn't be any better than this. This, she smiles, this is what dreams are made of.